ha-hah!  i caught him in action!  this is the large orb weaver in the back yard that spins his web each dusk and eats it back each dawn.  he builds it very rapidly, crossing his guy line which is ~20ft in 5 seconds.  he spins a few combined guy lines from the porch to a tree (the 20ft), then goes to the middle, pauses, then drops like an entertainment park ride to the grass (~6 ft down), and zooms right back up.  he makes a few ground lines like this, then spins a half circle web amidst them.

he's all done in five minutes.  his body is about the size of a fat red grape

+Stephen White 
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that sucks. guess you'll just have to keep watch for him again :P
We have a tiny spider friend in our tree, I post a picture of it soon.  I hope it gets much bigger.
i hope you choke on a bag of dicks. (just kidding!)

wishing spiders get bigger... are you fucking psychotic? lol
Rich G.
I'm afraid my second reaction to a spider the size of a grape would be to run inside and shoot at it from the safety of the door.

My first reaction would be to scream and run away waving my arms in the air enthusiastically as my voice dopplered into the distance.
perhaps :P i keep getting told mine is quite nice :P
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