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Final Year Projects
268 followers - provides students help in making there final year project in engineering and management branch provides students help in making there final year project in engineering and management branch


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Design & Fabrication of Pipe Cleaning Robot
This is a Mechanical engineering final year project on " design and fabrication of pipe cleaning robot ", but Electronics student can also use it for their final year project . The main aim of this project is on the practical aspects of design, prototyping,...

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Electronics Project on Coin Based Mobile Charger
This Electronics engineering project report on " coin based mobile charger ". The main aim of this thesis is to charge your mobile phone in public through the use of the machine in which you can insert the coin and charge your mobile phone. This project is ...

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MBA Project on Employee Retention Strategy in BPO Industry
This is MBA project on " employee retention strategy in BPO industry " and this project is undertaken to understand the various strategic initiatives adopted by different companies towards the retention of their employees; with an ultimate objective of anal...

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Coin Based Water Controlling System
This is Electronics and Electrical (EEE) project work on "coin based water controlling system", which is a very innovative project and can be used in public places like the bus station and railway stations etc. This project uses a solenoid tap, which is con...

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Top 10 Electronics Engineering Projects for Students
Electronics Engineering is a very common and interesting branch and most of the students choose it because of their interest in the electronics field and if you are looking for some of the most searched project ideas for Electronics engineering , then you a...

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ECE Project on MP3Stick
This is "Electronics and Communication engineering project on MP3" , which also know as " MPEG Audio Layer III ". It is basically a digital audio encoding format using a form of lossy data compression. It is a very well known and very common audio format wh...

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Photonic Band Gap Materials for Non-Linear Optical Applications
This is Engineering Physics final year project on " photonic band gap materials for non-linear optical applications ". Photonic crystals are the recent buzz topic in the research field. These crystals possess varied properties which make them highly vital i...

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Analysis of ONGC Welfare Trust Composite Social Security Scheme (CSSS)
This is MBA project report on " Analysis of ongc welfare trust composite social security scheme (csss) ". Oil and Natural Gas Corporation has been ranked as the Top Energy Company in India, in the coveted Platt’s Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankings 2014....

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MBA Report on Training and Development in Parle Biscuit Private Limited
This is MBA project report on " training and development in Parle Biscuit Private Limited ". The objective of this management project is to know the effectiveness of training and development. Firstly, this project discuss about the training and development ...

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Planning, Analysis & Design of Departmental Store Building
Civil engineering is a broad branch which involves everything in construction and planning. So, today we brought you Civil engineering project on " planning, analysis and design of departmental store building ". This is very unique design to meet the need o...
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