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Yeah it's the root for many disease among them like cancer,
so the government should take adverse measures in order to regulate the control of this,there by they should impose heavy fines,and plant secret cameras on public spots in order to justify it.......
yes it,s right.....when the cigrate comes to,s a symbol of our life ,s end
very ingiries for helth
Hell no. If smoking cigarettes is the main cause of cancer, how about you stop smoking cigarettes? Oh yeah, that would require personal responsiblity.
+David Dilling you are also an addict so you are saying those words. For your pleasure we non smokers are also affected by your habit....... don't say those words "don't make the rest of us pay for your addiction!" means whole people in this world. Say No To Smoking...................
Have cigarette makers bear the cost of healthcare for smoking-related diseases. Tax them to oblivion.
younger's are learning smoking from movies..
In countries with socialised healthcare it should be banned..why should my taxes pay for your new lungs.
Cancer should be banned!!
Although it is about personal responsibility, the Tobacco industry will take that attitude all the way to the bank with their hook the young and ill educated policies.
I would vote to ban it just to get rid of these parasitic companies, but perhaps a better idea would be to make the tobacco industry pay for all smoking related health care.
Ban them and create a new branch of the black market.... that should be healthy for everyone.
No, people should stop smoking because they want to, not because the laws tell them to. They get cancer? Their fault, they know what they are doing to themselves. Like the people that wear seat belts not for having their life saved, but so that they don't get a ticket ..
You cant legislate common sense. We already have very strict laws on the books against murder and yet.... As an EX smoker, I quit because "I" wanted to.
Banning anything can never be a good idea, as it simple leads to an illegal market, which is probably even more dangerous. Spreading knowledge is the answer
If dying of cancer doesn't stop people smoking, and illegal drugs being illegal doesn't stop people taking illegal drugs, why would "banning" smoking work?

It would certainly let you punish some people before they died of cancer... but maybe that person would never have died of cancer...

Smoking is nuts, but why would "banning" it help?
Simple people think they'll live forever.
Nahhh .. They're such an awesome passtime
No, don't ban them just tax the heck out of them.
I Love Cigarettes .. Go Fuck Yourself and I don't fucking care how much they TAX them .. +Firstpost
+Firstpost #People eat #burgers and get fat and catch endless diseases and die endlessly .. .. Let's Ban +McDonald's , +BURGER KING and all those super awesome food chains .. Because if this keeps happening, you would have to ban everything .. I bet half the people against smoking know nothing about it, but I'm sure you know about obesity and the diseases linked with it .. LOOSERS
And by the way, also ban alcohol, sugar, going to the beach, driving... what else? Ah - and sex too!
Cease all cigarette making, but it wont happen the company/conglomerate makes trillions of dollars
everyone has responsibility for their own health. But be responsible enough to not smoke around people who don't
i don't see anyone having their arms broken to light up, so if they want to , let them
Just educate them about the real effects of smoking and pass good laws against selling cigarettes to minors.
global over population... we need some sort of control -just call it Darwinism weeding out the idiots
I've changed my mind about the ban. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was not banned. We have to learn to make wise decisions. Life or death, blessings or cursing. We are inspired to choose life. I want to live as long as necessary in order to accomplish the task that God has given me.God has given everyone a task or tasks to accomplish. How can the dead complete a task? When you receive a warning that a flood is eminent, you go to higher grounds. In the case during Noah's time his actions to save life was ignored. That was a physical life. Everyone will be brought back life and given one more chance to choose eternal life or eternal death. It's our choice. LIFE OR DEATH.
Either cigarettes should be banned, or marijuana made legal.
wow what the hell
u do that ur bad
yea thats right its not like they putting it in ur fucking mouth
if cigarettes are banned, they will be just like marijuana. People will still get them
Alcohol kills more people than tobacco! But then, religion kills more people than both combined!
Well Stop smoking guys if u are afraid of cancer.... Banning is not the solution I did met an old guy around in his 80s and he started smoking from the age of 17. Still he is surviving fit and strong.. When I asked about it he said its the fear that grows within... and eat healthy.
So guys kick that butt or njoy it
There is no proof that smoking is the only (and main) cause of cancer. There are many, many factors involved, and smoking is only one of them - not the biggest one.
After all, everyone who is eating cucumbers will die, sooner or later, and some of them will die because of cancer - should we ban cucumbers too? :)
Life is the cause of death - if you don't live, you will not die. Reason enough not to live? Or to ban life/births in general? :)
YES IT SHOULD, Weed is medical its a more healthier choice :/ and so should alcohol, its a leading cause of death but the government refuses to see it as a problem >:/
I do not smoke. Never done it and plan never to do it.
But I do not want cigarettes banned. Neither should be pipes, cigars or whatever. If someone finds pleasure in it, so what?
Smoking is part of the human culture for several thousand years.

