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Google+ needs an elevation in terms of positioning to extend its growth beyond the mark of 400 million users worldwide.
There needs to be a certain critical mass of raw users to "tip" users into being more active.

Regardless, the way FB and G+ are counting active users seems so vague as to be meaningless. I am sure I count as an active FB user, but I actually use it very little.
My wife has five FB accounts just to play Zynga games and support her main account. That for user numbers.
there are many chinese climb over the GFW for G+... they want to know true..
Google need to open some APIs up so that I can share stuff from other sources easier. Apart that, like G+ a lot
Why ? Do,really,G+ have to be the next fb with all this,I will call it "not so clever" people ?
Yes,it is. You,sir,didn't understand me. Not everyone on fb is that type of. But some of them. And we all know it.
I actually happen to enjoy this "lower level of activity" @ G+
FB frustrates with all those nieces & nephews and their childish postings (but hey - you can't unfriend them), activity reports that some of your "friends" lost a cow in farmville etc.
If those things are measurment of success, than I prefer G+ to remain "unsuccessful"
David Robertson-no problem. And...well played sir,well played. Have a nice day.
+Tim Burns Amen, a lack of APIs is holding +Google+ back. If it was opened up to third party apps it would gain more momentum.
I used to be on FB but am definitely a google+ convert. FB is too saturated with users and marketing. 
Dima P
Both FB and G+ are a fad that will go away once people find a better way to spend their free time.
google+不错,so I can used it for认识老外,it just opened a new window for my eyes and thinking.
+Dima P but it could take a long time enough to earn some money. Look at tv. Stupid medium and it is working  for almost 65 years. 
Dima P
+Adam Duda Indeed social networks will help some people make some money. And you are right about TV, however TV is mostly supported by advertising (and/or government), while in social media advertising is not really working it seems. 
I go to FB to talk to my mother a few states away; if I want interesting, compelling content that I'm actually interested in rather than adults who act like children that don't get enough attention, I'll come to G+. G+ to me is a way to connect to people that actually engage me. Facebook just seems to me like a place that is becoming increasingly more of a factory for validation for people unable to find it in themselves.
Min Zhu
ive had a FB for six years and each year i post and view less and less. Twitter is good for a laugh as it seems to be the high school kids form of facbook in which the post about every single minute of their day. at G+ i can read articles, ask for help/advice and avoid condenscending remarks and wise ass comments.
+Tom Bishop nailed it.  G+ is a hub around which all other Google and Android products connect and interact, while adding customized social content.  Facebook is just a social platform  G+ does what FB does and so much more - and it does it faster, easier, and more cleanly.
Facebook is 8 years old google+ is 1! Spot the can you compare  them look at it relatively. +Tom Bishop I disagree that google+ isn't a social network...why is facebook then regarded as competition? they're less peeps I know on here but it's just better...
Google+ has the potential to become the biggest social network. Maybe even sooner than some think.
+Google+ will celebrate its first birthday soon. That would be a great time to release APIs and realize some "hyper growth."
People need to realize the potential of Google+, it's not a gimmick.
I will continue to show my support for an open source platform any day. Open Source engages the user to actively engage in the evolution of said product.
G+, for me, is an entirely different experience than Facebook. Much more intellectual stimulation going on here. While I'd like to see it grow more, I also hope it does not become FB just from the addition of a bezillion users.
Really, I haven't found a purpose for it. It feels like ICQ2000 without a cute cat. So much to do, no reason to do it!
Bit why do you like it, what are your reasons and its purpose?
+Michael Udem 

* The people and conversations are great. Facebook is for finding people you know. G+ is for meting people you don't know (and talking to them in threads with more the 140 characters at a time). 
* +1's are like the next bookmark. When I find a useful page, I +1 it instead of bookmarking. When I search again, there it is.
* The integration with Android is awesome.
* When people realize how good the photo editor is, it'll take off.
* Hangouts.

That's what I can think of off the top of my head.

But it could always be better. +Bradley Horowitz , I'd like to see APIs and pictures in comments (like Fark, but with support for external photos AND G+ photos). 
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