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So you have just decided that you have had enough of your marriage.

This is a very emotional time, but you have to remain mindful that 40% of Canadians are divorced and you will not have to re-create the wheel. For couples seeking an amicable divorce, we can act as facilitators in order to keep your costs down.
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Why do you need a will?

The Law of Alberta includes complex rules that affect your assets. Preparing a will is optional, but in doing so, you can simplify the process that will be followed on your death, and control the ultimate distribution of your assets. Without a will, the intestate succession rules will determine who will receive your assets; a judge will decide who will raise your children; your children could get a lot of money when they are 18 and not ready for the responsibility; and, you may inadvertently treat your closest family members unfairly.

A will prepared with the assistance of a lawyer will help you choose a beneficiary scheme that meets your wishes, and is not subject to interpretation. If you have minor children, the will allows you to choose your children's guardian, hold money in trust for the children for their upbringing, and ultimately distribute your estate to your children when they are ready for the responsibility. 

People can feel very uneasy about discussing the possibility of their death, but our clients are always relieved when they have checked this important step off their "to do" list.
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Why you should review your Alberta Land Surveyor's Real Property Report (RPR) with your lawyer, before you sell your house.  

The standard Alberta residential real estate offer includes several representations and warranties that the Seller is responsible for after closing of the transaction.  The most common issues relate to issues with the RPR, from compliance issues to encroachment issues.  The best way to protect yourself from these issues, and to reduce your costs when selling, is to review your existing RPR with your lawyer before you sell your home.  Please feel free to call First West Law for a free telephone consultation regarding your RPR issues.
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