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London calling: we looked out of a window at our office - and saw a big set of Olympic rings. They're 11 metres high by 25 metres wide and Charlie Bibby, our chief photographer, went out this morning to snap them. There are 150 days to go until London 2012. Are you excited about the games?
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that is so cool!
what an image to see, let alone be able to say "i saw it first, before it was even set up!
awesome shot!
thanks for sharing!
As a foreigner, surely it will be a fun time. But I'm pretty sure those Olympics do no make all british people happy.
Olympics is coming, i still remember the moment in Beijing which is vivid in my mind, how time flies!
I am 59 years-old and have loved the Olympics since I was a kid. All 3 of kids were born in Olympic years.
As somebody who lives in BC when the Vancouver Games were planned and executed, I would not wish the OWE-Lympics on my worst enemy. I am so sorry that Britain 'won' the right to experience social bankruptcy.
What is it about the Olympics that's so uninteresting? I wish I cared more about it, but I haven't seriously watched the Olympics since Nagano... Up in Lake Placid, you can still buy Olympic souvenirs, which makes me think that having the Olympics would be of greater utility for a number of communities than it would be for London
recently visited the Olympics site in Stratford....its AWESOME.
I am very Excited... Indian Hockey team will rock... Cheers!!!! India. I love my India
o brother or lovely place who is it
Cool??? More like a miserable, grey day on a polluted river. Not a good advert for London.
i didn't know that the uk used the metric system... that's a sweet picture!
Nah would be if i was invited by the government to see an event of my own chooseing with full concesion with free travel,acomodation,meals,drinks. as a way of thanks for the almost 50yrs tax, etc i have payed them???
As long as we don't have rioting everywhere.
Not nearly as bad as it used to be ; ) nowadays Italy has the nastier harbors.
I think you have to go back to at least the 1980s to find an Olympics which wasn't so thoroughly commercialized and saturated with corporate sponsorship and shameless corporate self-promotion as there is now. It was the same in Vancouver BC: it was as if a giant, travelling franchise had come to town. I was glad when they packed up and left.
"Metre (a.k.a. Meter)" is the modern unit to measure distances. A few developing countries are still using antiquated units like "foot", "mile" etc. :)
G+, please notify +Brandon H
Metre is the correct way to spell 'that' word, 'meter' way that colony that got out of hand spells it... ;) and speaking as a British person, yes I am excited about the Olympics and looking forward to it. As for the government, they didn't ruin the country, capitalism has done that, people care more about making quick money, screw what happens afterwards, but thats why the whole world is knee deep in brown stuff.
+Antoine Carriere Yes we have President Reagan to thank for that. If not for him we would be on the metric system. That and we would not be under forced drug testing all the time.
Metre is used as the standard spelling of the metric unit for length in all English-speaking nations except the USA, which
uses meter.
I have seen the 2 places where the olympics/asian games were held in the past, but the hotels and other buildings looked haunted places, reason : the location of the games was outside the main city what they called Games Village. I dont know how London will face this post Olympic situation.
like it.....
It's so cool....
it would be good to have them in chicago
Best picture of these so far today.
Looks like a google sign
London Calling to the far away towns!!
John E
Why all the excitement, it's just another big piece of shit floating down the Thames.
I can't wait. I love the Olympics. I watch all of it. I can go 4 years without watching ping-pong, but once it in the Olympics, I'm hooked
Not really interested in the Summer Olympics.
I would be excited about the Olympics, if I could watch them..
nice the five circle rather than OOOOOne!!!!!!!!!
I want someone to take me to London!
Definitely prefer Winter games; however, anything that gets everybody playing nicely together is worth looking forward to.
I never now there was a floating Olympic sign!
Woooohooooo i'm soooo excited, cnt wait 4 the olympics 2 start...
The Olympics are wonderful....can't wait!
Our's in Canada were pretty good when we had them last. I hope London's are just as great. :)
i was in the newspaper to do with the Olympics x
Very excited to watch the games! Who will prevail with the most medals this year!?
I kind of hope the US never wins an Olympic bid again. Not unless the system is seriously reformed. The billions it costs certainly are't worth while.
'cause US have nothin' 2 do with reformes
I think your country has more important things to budget for.
I think the US and Chicago will continue to bid for a summer Olympics...and why not? I've been a fan of the Summer and Winter Games..met Jesse Owens here in Chicago when I was probably 11 or 12 years old...I probably at that point in time was not totally aware of his prominence at the games..but I now realize his place in History.
Those are actually Google Circles. The city of London was added to 5 of Washington D.C.'s Circles, and there's a High Tea Google Hangout session scheduled between both cities this Friday.
not excited about them 2 much but that just got me excited cmon team gb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fantastic photo op. you are thee envy of millions
Love watching the Olympics!
the olympics fucks over communities by redeveloping the area and pushing poor people out. fuck the olympics
Living in York, I'm about as exited as a spectator at a paint drying championship.
i wouldnt be to sure its not that exiting here
Love London, love sports. When the Olympics went to pro athletes and big time commercialism all the passion and glory bled out of it.
Looking forward to it. Have never been to London but can't wait to see it on my TV.
Livi PN
that is sooo cool
I think it's awesome but it's gonna take a lot of work takin' it down when the Olympics are over. Anyway I'm pretty excited.
I am so excited for the olympics in london
I love the Olympics. Especially the summer Olympics. I love gymnastics and volleyball!!!!!!!!
Beautiful rings there!!! Are they shipping them on a barge to place them ?
really not looking forward to the olympics
cant wait until the games!
The hopeful kid in me wants to see David Tennant, dressed as the Doctor, carrying the torch. Come on London! Make it happen!
Wish I could attend the games. I bet it will be an incredible event.
can't wait to see olympic landon 2012..bravooo..aramai tiiiihh
+Justin White They always do. You'd think they'd learn. Heck, it's the summer games after all, not all that important.
hi...nice photoes from where u get
That warship better get moving before a private contractor puts a wheel-clamp on it. I doubt that is a parking space ;-)
S really i m , & tnk u for your lovely photo
Colourful rings on a dull grey background.
nan lv
i love that weather .no raining.
Bst of luck 2 gvt of U.K & 2 it's ppl v indians had a fun watching CWG in india.I wish u will also hve lots of fun 2
Im in ghana who will take me there pls.
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