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I have one mission and that is to inspire as many people as possible to get outdoors and into the sport of fishing -
I have one mission and that is to inspire as many people as possible to get outdoors and into the sport of fishing -

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G'Day Folks - END of the WEEK MOTIVATION - Thank you for supporting Fish That Snag. Here is the weekly video upload, in this video I go chasing Drag Burners (Mack Tuna) in Hervey Bay, QLD. Along with boating quite a few tuna I offer lots of tips, tricks & ideas on how you can also head out & battle these bullets of the sea. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think of the video & as always please hit the 'like' & 'subscribe' buttons.
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Save the date folks - Gone #Fishing Day 15 Oct 2017.

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G'Day Folks - WOW it is busy around town with school holidays starting, the boat ramps have been overflowing !!! Crazy, but so cool to see so many people out enjoying the water.
I am not sure what you have been targeting, but I have been having loads of fun using a whole swag of new lures on the local Flathead population. There are so many of them around at the moment that is almost a fish a cast, insane #fishing and they are all in excellent condition.
Just look at the fat belly (I am talking about the fish) on this 65cm specimen I pulled in from only one foot of water.
I hope you managed to grab a feed folks, take care.

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Fish That Snag is now offering its own line of fishing T-Shirts. Fish That Snag is the creator of 'The Fishing Bandit' line of fishing meme T-Shirts - check them out @

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Fish That Snag is now offering its own line of fishing T-Shirts. Fish That Snag is the creator of 'The Fishing Bandit' line of fishing meme T-Shirts - check them out @

#fishing #adventure #boating #camping

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Introducing "The Fishing Bandit" A line of fishing meme T-Shirts made by fisho's for fisho's.

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G'Day Folks - I love this time of year, the water temp has really dropped & the winter species are in the bay. The change up from the summer norm is always interesting. I was casting an Austackle KingStik across a shallow ledge where a large pressure point was churning up the water. Usually I would expect a queenfish or some sort of trevally to smash the lure quite quickly, but instead this little fella jumped on it.
The water was so clear & with my Spotters Sunglasses Nexus mirror lenses I could clearly see a couple of his mates with him as I pulled him along side the boat, unfortunately they were a lot larger, so I had managed the baby of the school.
He pulled hard but was no match for 15lb Platypus Fishing Lines Platinum + braid with a 20lb Platypus Stealth Fluorocarbon leader. After a few quick photo's he was released & swam away strong, hopefully to grow bigger & meaner.
Seems my new Bent Tips Clothing & Accessories hat is proving extra lucky out on the water!
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G'Day Folks - T'was a tad damp while #fishing today, but I can report that Flathead are gathering in large numbers currently, especially around creek mouths. We managed a good number of specimens today with none diving below legal size, even managed to entice this healthy 70cm girl to the boat for a quick photo before an easy release.
If you are heading out on the water this weekend & chasing a feed, then this may help.
We used a couple of lure types with grubs in the 2.5 to 3 inch range working best, lightly weighted & both bright and natural colours caught #fish Platypus Fishing Lines Super 100 in 10lb combined with 8lb Platypus Fishing Lines - US P8 braid did the trick, mounted on the Austackle Masterclass 2-5kg rod with M2500 reel combo.
Or maybe, just maybe, it was my new lucky Bent Tips Clothing & Accessories hat 😁😁
If you are after any tips, I will be in the Camping World & Compleat Angler Maryborough shop this weekend, so stop in and say G'Day.
All the best folks & please remember to click on that 'like' button.
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WOW - It is that time of year again. Unfortunately this years #birthday wont see me #fishing like last year - which you can watch here - -
Instead, I was awoken by my two boys crash tackling me before I had even made it out of bed. Today, I will be spending the day in the office, working on a couple of secret new ideas which I hope, can take Fish That Snag with Luke to another level over the next 12 months. And then, after picking the boys up from school, my wonderful #family & I are going to indulge with dinner at our favourite local restaurant - Two Ducks Cafe' & Asian Grocery - 😀👌
Of course, I am also reflecting & looking back at what has been achieved since the below - Birthday Bash - video was uploaded. Which is lots - NONE of which, would have been possible without the support that you have all gifted me. So I want to say a massive thank you to everyone, each comment, like, share, donation & subscriber may seem insignificant to you, but it does make a huge difference for me & I truly appreciate it.
I also want to thank my sponsors & publishers. I hope that the work I have put in over the last 12 months has helped in some way, it has been & continues to be an adventurous learning curve, so thank you.
My approach in using sponsor gear is very simple, I use it & I tend to abuse it, if it works & survives then I promote it. So, you can rest assured that anything I promote through my social media platforms actually does work & is worth your time in having a look at & trying yourselves.
Sorry for the long post folks but I feel saying thank you is very important, I really hope you have gained something from what I have produced over the last 12 months & I hope I can gift you with more during the next 12 months of #adventure Please stay safe & as always I hope to one day meet each & every one of you out on the water.
Luke Fitzpatrick

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I never get sick of chasing Flathead & they seem to be gathering in greater numbers of late. This specimen was exceptionally healthy. Take a guess at the lure name !!

#fishing #adventure #fishingfrasercoast #boating #camping
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