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It appears fit-Headless solves not only remote desktop and game-streaming problems, but with some headless computers fit-Headless solves the boot problem.

Some testimonials:
"Solved my problem. ... The Dell will not boot without a monitor ... Now, I can restart the Inspiron remotely and I get full 1080 resolution"

"I am setting up a Gigabyte GB-BXBT-2807 mini-PC as a headless server. I learned the hard way that for this computer to boot at all, a monitor must be connected to the HDMI or VGA port, and an HDMI monitor must be at least a 1080p resolution!
The fit-Headless adapter has worked flawlessly for getting my computer to start!

This adapter is highly recommended for setting up a computer as a headless server whenever a monitor must be connected."
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