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Fitri Mohan
A siomay indulger who occasionally writes and grumbles
A siomay indulger who occasionally writes and grumbles

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Winter Storm Juno New York City photos from tonight (& info below)....

(There's info about my NYC photo book below too! => Direct link to book: )

I have been photographing New York City during snowstorms at night for the past 5 years. When it comes to experiencing New York City in the snow, I relish the challenge. The more gusty, snowy, and brutal the storm, the more of a chance that I will be out in it traipsing around New York City with my cameras in tow.

When I heard that the MTA was suspending all transit service (and most vehicles) at 11 pm, I made the decision to take the train up to the Upper East Side prior to 11 pm to deposit myself up there with the intention of walking from the Upper East Side to Times Square and then walking the several miles back to the Lower East Side (whew!!).

The streets were eerily empty. Emptier than they are usually at night during snowfall.

Since there was a ban on all vehicles aside from snow plows and emergency services, there were practically no cars at all on the streets. Even taxis were banned from the streets!

I walked in the middle of avenues and streets that are usually teeming with cars.

There was an eerie sense of calm. 

It was magical.


This is part of a post that I posted to my NYC photography blog. If you are curious enough to look at the photos there (it's prettier!!), here is the link to the post:

<a href="">New York City - Winter Storm Juno</a>


* Obligatory book information :):

As mentioned above, my New York City photography book full of my photography and writing released in stores/online worldwide recently. Here is info on how to purchase the book online and in stores:

There are a few options online:

1 - The book sold out three times on Amazon U.S. but is thankfully FULLY back in stock (sigh of relief). You can order it here:

2 - The book is also in stock over at Barnes and Noble. You can either pick up a copy in store or you can always order it online there:

4. - The book is available in the U.K. in Waterstones, Foyles, The Guardian Bookshop, WHSmith, Blackwell’s, etc.. as well as Amazon U.K. here:

5- The book is also available in a ton of other stores here in the U.S. including Walmart, the Strand, as well as many other independent retailers. It is also available throughout Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia.

** Full information about the book (sample pages, retail and online ordering and buying info, photos, info about my background) here:


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Winter Storm Juno - New York City
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Blizzard bonanza this afternoon thru my lens. They call the storm, "Juno." The storm's name is always cute and so not dangerous which is... misleading.

NYC will be totally covered with white blanket on Tuesday, said the weather guy. It's a good chance to rest and stay at home, safe and warm, or to brave the storm and play with the snow.

In the meantime, stay safe, New Yorkers! 

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An amusing Sunday morning read.

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"PADA pilpres lalu, seorang kawan mengatakan: ‘Pilih Prabowo mati, pilih Jokowi kecewa. Tapi daripada mati, saya pilih kecewa. Soalnya saya sudah biasa dikecewakan.’

Maka, setelah nasib buruk yang menimpanya bertubi-tubi, ia pun mencoblos nomor dua. Kini ia betulan kecewa. Bedanya, ia kecewa tanpa harus kaget dan marah-marah.

Kecewa dan marah karena Jokowi tiba-tiba ‘kok gini doang’ itu mesti. Tapi jadi ngambek dan menyesal sudah pilih dia di pilpres lalu—atau mengatakan ‘kok nggak golput atau tolak pemilu aja’—itu namanya kanak-kanak yang nggak terima kalah main gundu. Pemilu lalu bukan soal pamer sikap politik, tapi upaya mencegah seorang kriminal duduk di istana."

Selengkapnya, baca di Oase minggu ini ya, kawans.

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'Raid 2' Actors: Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, and Cecep Arif Rahman join STAR WARS: The Force Awakens this 2015. I thought it's only a rumor or even hoax but it turns out to be true! Sooooo excited!!

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A good reportage on how dangerous sugar is. #Health  

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Membedah Tantangan Jokowi-JK
xviii + 304 hlm
Desember 2014
ISBN 978-979-1260-38-1
kerjasama Marjin Kiri dengan IndoProgress
disunting oleh +Coen Pontoh
Sila diunduh dan baca.

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It was great to be a part of #MillionsMarchNYC last Saturday. This is my humble attempt to document the event. So proud of NYC!

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Lembar Kebudayaan IndoProgress edisi kali ini diantaranya menyajikan tulisan tentang Wiji Thukul, Pemberontakan PKI 1926-27 dalam Dua Teks Sejarah, juga tentang Remaja Alay! Selamat membaca!
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