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The right to bear arms! It's in the 10 Commandments!
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It must be in one of those tacked on amendments towards the back.
reading that actually hurt my soul.  
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss your brains good bye.
She wrote "bare" arms...the right to wear short sleeve shirts.
Knowing, as we do from the bible, how much their god loves the smell of fresh spilled blood it would not surprise me at all to find there's some way of interpreting his happy book of slaughter and genocide to tell us every single person should be forced to bear arms. And to bare arms, except if you're a moslem woman. In which case you just get the gun. 
+Clive Adams Yeah, but they are more efficient, you see if you just strap a bomb to yourself, that takes care of it. Saves the tax payer's money on a messy trial and that. And with all that clothing they have to wear it makes it much easier to conceal.
I've always said if you really want to make a statement: Blow yourself up.
+Tom Croft 'furiated' is the root of 'infuriated', the prefix 'in-' is often added to denote opposition, so the only reasonable conclusion we can draw is that she's very happy about this.  Which objectively may not make a lot of sense, but there you go.

+Clive Adams now you've gone and made my soul hurt again.  If you disagree with the faith, any faith, that's fine.  After all you're entitled to your opinion.  But I do take offense when you paint us all as murderers and blood thirsty fiends.  True there are some individuals who are confused, as the woman in the example is, but the majority of us are decent human beings.  And actually, one of the real commandments is "thou shall not kill" and murder throughout the bible is usually a bad thing.  Unless God does it, yes that is true.  But that opens up a whole debate that this is not exactly the forum for.  As far as the Muslim faith goes I am not as familiar with their teachings, but to judge their whole population on the actions of an extremist group is extremely ignorant, that would be like judging all of Christianity by the actions of the WBC.  I understand that you may have been exercising hyperbole, but calling the Bible a "happy book of slaughter and genocide" is offensive, and a tad over the line. 
Oh, and I've got another question too. Why is it that when the United States tells other countries what laws they should pass, we are meddling in affairs that aren't our business. But when Europeans or Canadians want us to pass laws, (that won't do shit), that's fair game? How about just fix some fucked up shit in your own country?
Because, like it or not, the US is able to influence the entire world.  But the converse... not so much.
I suppose that's true...leave it to those clever Americans to fill a market niche.
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