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Youth unemployment in Europe is soaring: the number of people under 25 and out of work is the highest since records began. With greater competition for fewer jobs, we report on how many young people are increasingly considering starting their own business or working for startup companies. Watch our video:
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A silver lining in a very dark cloud?
I've always believed that setting up your own business should be as viable an option to the unemployed as finding another job is.
+james jacobin you understand that you are and were lucky to even have menial low paying jobs. There aren't enough available jobs to employ the millions of people out of work. This is caused by technological unemployment. Most countries economies are fueled by the service industry and even those jobs are being replaced by smarter cheaper smaller machines. No one who can't find a job is choosing not to work, especially when they can make more money doing things that are unproductive to society, like begging or selling drugs. We need a better way of valuing and providing access to life than currency, it doesn't work.
+Financial Times  competition? competition where? what is happening is the younger people are clearly not insterested in that - competition for miserable and precarious job is a huge stupidity, and they know that far better than you can imagine! :D
what is mostly happening now is that younger generation is more creative, entrerprising, and innovative on projects, and this doesn't necessarily means jobs, or having success based on stepping over the misfortune of others
+james jacobin If you make more money bumming on the street then why aren't you out there doing just that? Oh wait... because it isn't true.

Your whole comment screams naivety, and coming from someone who is almost a decade younger than you, you should feel embarassed. I know I would.
Im not saying most people are, but there is an incentive. We shouldnt settle for lower living standards we should demand all peoples living standards improve, that requires loosing money all together as the foundation of the economy.
I'd love to see a compare and contrast between the actions taken by these UK grads and those in the US.  I wonder if new American grads are doing the same, or something completely different (e.g. falling back on parents)?
Technological progress makes societies more efficient every year (~+1.7%). That means everyone has to work and consume more in order to keep a steady level of occupation.
Also we can't find a way out by means of linear innovation (only adding to the problem).
On another level we have the competition between nation states, which shifts occupation and resources around.

Maybe the easiest solution for the problem would be expansion into new areas - be it virtual or outer space; as this seems to demand comparitavely less radical changes...
Even though employment prospects are much worse for Europeans than Americans at least they don't have mountains of Student Loan debt...
at least they don't have mountains of Student Loan debt...

more and more they do !
They do have mountains of student loan debt, it's part of there national debt,because everyone gets an education and a unicorn in their socialist utopia.
well, in the 21st century it's no longer capitalism vs socialism, but ideology vs enlightenment.
But without a job and with no income they don't have to pay back that education. In the US regardless of your employment status and income you are required to pay back student loans. They may not be discharged in Bankruptcy and the Government can even garnish wages and social security benefits for non-payment. 
Define what u mean by enlightenment because many in the 20th century saw
socialism and capitalism as enlightened ideals seeing as how they were
products of the industrial revolution and enlightenment
As they should also be required to their is no free lunch and nothing costs
nothing. They may not hv to pay it back but it was their money spent either
way. Also that's how loans work.
I don't deny that a person should pay back their debts that they elect to incur I'm merely illustrating the differences in the European system and the American system. They each have pros and cons. 
that's not only how loans work - but the whole financial system.
It's largely air.
to define enlightenment is a hard one though.
It's the ingenious quality of mind, which lets one not be trapped in delusion for too long.
True that very much different and their are things about the European
system that are good such as better equality rights
Socialist Europe have never been known for real job creation, unless you're thinking of public sector employment.