What would be the next thing that should be banned? Where to start banning? Where to stop?
That is all crap. We are all human beings with a brain. Which makes us capable for decisions.
its there life let them live it how they want.
I hate ciggarettes,they smell bad,and they aren't cool!
+Jane Gooding I do not like the smell either. But I met people who did not smell good. Should they be banned too?
Hang on i just had a brain fart the last comment, Rolf makes a VERY good point, This is our life, we need to make our own decisions in it, we aren't made to have limitations, human beings were made to go beyond what we think is impossible, am i right or am i wrong? if you say im wrong then you'll be the one behind while everyone else evolves into the new generations in the future :/
so does the smoke from the cars. the smoke from factories is affecting the enviornment............ban them too..???

if u think smoking is bad, stop smoking!! educate ppl abt the ill effects of smoking. baning cigarettes would just give a rise to industry of cigi smuglers...........
Let me tell you with teenagers today especially it's, so, cool.I quit a long time ago I'm just saying.
Here we go again with the "tobacco should be illegal and weed should be legal" debate. How about common sense and user judgement? Is it a good idea to use something that has been proven to cause harm even death? No, but that doesn't stop people. Why?
yes it should be strictly banned & they r not killing themselves also but they are killing also us
Lots of polution. But other than that India`s great
YES! All they do is kill you slowly
I've never been a smoker, and I don't think banning would make a difference.....any more than alcohol prohibition did.
Yes...i know this sounds crazy but ppl who smoke should be hanged.. no offense to anyone or anyones parents
Banning is to harsh. Educate the people. Put a high tax on tobacco and let themselves pay for there health treatment if they need it cause of smoking. Don't allow adverts for tobacco products.
That is all fine with me. But I am against banning smoking.
alcohol effects person who drinks but cigar effects other persons who are around smokers
Glad I quit in 2003. Eight years now.
Chris T
As a smoker I agree that cigarettes are bad. The manufacturing of all tobacco products should cease. Too many pay to shorten thier lives. The companies are responsible as is the induvidual. The lobbys need to stop. But people still make a choice to smoke. I am curious about the taxes placed on tobacco. Where does that money go? What aspect of the govt relies on taxes from tobacco? Eliminate the money. Outlaw them outright and move on. This debate has been waged too long.
Yes, because smoking ruins your lungs and may give you cancer!
I'm definitely against cigarettes but when was the last time that a "ban" stopped people from doing something they want to do... especially something they're addicted to. Just look at the "war on drugs" and what a success it's been.
No. Prohibition never solves any problem. It only enables a few folks to make money off it (via black marketing). May it be of liquor, tobacco, or prostitution.
Educate the youth and let them make the choice. Government should not be making the determination which lifestyle choice is right and which is wrong.
+alekhya kumaris Here in Germany more people die through drunk drivers than through smoking drivers.
So alcohol does not cause only self destruct.
In how many family happen beatings of wife and children cause the man is drunk?
It's difficult to minimize the effect of drinking only to the person who does the drinking
Banning tobacco won't solve the problem... ppl will find some other ways to indulge themselves in unhealthy manner... Health awareness is rather more important
awareness .......................even educated people are smoking so banning is best see the changes of banning population in foreign countries for ex
If you Ban It, they will find another way of getting their hands on it~The Black Market. If you Tax the heck out of it fewer people will smoke. Ban smoking indoors as will as in movies and on TV Shows.
Yes No Worries,Do you Know the Population of India......
I am an X-Smoker and yes i think it should be banned.
i know the population. I always wanted to go to india and become a citizen, but theres too much corruption
the answer is free will. however if smoking could be ruled out instead of governments thinking about the money theyll miss out on , maybe humankind will progress just a little more ::)
Here's the irony. The average American that is pro-choice, based upon the principle of not allowing the government to interfere with a woman's individual health rights, is usually a proponent of a ban on cigarettes.
I don't understand that logic. If a woman has the right to make choices about her body, why doesn't someone have the right to make choices about whether or not they smoke?

It's hypocritical. You want government interference on one health issue, but not on another. In other words, you're picking and choosing when the government will interfere, based upon what you personally like or dislike.

You can't have it both ways, people. Either you want the government to have control over our personal lives, or you don't.
Personally, I'm pro-choice, and that's whether it's birth control, alcohol, cigarettes, etcetera.

