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Oy Yleiskylmä-Findri Ltd
chillers cooling dehumidification industrial heat pumps pipe systems
chillers cooling dehumidification industrial heat pumps pipe systems


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Installation and Start-up services by Findri

The appropriate and professional installation and start-up service for our cooling equipment can be agreed to suit the location. In the installation service, our cooling device fitters install the devices to be ready for start-up. In the start-up service, the cooling device expert works if necessary as a job supervisor and starts up the plant and provides guidance on use. 

Careful and competent test use of various cooling systems, heat pumps and standard air-conditioning machines, guidance on use for the customer and professional servicing under warranty are vital for the cooling plant's energy efficiency, smooth operation and maximised life.

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Findri designs and manufactures optimised, energy-efficient, environment-friendly systems and devices. The solutions based on continuous development ensure that the refrigeration technology works efficiently as part of other building technology.

All products and services are planned for each customer according to the capacities required for the purpose and the service need.

Findri specialises in refrigeration systems for sports and industrial premises. Our operation covers refrigeration and electrical contracting, automation, and maintenance and servicing. 

The refrigerants used by Findri are R404a, R134a and NH3. Depending on the case, a refrigerant suitable for the location can be supplied and chosen, such as CO2 or some other refrigerant.

Applications for refrigeration plants and industrial heat pumps:

* Refrigerated and frozen warehouses
* Cooling solutions for production premises
* Process cooling
* Ice tracks
* Ice parks
* Ski tunnels
* Ski jumping hills
* Air-conditioning cooling
* Swimming pools
* Shops

Findri's objective is to ensure the proper upkeep of the devices that it supplies as well as the upkeep of other suppliers' devices by arrangement. Correct servicing work prevents device breakages, increases the plant's service life and maintains planned energy efficiency.

In practice, continuous upkeep of devices has been shown to be cheaper than waiting for equipment to break down. Findri's servicing team helps you to plan a servicing programme for your plant and a suitable timetable for servicing. 

Servicing contact particulars: huoltotilaukset [at], tel. +358 9 2759960
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