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James Dyson says he'd like to add 3,000 more engineers to the Dyson R&D centre in Wiltshire, but cannot find them. He says the UK must tempt more students to study sciences - and stop kicking out bright foreign students as soon as they graduate.

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He needs to work with a local technical school and get them trained himself instead of trying to get the government to pay for it.
Dyson should make better use of the engineers he has, instead of giving them menial office tasks.
+Mark Herndon Students should be paying for it themselves, afterall it's an investment in their future and they'll be the ones to reap the rewards.
Is this not the guy that moved his factories and operations abroad to save on costs? Problem with these type of companies are that they want All the cake...reasons for lack of engineers is companies don't invest in them nowerdays..what happened to internal training..oh hang on..they are based elsewhere,
So they can't train nor recruit plus if they have a rep of relocating then are the paths of potential engineers this a secure job prospect...put your money where your mouth is ...

You can find thousands of unemployed engineers in ex-Yugoslavia (Serbia, BiH and Croatia) 
Dyson. Made in Malaysia for the last decade. 
As far as I know, every developed country has visa opportunities, if such a visa is sponsored by a company. If Mr. Dyson's company doesn't (want to) sponsor visa for "bright foreign students" (about to get kicked out), then he himself is to blame and no one else!
The problem is STEM requires time and effort; us Brits are only interested in instant fame and celeb culture
Britain a once great nation with a PAST to be proud of
If you can't find the graduates here in the UK, then you are simply not looking hard enough.

I mean some towns are flooded for months and there are no engineers to fix that mess, let alone invent anything.

Maybe if Graduates were treated as Graduates instead of being expected to leave University and then go and do cleaning jobs or flip burgers, then we would get somewhere.

And then there is the thing about Internet piracy where some numbskull can steal anything you put online and use DCMA to steal your shit.

For example my suggestion of an air conditioning system and air filtering system on the tube/London Underground and various other 'lightbulbs' I have on my blogs and these thieves are cloning and stealing my blogs with my invention suggestions and frankly speaking I am sick of dealing with Internet piracy and numbskulls who can't come up with their own suggestions.
And the Meili is ten times as good. More powerful. More efficient. Lighter. Quieter. Better engineered.
As a group of R&D Consultants, it is hard reading this article and his call. This is the same James Dyson who closed his factory in the UK for cheaper far east operation?

Is there a shortage of young engineers? We know it is not the case.  Or is he short of engineers who will work for the lower wages this multi-millionaire is willing to pay? Mr Dyson is not looking to engage British born engineers who have been in university for five years and ran up £30,000 of debt.

He wants cheap Indian, Pakistani and far eastern based engineers who don't have the same debts and will work for half the cost. Check the comparisons in what he was paying pre-his factory relocation and what he is paying now if you want further proof.
+Ian Brown A very valid point. There are a few cases of companies coming to the UK to find computing talent - Wandisco springs to mind. But these examples are relatively few and perhaps the situation is different when it comes to more physical engineering as opposed to computer engineering. 
They do not kick the students out. ... Their student visa expires and they send home these educated foreign students to help their own countries. Student visa should not be used to immigrate ... That brain drain would be worse for the world as a whole 
Situation in Austria: Declining wages and a "lack oft engineers". The same propaganda in Germany and ....
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