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Getting clarity on who you want to be, and how you want to be.

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Think about the most recent conversations you have had with people - speaking with anyone at this stage of December, the most common words used to describe their life is "busy" or "frantic" or "chaos". "I am tired" is another good one.

Whilst there are elements of this time of year that we can't control, there are many that we can. 

Rather than getting blindly sucked into the frenetic, busy, chaos - the events, the shopping, the catch-ups, the work stuff, the kids stuff, the friends stuff, the family stuff, the end of year stuff - at the expense of your happiness and wellbeing, and doing things because we feel we should, we are obligated, we have always done things that way - stop and ask yourself are there things you can outsource, delegate, or simply just not do? Or heaven forbid - put off until after the New Year?

We always have a choice. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful time with your family and friends this festive season and enjoy the lead-up to it as well as the day xxx

What is that thing you do, that everyone knows you for?  

What is your personal version of "going off on a Fiona"?  

Remember, it's probably one of the things that people love the most about you.  

It's part of what makes you, you.  

And you are awesome.  Quirkiness and all.

#thehappihunter #youareawesomejustasyouare #connectingbusinessandhappiness

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An Unmissable Event - bookings close tonight.

You are invited to the first Connecting Business and Happiness Event at 8pm on Wednesday 15th in Prahran.

Don't miss out on being part of a unique experience designed to expand your business knowledge, help you understand how to live a happy & harmonious life, connect you with other people who are sharing your journey and provide space and time for you to connect with the core of who you really are.

+depo8 Prahran 

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A story about setting intentions, feeling good, letting go, synchronicity, patterns and being open... and manifesting one AMAZING day @TedX Melbourne. #offthegrid

Big thanks to everyone involved xxx +Lorna Berry +Matthew Keath

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Breaking business strategy down.

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The key to getting where you want to go, is knowing where you want to be going.

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My philosophy is that success in business is far more likely when we have a high level of self awareness and when our businesses are built around our strengths, passions and broader life goals. 
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