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This is the latest news from Google on security and safety on the Internet

HTTPS as a ranking signal
Security is a top priority for Google. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use industry-leading security, like strong HTTPS encryption by default. That means that people using Search, Gmail and Drive, for example, automatically have a secure connection to Google.

Beyond our own stuff, we’re also working to make the Internet safer more broadly. A big part of that is making sure that websites people access from Google are secure. For instance, we have created resources to help webmasters prevent and fix security breaches on their sites.

Read full article at Google Blog
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How to get Google to crawl our site faster?
There are a few things you can do to improve your crawl speed.

Google crawlers are also know as Googlebots or Google’s web crawling bot, sometimes also called a spider. The more Googlebots crawl your website the better it will be indexed. The better your Google indexing is directly reflected in how high your website appears in a Google search.

Google wants to show a Googler (a person searching on Google) the best results for the search terms they search for. So Google ranks (indexes) websites for search terms. Google works this out with it’s ever changing Analytics.

Have an authoritative website
An authoritative website is basically a website that is recognised buy Google to;

Have relevant and recent information, this can be achieved by adding regular, informative, relevant well written (short, well formed sentences with good grammar)
Have back links from similar or related website, showing that this website is an important part of this topic being searched on Google.
Note: irrelevant or spammy links from non related websites or on non related topics can ban a website from any Google search.
Be a site with little or no error of coding faults
– bad links or 301 redirect pages

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Smart Tips for Business Email Accounts
1/ Keep Control of Your Emails, Look Professional & be more Saleable

Its so basic! simply use your domain email address

Look Professional by Using Your Domain Email
When a business uses their domain emails like they appear more professional & at the same time hint their website site address. If you use a Bigpond, iinet, Optus, Gmail, Hotmail or similar (non your domain email) It is time to change and be more Professional and be in control of your emails & make your business more saleable.

By using your Domain Email eg ;
a/ You have control of your email accounts rather than using your ISP Internet Service Providers emails like Bigpond, Optus, iinet etc. So if you change ISP you won’t loose your business emails. So use your domain email, something like rather than

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Most of our clients have 24/7 Security & Monitoring which means;

These clients websites have had world class 24/7 Security & Monitoring. Which gives great peace of mind to our clients & for us as their website & hosting administrators. The software helps with &/or supplies;

Creates an effective firewall for websites
Blocks out hackers to the website
Blocks users who attempts & fails to log in to many times
Monitors the website software, from base functionalities to add ons like website plugins etc.
Reports by email & in website admin dashboard, the number of attacks & blocked IPs & their origin.

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We now process credit card payments using Square Up

We love that we no longer pay terminal rental fees to the bank
And it is so much more convenient & flexible

Read more -
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We now accept Bitcoins for payments.

Here is a short video that explains Bitcoins.
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Our tip for you in 2015 is;
Keep connected with your customers and be easy to find by future clients.
- With regular fresh content on your website.
- Stay competitive on Google and make sure your FREE Google+ (Google Local Listing page) is current.
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Placing a review on the new Google + for Business page has changed so here is a few tips -
Google Reviews on your Google + for Business page is critical for your local listing ranking & your business link to Google Maps.
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In business we can support individuals, businesses &  community groups. We should encourage customers & other businesses to show gratitude & pay it forward.
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Google restricts the number of emails to Gmail accounts, which originate from particular sources. Most small businesses don’t use an internal mail server, instead they use the mail server attached to their website hosting.
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