And I'm not going to name names, but one of the smoking ban supporters on this thread talks about how it impacts other people. Well, my friend, from your profile pictures, you are significantly overweight, and that means you are more likely to have cardiovascular problems. And even if you have health insurance, your increased likelihood of health problems from your corpulence has an affect on me, in the form of increased health insurance premiums. So, unless you want me to have the authority to tell you whether or not you can have a Big Mac tonight, don't assume you have the authority to decide if I have a Marlboro cigarette after my lunch break.
Darwinism eventually sorts everyone out.
If killing wasnt prohibited u can imagine what wud have happened...
ban smoking
it's gud for mankind
Haven't we learned anything from prohibition and 'the war on drugs' here in America?? Demand causes a black market, the black market is fueled by the bad guys, the bad guys get bigger and badder and people will still use. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, ANYTHING. Just tax the crap out of them and run lots of propaganda to make it slowly socially unacceptable.
I gave up 6 months a go, after smoking for 13 years. Now I even hate that stink
Addicted ppl won`t stop. But we should stop the younger ones from trying. +1 if u agree.
+Sahib Bains Stop 'pluswhoring'. How many people do you think would disagree that minors shouldn't smoke?
Hey, guys, I think oxygen should be freely available to everyone on the planet! +1 if you agree!
Today ban cigarettes, tomarrow rice because your leader hates rice. Do you really want the government making that decision for you.

Tax it and use the revenue to pay for educating the population about it.

Everyone has choice, live with your decisions.
i just quit smoking, but i dont believe anybody has any right to tell somebody not to smoke. No it shouldnt be banned. everybody has a right to enjoy what they want.
i agree but the more we smoke the more we die id rather have rice banned than letting ppl smoke.
I say let the person choose. Although, I am not opposed to imposing regulations on how they can manufacture cigarettes, as in not adding in all those additional chemicals. Just cure the tobacco, then stuff in paper tube. There should be no reason to add anything else to them.
now isnt this a hot topic and heavily controversial one.
Do you
(A) Let the government take more freedom away saying they are trying to help you and in a way it could help.... maybe...
(B)Leave the people who choose to smoke alone and don't encourage black market gang's and cartel's to form and cause more harm than good.

ill be honest... finding a good solution is extremely difficult but outright banning something creates more extreme problems that kill a whole lot more people.
If you ban one substance, ban them all. Alcohol destroys kidneys and livers and families. I don't see us banning alcohol again or anytime soon.
Banning might be a bad idea, but increasing their prices and adding more restrictions could prove fruitful!
They can do whatever they want to do with their life. (But I suggest you not smoke...)
+Stephen Sheridan they will never ban alcohol in the usa ever again since its far far too dangerous.... you would think they would do the same with marijuana and learn from prohibition.
yes i am aware you might not be talking about the usa.
It's about choice and will. Probation of any product never works, all that does is create new business opportunity for the black market.
+Immad Uddin Khan yes it would be a great idea if and only iff 100% of the money went to treat people dying from it which is never the case.
everyone who says that smoking should NOT be banned i know what ur trying to say but think about the future more ppl will go to hospitals every timeu walk by a person whos smoking u inhale the smoke well u know wats going to happen.
every 5 secs. ppl die from second hand smoking even if they don`t mean to.
I read an article once that said people who don't smoke die, too.
More than cigarette. Its the chewing tobacco or gutkha is the biggest problem.
No, because there it will simply turn into a black market affair. This is a bigger problem.
I personally don't smoke, but I think Banning smoking is like banning choice, Educate on effects of smoking, increase tax on advertisements of cigarettes, stop selling single cigarettes.Train parents on how to stop their children from taking up smoking, even then if people want to smoke, its their choice, no ones banning junk food then why cigarettes?
Very balanced outlook by Mr. Vishal Naik. :-)
impose more taxes and then they should banned in public places; and they should be limited to smoking zones within a building
I would prefer tabacco never existed to begin with. I am not sure banning smoking is going to help, rather creating a new market for illegal drug dealing. Make it less attractive: price/tax increase, ban smoking in work areas or schools, educate, etc.
+Michael Edwards the reason of hypocrisy is because different factions of your government(repub and dem) are bought by different lobbying bodies. there is a stark inconsistency in a variety of issues. it is not libertarianism vs conservatism - it is interests of grp a vs b.
Eeewww...Hate the smell of smoke. Makes me feel sick
idk ..............
I mean maybe in certain public places but....... smoke p l j
just another way for them to turn the masses against the masses...ban cars..thats where most smoking happens,..hell ban clubs and bars also while we are at it, and 7-11 stores...should have planned ahead anyway..I will stop now but once they ban cigs..will they stop there???
Ban this! Ban that!! Really people!? Let's just ban anything that could possibly kill us!
of course smoking is killing all the people in the world
+Kumar Aatish I'm talking about the individual people, not the politicians. I expect hypocrisy from an elected official. But when an individual person has this conflict, it has to be pointed out that they aren't using logic. If they change, then eventually the politicians will be forced to follow.
+Sahib Bains The people that die from second hand smoke are exposed to it over long periods of time. You aren't going to get cancer if you walk past a smoker.
The minute you ban smoking, then the floodgates are opened to ban everything that has the potential for negative health effects. Shall we start that list, or is there a character limit on G+ posts?
EDIT: I just saw where you said people that smoke should be hanged. Dude... go FUCK yourself. That extremist bullshit marks you as an arrogant, ignorant asshole.
+Clau AGonzalez Then I have the right to ban anything or any activity that you engage in that could be harmful to your health. Please submit your daily nutritional diet plan for my review and approval. We wouldn't want too much sodium or fat to cause you health problems, now would we?
well it depends on how many people say, "we don't care about long life, just let us smoke."
Yup. We all agree that banning something instead of letting freedom coupled with intelligence, determine whether a thing is used or not. The world is a brute group of overprotective kids trying to be father.
No I don't think they should be banned I think every person should have the choice to smoke however having watch my Mother die from 50+ years of smoking its not a pretty sight I myself use to smoke and I can tell you the older you get the harder it gets to quit so my opinion do what you want but if you get hooked you pay the price its just like Drugs or Alcohol buyer beware!!!!!!!!
Of course tobacco is fucking nasty!!!
tobacco is fucking nasty!!!
but why use fucking people..
Smoking anything should be a personal choice. If you dont like it, dont smoke it. Maybe they could eliminate smoking in a home with children or something but even then i dont think we need the government regulating every aspect of our lives. There will ALWAYS be some kind of threat to health, we dont want to lead ourselves to a world where everything is illegal because it has some sort of risk. Btw I do not smoke. 
I'm an ex-smoker. The smell now makes me ill. The smell of a smoker also makes me ill. However, banning a product is not necessarily a solution.

