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Google has way to unclog drone-filled skies like it did the Web

"Google Inc., the company that brought order to the Internet, has set its sights on doing the same for the flocks of commercial drones expected to someday clog the skies."

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The next big thing: Environmental insurance for the rest of us

"When thinking of environmental insurance, the usual suspects come to mind: companies that handle large volumes of toxic materials and firms involved in waste management. "

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5 crazy claims you won’t believe

"As adjusters know, not every claim is what is seems. Some claims are complex, others rather bizarre and some are just downright creative – you know the kind you get when you thought you had seen everything. "

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How much is your arm worth? Depends on where you work

"Each state determines its own workers’ compensation benefits, which means workers in neighboring states can end up with dramatically different compensation for identical injuries."

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A Holiday wish list for Workers’ Comp insurance professionals

"On behalf of an industry that is already struggling with a loss in combined ratios, here’s a holiday wish list of ways to reduce the burden of employee injures and make the workers’ comp industry a little brighter for all involved."

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To Get People to Buy Insurance, Change How You Talk About Risk

The Napa Valley earthquake in August offered another instance of a well-known phenomenon: Homeowners are radically underinsured against natural disasters. When deciding whether to take protective measures, we tend to rely on our own experience in the recent past: We believe it will not happen to us, because it has not happened to us recently.

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