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Glad to hear this. Good article!
How the entrepreneur gender gap is starting to disappear: #readbyrichard
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Great article by Patty Azzarello
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Not sure why my Monday Morning Motivation didn't post properly - so here it is again!
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Fabulous article that everyone can learn from - not only women!
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Friday 5s:  Get set for Summer
As schools break up for summer vacation in the UK, and many people are thinking about summer holidays, I want to help you banish the stress that comes with trying to “finish everything” before your holiday.  For many years, I tried to be SuperWoman and achieve everything on my “to do” list ahead of a vacation.  I’d then spend the first 3 or 4 days exhausted & not enjoying the time off at all.  If you’re juggling child-care too, it makes it all the more reason to get set for summer with my 5 top tips.
Tame the To Do List.    Excel is a great tool for this.   Enter everything that you think you need to do into a spreadsheet.   I’d suggest five or maybe six columns – A TITLE for the item, a brief DESCRIPTION, the DUE DATE, the PRIORITY (we’ll come back to this later) TIME REQUIRED, and STATUS.    Get everything in one place.
Prioritize the list.  Think about the activities that will help you meet your objectives.  From my post on 22nd May on deciding priorities, and also the disappearing 3rd June post from Stephen Covery’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective people.  If you need help – ask. Ask your boss, a colleague, a friend. Or even go back to the person who set you the task & see if it can be rescheduled.
We’re going to focus on the URGENT and IMPORTANT activities only.   But I want you to  be realistic as to how much time each activity will take.  Be honest & REALLY realistic. If in doubt, add an extra 15-30 minutes to the task to give yourself some “buffer” time.
Now, schedule your time.   Plug it into your calendar.  Give yourself time for tea & coffee breaks, and lunch too.  Review the meetings you have planned.  Is your attendance critical? Do you know why you’ve been asked to attend? Can attend for only part of the meeting?  Put time in your diary before you leave for “finishing up”.   Put a reminder to set your Out of Office maybe a day or two early. Include details of alternate contacts.   Also  put in a day or two, or at least some time, for when you get back, to enable you to “catch up”.  I’d also suggest leaving a daily buffer to enable you to cope with unexpected requests – so that your schedule doesn’t get messed up by other peoples emergencies.  Be a schedule demon!
And finally, Get to work.  FOCUS. Switch off email, messenger/chat, Facebook & other distractions; put your phone to silent, or even better, turn it off.   Use the time you’ve planned to complete the activity.   Remember sometimes 80% is good enough!
Personally, I’ve always struggled with 80% being good enough, but have always found it works for me just ahead of holidays. And if all your planning works wonderfully, and your list of critical activities is done ahead of your vacation, be proud.  Be very proud!

#timemanagement   #careersuccess   #stressmanagement
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I've now set up my Coaching Page for Google+.  You can find it at the link below.

I'm posting all my usual Monday Motivations, Wednesday Wisdom & Friday Fives - as well as interesting links, career development hints & tips, stories & offers.  Please do add my coaching page to your circles.
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Don't Sell - Help!

If sales don’t matter to you then you can stop reading now!


Don’t sell - Help!  Challenge your mind set and see the results!


Don’t sell - help is a top sales tip for any business.  The journey of learning about sales and selling can be a rocky road. Some businesses never get on the road properly. People try things, some are naturally good, others hate the word, have perceptions of it being “American” or “sales is not for me”.


Sales may not be natural. Sales may even be a word that you turn away from. However particularly if you run your own business sales matter, don’t they? If they don’t then you can stop reading now.  If they do then read on – hear are a few headings and thoughts to get you more successful in sales.


Do you know what success will be for you and your business?

This is a basic question but of course the answer to it reveals and motivates. Not knowing the answer means “shooting in the dark”. Defining what success will look, feel and enable really clarifies what you are doing and why.


Do you know your business purpose?

Answering why you do what you do and who your business is designed to benefit has a powerful impact on you and how you work with people. Knowing what problem you can solve more effectively than anyone else gives direction to your sales saving time, money and effort.


How confident are you?

This of course can be a challenge but working out your confidence in your product or service and in your ability to deliver is essential. If you don’t feel confident this comes over to potential customers. Do what it takes to develop your confidence.


What does the universe of your potential customers look like?