Prohibition taught the United States that banning a product only makes controlling it more difficult and generates less revenue. Currently most countries with cigarette sales generate tax revenue from at least the sale of the product, usually beyond any 'sales tax' on the product. Additionally, there are taxes on the businesses that produce the cigarettes, taxes on the companies that advertise for them, taxes on the companies that sell them, and taxes on the employees of all these companies. Eliminate the industry, and you eliminate a sizable tax stream.

Yes, there's a significant burden placed on countries by the epidemic of cancer. Yes, cigarettes are thought to be a contributing factor. For those of you arguing on the health care side, would you be content if it was mandatory that those receiving cancer treatment be prohibited from smoking? Perhaps broaden the current age check that most countries have to include looking for something on the ID about "Restrictions." Of course now we're on privacy concerns, should the health status of the individual be public information?

There are many, more issues that must be considered when we think about banning cigarettes. Not only the few arguments I've listed above, but many other places where this impacts.

When considering your response, imagine I was talking about sugar and diabetes. Willing to give up your candy/chocolate/cake/ice cream/etc on the risk that you'll develop diabetes? What would it mean for the rum industry? What would it mean for the wedding cake industry? etc.
No more than Alcohol...which also causes cancer...(along with a myriad other problems)'s about freedom of choice...your body, your choice...
Agree with +Jacob Nyquist ... Like this quote from Brewster's Millions which really caught my eye:
"When I was seven years old, my daddy caught me smoking a cigar. Locked me in a broom closet for two days and two nights with nothing more than a box of cigars and a book of matches. No food, Brewster. No water, just those god damn cigars. Wouldn't let me out till I finished every last one of them."
We should make the idea of cigarettes so disgusting that people just stop it.
Whether its banned or not , It definitely depends on a persons attitude to stop its usage thats all . Let the younger people know the dangers more ..Isnt it ??
I do not smoke but if you are going to ban cigs then also cars and trucks with large engines. They probably do more damage.
tobacco makes too much money world wide for it to be ever banned, politicians funded by Tabacco affiliated lobbyists would never allow it
Please, ban them everywhere for good!!!! That stuff is gross!!!!
People should be allowed to harm themselves, if they want. They just shouldn't be able to harm others.
yes cigarettes must be ban in all world
We should give up smoking and be determined to root it out.
smoking can killllllll any one
Biju P
I hate smokinig&drinking more ................................................
no ummmmm weed should be eligal because u can get in a bunch of drama
now i know ur freakin stupid
it's one's wish to choose their own destiny .. u cant really stop a person who's running after something .
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