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We recently lowered our prices and added a few new options. 

2 classes a week is $100 / month
3 classes a week is $130 / month
Unlimited classes is $150 / month
Unlimited classes plus free monthly hour massage is $180
(All of these options include free access to the open gym.)

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Many people seem to think that nagging pains and tensions naturally occur as you get older but is that really true?

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Our new parking sign created by our massage therapist Zak!

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Have nagging shoulder pain? This could be a reason why:

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Exclusive Fitsom family SMR seminar

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From sunrise to sundown - Fitsom reps Sacramento. 

10 tips for improving mental balance during your workout!

1. Learn how to meditate to sharpen your focus and relax your mind.

2. Understand your motivation. What do you really want to get out of each workout? 

3. Set realistic, achievable goals. Identify the small steps.

4. Make your workout a consistent habit.

5. Use your imagination. Mentally rehearsing your exercise is proven to give quicker results and boost your confidence. 

6. Think less, do more. Use mindfulness to retain your focus on the present moment.

7. Be flexible. Things don't always go to plan, so when you miss a session or two, just accept it and get going again the very next day.

8. Have fun. Exercise is inherently fun; don't push so hard you lose sight of this. Instead of your workout feeling like a chore, appreciate it as a time-out from a busy day.

9. Congratulate yourself. Feel good about completing your workout.

10. Integrate fitness in your everyday life. Whether that's cycling to work or playing more energetically with your children, look for opportunities to use your newfound fitness within your everyday life.

[Inspired by Huffington Post; Healthy Living]

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Check out this inspiring talk on the benefits of running. 

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In today's Fitsom Friday's video trainer Jeremy Lee demonstrates 11 Advanced Total Body Kettlebell Exercises. 
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