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Website & SEO Copywriting | Helping brands win online
Website & SEO Copywriting | Helping brands win online

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Who can relate?

19 Things I Could Do Besides Check Social Media (Again)

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10 Reasons Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone Can Grow Your Business

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"If you want to write in a way that will make people take action after reading your words, you want to sound like a human. That’s what makes writing effective."

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What to Consider when Creating a Website

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Why ideal client avatars are bogus (and what you need to do instead)

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Things you should NEVER say in business

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Perception IS Reality.

Have you ever stopped to consider how perceptions are affecting your small business?

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Check Yo' Site...

A 1-hour Skype session
Live audit and review of your website copy (the words on your site)
Actionable, practical tips and advice for your site, to optimise for client conversions (aka get more clients)

Is not:
I will not be re-writing or tweaking your copy.
You'll be doing that after we talk.
What you will get is some stellar expert advice and tips that you can use over and over again to improve your copy… always.

Want to know more? Visit the web page

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Here are 6 ways to grab attention (and keep it) on your website

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9 ways you can make money with your website
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