With purpose, confidence and knowledge of your product who are the potential customers? Have you “walked through their day” so that you know how what you do might help them? How will you make them feel? Do you have target customers and do you have a clear process that helps you reach them? Think about what they fear and what they desire.


Do you have a straightforward sales strategy that you know works and why?

Strategy can sound a grand word – but having something that suits you and works is what you are aiming for. It’s not about a “shop bought” one that someone else has filled in for you!

With confidence have a clear description of what you do, use questions, listen well and have a process are tips – there is much more of course!


How are you at “closing the sale”?

Many struggle with this! We walk away with a “maybe” from the person we have been talking to. We spend time and money based on an this “maybe” – that’s frustrating isn’t it? If you have got hold of their need, know that they have the budget and authority and have their timeframe you will be nearing to asking “Let’s get a start date then”!

Got you thinking? If you would like to improve your sales success through answering these essential questions then The Real Business Club is working with Max Barbour at Sales Revolution to provide high quality training from the voice of sales experience.

#sales   #training   #businessdevelopment   #careerdevelopment  
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Wednesday Wisdom: Make LinkedIn work for you in 5 easy steps

If you’re about to embark on a job hunt over the next days, weeks and months, then use these 5 steps to make LinkedIn work for you.

1. While you update your profile, turn OFF activity broadcasts. Turn it back on once you’re finished with most of your updates

2. Get a professional headshot; find a local photographer who runs headshot days & book yourself in. Invest between £50 and £100 for a decent profile photography & then use it on all your professional social media.

3. Adjust the URL that LinkedIn provide for your profile to make it easier for people to find you; include it in your email signature. It will look something like

4. Set up a professional, non-business email address to put on your profile rather than something like “crazygirl@” or “coolguy@”. You want potential employers to see you in the best light possible.

5. Other web references. Use these to connect people to your professional twitter accounts, and other websites that are appropriate to your job search.

And if you want more hints & tips about how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile, or would like a professional review of both your CV/Resume and LinkedIn profile, please email me at Or visit my website for more information.

Quote Wednesday Wisdom for 10% discount. #careers   #careercoaching   #personaldevelopment  
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Wednesday Wisdom: Resilience

According to dictionary definition, Resilience is the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.  The second definition is that resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
As well as having physical & mental resilience, you need to build resilience into your career. How can you do this?  Follow my 4 easy steps:
Keep Learning. Make continual development a priority & keep your skills up to date.  Investing in personal development will reap life-long rewards.
Develop your network. Ensure you are always nurturing your network. This could be expanding it by making new connections, or developing it by creating stronger bonds.
Manage your references. If you regularly use LinkedIn, keep it up to date by asking individuals who give you great feedback to give you a recommendation on LinkedIn.
Get a Mentor. Find someone (or several people) to mentor you. Search for individuals who you aspire to be like & ask them to both mentor you & be your champion. Having someone as your cheerleader is one of the best things ever!
And if you want to invest in your carerr, I offer a free 40-minute Discovery Dialogue to help start you on the path to creating your most confident career ever!  Email me at for more information & to arrange your free 40-minute Discovery Dialogue.
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Wednesday Wisdom: Nurture Your Career in 3 Easy Steps

In the UK, it’s Spring.  There’s blossom on the trees; the sun is shining & the sky is blue.  Nature is literally springing back to life.  Having been dormant during winter, plants and trees are now sending out green shoots ready to grow & flower.

Even if your career has been dormant in recent months, there are things you can do to nurture it and get yourself ready to grow & thrive.  Here are three simple suggestions:
Keep a record of your achievements.  In a notebook, alongside the date, jot down the goals you complete, activities you’re proud of and challenges you’ve overcome.  Where possible, quantify the outcomes.  These can showcase your transferrable skills on your CV & LinkedIn profile.
If you receive a “Thank You” note, praise via an email or win an award, keep these in a file too;   This provides a fabulous, positive resource of appreciation.   When you do get positive feedback for a significant achievement, thank the individual and consider asking them for a LinkedIn recommendation.
Similarly keep a log of all personal development activities (books, webinars, trainings, podcasts) that you’ve completed, as well as brief notes of what you learned.  This will keep learning and development front of mind, as well as show how committed you are to continuous learning.
And if you still need help to nurture your career & make it bloom, get in touch!  I offer a free 40-minute discovery dialogue and a variety of career coaching services to fit your specific needs.  Visit my website ( or email me for more information!
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