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Great new photo website by +Markus Kiili

"I'm nature and travel photographer based in Ylläs, Finland. My purpose is to create a feeling of being at the location and giving the viewer a journey to the fantastic nature.

I'm mostly known for my Aurora Borealis photos and videos, but there is much more.

If you like my style and need photo or video, please don't hesitate to contact me..."

See more Markus's work:

#Finland #Photography #Portfolio #VisitFinland #Nature

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A Winter's day in a Tepee, Finland

Watch on YouTube:

#Outdoors #Winter #Finland #VisitFinland #Forest

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The simple strength of Finnish education

"Finland does many sensible things that promote student wellbeing. For instance:

Students typically receive a 15-minute unstructured break for every 45 minutes of instruction throughout the school day, and research suggests that these frequent breaks promote alertness in the classroom.

Every school day, all students in Finland – regardless of socioeconomic background – are provided with free, nutritious meals.

90 percent of Finnish comprehensive schools are implementing an effective, research-informed program for countering bullying called KiVa, developed at Finland’s University of Turku.

70 percent of Finland’s comprehensive schools have adopted a nationwide initiative to boost the physical activity of children, called Finnish Schools on the Move. .."

Learn more - thisisFINLAND

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An old pine tree

This kind of dry, dead tree or snag is called "kelo" in Finnish.
Finns have used the snag wood to build villas, summer cottages and saunas.

"Snags are an important structural component in forest communities, making up 10-20% of all trees present in old-growth tropical, temperate, and boreal forests. Snags and downed coarse woody debris represent a large portion of the woody biomass in a healthy forest..."

See more in Wikipedia:

I shot the photo in Central Finland.

#Snag #Kelo #Forest #Wood #Nature #Finland #FinlandExplorer


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Kite Skiing Expedition in Kaldoaivi

"Kaldoaivi is the largest of the twelve wilderness areas in Finland, situated in the municipalities of Utsjoki and Inari up north. The landscape of this mostly roadless fell area, roughly 2900 square kilometers in size, varies from deep and steep river valleys to gentle slopes.

The rolling fells and wide open plateaus, spotted with stray patches of scrubby mountain birch, make it a great destination also for snowkiting..."

See more - Leftbound

#Outdoors #Finland #Kiteskiing #VisitFinland #Wintersports

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The spring is coming!

#Finland #Outdoors #Lapland #Huskies #Sunshine

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The first student-led VC in the Nordics was just created by a group of Slush alumni

"A group of Finnish students, with an average age of just 23, have founded the first student-led venture capital fund in the Nordics.

Helsinki based Wave Ventures will focus its investments on pre-seed stage startups from Nordic student communities and the wider startup ecosystem..."

See more:

#Finland #Business #FinlandExplorer #Slush #VC #Startups

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The Finns respect the forest still...

#Nature #Culture #Forest #Finland

Tapio, the name of the forest spirit, is thought to originate from old Baltic-Finnish word ‘tapa’, which means a hunting trap. Thus Tapio would have signified the traps along the hunting path and thus the entire hunting area.

In the traditional hunting culture the hunter’s relationship with the forest was remarkably intimate and tender. When the hunter walked the hunting path he greeted the powers of the forest and recited ancient hunting spells. These persuasive spells are thought to represent some of the most ancient indigenous folk poetry of the Finnish people.

In the spells the forest is often seen as feminine and animals as the daughters of the forest, which the hunter tries to woo with his words. The spells possess powerful erotic undertone as the hunter praises his good looks and skills as hunter and encourages the forest to give herself to the hunter.

When prey was captured it was handled with humility and gratitude. Pioneering folklorist C.A. Gottlund tells a story of two hunters he met near Puumala in 1815. After killing a trapped fox the hunters placed the body on top of pine twigs, kneeled on their respective sides of the prey, took their hats off and read prayers for the mother of the forest.

Photo: Matti Suopajärvi @ Flickr / Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0

#taivaannaula #suomenusko #finland #finlandphotos #redfox #vulpesvulpes #folklore #folkreligion #forest #finnougric


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Finland Travel Guide - VirtualTourist

Things to do, places to see, tours and cities...

See more:

#Travel #TT #Finland #Travelguide #FinlandExplorer #VisitFinland

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Hiking in Finland!

"Finland offers diverse hiking possibilities: beautiful national parks, spectacular lake views, vast marsh areas and atmospheric tracks in forests.

Choose a destination and enjoy the great hiking possibilities of Finland. Here you can find the best hiking trails.

Our tracks are mainly short day trips between 2 and 15 km. However there are also few longer options for overnight trips..."

Read on:

#OutdoorsFinland #Hiking #Trekking #VisitFinland #Camping #Outdoors #Finland #FinlandExplorer
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