Just look at the Greeks.  Most young Greeks' goal is to work for the government.  How freakin pathetic.  
Exactly very one can hv so called free healthcare which u pay a tax to
cover the minimum coverage only also free education which is also paid
through taxes at a rate of 45-72% depending on country. So this leaves u
with a small working class that is very productive yet saddled with 11-10%
umemployement in perpetuity
+Dan O'Brien Governments are inherently bad for the people.  The less of it, the better.  You sound like you believe there may be good governments in the world.  That's funny and scary.
+King Benny Governments aren't a necessity they are old solutions to technical problems that people who design or institute them don't have solutions for. The problems we share in society are only technical and they all have technical solutions, when stop trying to solve them with laws and money (which are basically opinions) and start using data, technology and science the world and our society could improve.
Well, there's a vigorous debate going on here. Thanks for sharing your views.
+Financial Times  you're welcome - what should be clear is there is no competition for slavery, this makes nonsense at all! :) - saying anything else is a pure distortion of reality
definitely vigorous discourse - maybe not too systematic.
Actually if we can have these nice talks - in a sense that's already jobs 'nuff, ain't it?
+Dan O'Brien Have you thought about the implications or alternatives to governmental control or are you stubbornly repeating ideas you "know" are true while name calling?
I didn't say a system wasn't necessary I said govt isnt, what problems can a politician solve? They make laws when solutions aren't available, because our problems are technical. If we were appropriately using technology and science for social concern most of the things politicians argue about would be more glaringly irrelevant. Also I didn't say governments are evil, they are outdated ideologies that cannot cope with the management of a global populace, because regardless of whether or not we like it, we are all connected, all our choices affect everyone else on the planet and no one person or group of people can mange or resolve things that really matter, only our collective knowledge can.
Also while the population is woefully misinformed on issues that directly affect them the internet is fixing that everyday, we can't blame people because that doesn't resolve the underlying causes for their behavior. The problem is the environment people are drowned in that puts there own economic well being above all other concerns.
+Franklin Stone I haven't seen such ingenuous optimism over the prospects for technocracy to solve mankind's problems in quite some time.  I can readily understand your pessimism concerning politics, but technocracy is no solution, even one augmented by internet groupthink.  At bottom, technocrats are people just like politicians, and subject to the same faults and flaws.  And science is a human activity in exactly the same way as law.  If you really want change, you need to start from within.  That's the hard change that nobody really wants - they prefer exterior fixes that only represent regime changes, a revolving door for tyranny.
+Dan O'Brien Gotta say, Dan, you manifest a weird combination of adulation and contempt for all things American.  i have a feeling you're one of those patriotic romantics who pine for the good old days of self-sacrifice and honor, but witness dejection all around you instead.  But the seed of renaissance is within you.  In fact, you are the last best hope for America and the world. 

You need to make a conscious decision to get past the sludge, and to assert the goodness in your fellow citizens: remind them, insist on what they could be, and not ruminate on the low condition to which they have fallen.  If you do that, I guarantee you will discover what makes America great, and be part of a movement to overturn the crime and corruption that has clearly infested us.
+Franklin Stone I'm not sure I understand what you mean by some sort of disembodied "scientific method."  Science is only a logical tool that is either used well or poorly, leading to prosperity or tyranny.  It depends completely on who is weilding it.  For example, the science of Einstein can produce a nuclear generator or an atom bomb.  Chemistry produces medecine or poison.  Genetics generates draught-resistant crops or biological chimeras.  You cannot abdicate responsibility to a computer program.  In the end, you and I are responsible for our behavior, our choices, and their results.  It therefore seems to me that good policy begins at the source: our individual motivations.  Everything else follows like fruit from a tree.
I once hat a look at the Z-geist activist guide, and as far as I understood their idea of a 'disembodied' technical solution is, that all relevant social (governmental) decisions are made by some sophisticated computer system...

(funny enough, if we look at the role of high frequency trading, computerized systems play already some role on allocation of resource)
+Physical Theatre Occupy Its not any more complicated than the systems already in use by major corporations to track supply and demand, the would just be used more effectively. +Matthew Bifulco Also governments have a vested interest in misusing technology to make material, economic or global/political power gains. If you look at all your examples of the misuse of technology is a direct result of when the scientific method stops being used being used and the results are applied in the pursuit of acquisition.
+Franklin Stone I just have one comment: you obviously don't have much experience working with complex automated systems.  They're like that scene from the Wizard of Oz, where Toto unmasks the man behind the curtain.  I doubt, however, if the lords of resource allocation will be as kindly or beneficent as the magnificent Oz. 

In fact, we currently have a surrogate system for the one you precisely advocate.  Don't you know that the markets are designed to allocate resources in the most efficient way, with money as the scorecard?  Do you think this works well?  Then imagine the abuses magnified by the power of super-computing.
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