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Rovables are tiny, AVR-powered robots that can move freely on your clothing:
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I'm picturing a billion Nanobots that can flip a surface like a DLP to convert a t-shirt into a rain jacket on demand
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Whatever is happening in this pic, I want to go to there.
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NASA has announced that all research it has funded will be FREE and accessible to anyone through their new open portal PubSpace.
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This will be great news for Liberty University which offers no Science books in it own Library for its students.
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Where WhatsApp went wrong: EFF's four biggest security concerns
After careful consideration, we have decided to add additional warnings and caveats about using WhatsApp to our Surveillance Self Defense guide.
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Осенних троп большие перемены
Галанзовская Оксана publish photo:
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This cop shot herself and then blamed an innocent black man who'd never even met her before. It sent shockwaves through an entire neighborhood
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love this!
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