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The British designed EM Drive actually works and would dramatically speed up space travel, scientists have confirmed
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This article is 100% bullshit.
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I always wondered why super heroes were asexual. Now I know. It's Alfred's fault.
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This is the third death in Houston police custody in the last three weeks.

Add in the rest of Texas and it's starting to look like a dangerous place to get arrested in.

How many deaths in police custody is "normal"? 
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A badge isn't just a licence to do whatever you want. Your kids can do whatever they want too.
The violent arrests of two Florida students were captured on video after woman got into argument with an off-duty cop, telling him to teach his son manners.
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Hey, now...
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what up sexy
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EXCLUSIVE: A Minnesota father of two is discovered to be the hunter who shot dead Cecil – one of Zimbabwe's most loved lions
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bastard and a coward 
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BIND ( ) has got to be the most attacker friendly software in the world due to its prolific use of assert() in code. rather than drop offending packets and ignore the malicious query, BIND chooses to shut down the whole damn kit and kaboodle every time something isn't perfect.

i remember too many times when i have had to run named in a while [ 1 ]; do named ... ; done; loop because of malformed DNS queries that would kaplunk bind.

along comes another bad vulnerability. CVE-2015-5477. error in TSIG handling causes named to exit.

#notreallygoodsecurity   #selfinflictedDOS  
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Randy R
David not related to this subject but was wondering which one of the nice looking guys in your photo section is you? If on top, you would make one heck of a model. 
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WATCH: Cleveland cop pepper sprays peaceful Movement for Black Lives protesters
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Via +Ed Sandwich 
The genetically engineered beluga whale is showing all the classic hallmarks of homosexuality:   rippling abs that shamelessly glisten in the waters beneath the summer sun, a healthy rose hue of the skin and a unnerving desire to expose Christian families to homosexuality. The disturbing image from Seaworld in Texas is the latest evidence that […]
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Really nice :)
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This guy deserves everything he got an more. What kind of person would run over an animal with a lawn mower on purpose? 

It's one thing to hurt another human but hurting an animal is on a whole different level as they cannot fight back. I hope he gets the shit beat out of him every single day he will be incarcerated. 

1 year in jail and 3 years probation isn't even close to what he deserved. Fuck him!!
A judge sentenced Jason Scott Falbo for running over 9 ducklings with a lawn mower
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Asshole from. All in Australia!!!
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Haha this is what my college books look like
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A family found to have a self-healing skin cancer offers hope for better...

Members of a Tunisian family with tumors on their hands, feet and eyes may provide helpful information for the treatment of squamous cell ca

Rare neurons enable mental flexibility

Behavioral flexibility—the ability to change strategy when the rules change—is controlled by specific neurons in the brain, Researchers at t

In hairless man, arthritis drug spurs hair growth—lots

A man with almost no hair on his body has grown a full head of it after a novel treatment by doctors at Yale University.

Asian mushroom extract shows promise as treatment for obesity and its ills

Maybe Alice in Wonderland was on to something, nibbling on a mushroom to make herself shrink. New research has shown that a liquid extract m

Tech company finds stolen government log-ins all over Web

A CIA-backed technology company has found logins and passwords for 47 government agencies strewn across the Web—available for hackers, spies

Google data center to rise in former power plant

Google on Wednesday announced it will convert a former coal-burning power plant in Alabama into a data center using renewable energy.

Spintronics advance brings wafer-scale quantum devices closer to reality

An electronics technology that uses the 'spin' - or magnetization - of atomic nuclei to store and process information promises huge gains in

QLEDs meet wearable devices

The scientific team, from the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) and Seoul National University, has developed an ultra-thin wearable quantum

World's first full-color, flexible, skin-like display developed

Imagine a soldier who can change the color and pattern of his camouflage uniform from woodland green to desert tan at will. Or an office wor

Researchers find cell that replenishes heart muscle

Regenerative medicine researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have identified a cell that replenishes adult heart muscle by using a ne

Inactivating a single enzyme could effectively eradicate an aggressive f...

EPFL scientists show how inactivating a single enzyme could effectively eradicate an aggressive form of leukemia. The principles could apply

Researchers create synthetic membranes that grow like living cells

Chemists and biologists at UC San Diego have succeeded in designing and synthesizing an artificial cell membrane capable of sustaining conti

Smart insulin patch could replace painful injections for diabetes

Painful insulin injections could become a thing of the past for the millions of Americans who suffer from diabetes, thanks to a new inventio

Dual internal clocks keep plant defenses on schedule

Time management isn't just important for busy people—it's critical for plants, too. A Duke University study shows how two biological clocks

Fat, sugar cause bacterial changes that may relate to loss of cognitive ...

A study at Oregon State University indicates that both a high-fat and a high-sugar diet, compared to a normal diet, cause changes in gut bac

Why cocky guys get the girl

University of Queensland research suggests overconfidence may help people win romantic partners.

Contrast between lip and skin color is marker for gender

The contrast between lip and skin colour can quickly identify a person's gender, according to researchers at the University of Montreal's De

Not-so-guilty pleasure: Viewing cat videos boosts energy and positive em...

If you get a warm, fuzzy feeling after watching cute cat videos online, the effect may be more profound than you think.

Brief: A pill for obesity? Stem cell scientists convert white fat to bro...

Harvard Stem Cell Institute researchers at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital have taken what they are describing as 'the first step

Technique increases brown adipose tissue, enhances its activity

Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) scientists have found a way to both make more energy-burning human brown fat cells and make the cells the