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To me, as a Canuckistanian, this highlights flaws in the US electoral system.
While it's fine to have local regulations for local elections, I think federal elections ought to have a single universal set of rules of operation. 
Will the Democratic Party nominate a candidate who hasn’t been a member of their party, and who has long denounced it?
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I think the Party and primary system is basically fucked up in this country and needs a major overhaul. As they say: "Don't hold your breath.". 
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Filippo Salustri

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Obama has made a terrible mistake.
He's likely doing it for the sake of securing Democratic votes for this year's election, but that's no excuse. The end does not justify the means.
Whenever basic rights are denied for the sake of belief systems that violate all rational thinking and contradict overwhelming scientific evidence, then those beliefs must be discarded, denounced, and ridiculed. 
And so if we're serious about freedom of religion – and I'm speaking now to my fellow Christians who remain the majority in this country – we have to understand an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths. But Asra Q Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and co-founder of the ...
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People should actually listen to the speech he gave before forming an opinion about it. Its actually a great speech.
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Filippo Salustri

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If only my biggest worry were the shape of the icon....
I need a usable app, that gets me a safe, convenient, timely, and reasonably priced ride from A to B.
So long as Uber keeps doing that, I couldn't care less about the icon. 
In place of Uber’s signature black, gray, and blue color palette, the company will embrace bright colors---lots of them.
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Filippo Salustri

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"...the noted feminist Gloria Steinem suggested that young women support Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign because they want attention from men."

Wait, what?

It's one thing to advocate for a candidate based on facts and evidence. It's quite another to belittle people, to try to shame them into voting for someone.
Or maybe Steinem is just senile. 
Sorry, but when I decide who to vote for on Election Day, it will be the person I think can best represent the country, not the candidate that will most impress my boyfriend.
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+Jim Carver I know, right? I got off to get some real work done and a whole gaggle of trolls and ignoramuses come out to play. Well, I've blocked the obvious ones now; sorry for all the cruft.
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Filippo Salustri

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Crushed between 2 Portals.
Can't tell if this is rigged, but it's fascinating either way.
Reminds me of the end of 2001, but also of the sequence in Altered States when William Hurt's character gains control of his genetics. 
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+Adam Alexander There's a note in the description of the video that suggests there's a trick to making this happen. I've never played Portal, so I don't know.
But the notion of a piece of software generating this kind of imagery without crashing certainly seems cool.
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Filippo Salustri

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A nice, short write up about satisficing - an important concept in decision theory, #design, and many other fields.

It's really an instance of the more general idea of a trade off between the result of an action and the cost of performing the act. 
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+Jim Carver It's actually a technical term in design and decision-making. But yeah, I get how in lay language it sounds goofy.
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Filippo Salustri

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Well, that's dumb. 
Australian science body the CSIRO is expected to slash hundreds of jobs, according to multiple reports.
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That was about as vague as they come.
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Filippo Salustri

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Academics arguing over which fairy tale is "correct."
How un-academic of them.
Wheaton of Illinois and professor it tried to fire over her statements about God reach deal under which she will leave.
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Filippo Salustri

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Really impressive (and a bit scary) video of a volcano erupting in Japan.
...I'm a little disappointed Godzilla or some MUTO didn't emerge from the smoke and ash.... 
One of Japan's most active volcanoes erupted spectacularly on Feb. 5 with a fiery blast, sending lava rolling down its slope. Japanese television showed an orange eruption burst...
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That's a real blast man! :)
I laughed when they said "lightening-like", no, it's really lightening. Just because a different process produced it than we are normally used to doesn't make it something different.
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Filippo Salustri

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When does being skeptical go to far?

"In my view, Pashler et al. are right: these data are extremely odd. True, there is no proof of misconduct here, or even of honest error. These data could be real. It seems extremely improbable, however."

Quite frankly, I'm not sure this situation needed the kind of actions, partial retractions and such, that are taken. If there's no clear indication of data manipulation, then we have to accept the possibility that the noted effects are real, at least in this case. What I would suggest instead is that the authors of the paper in question produce an addendum discussing the weirdness in the data, the various possible explanations, and, most importantly, how future work might help clarify the matter. 
A potential case of data manipulation has been uncovered in a psychology paper. The suspect article is ‘Why money meanings matter in decisions to donate time and money’ (2013) from University of Arizona psychologists Promothesh Chatterjee, Randall L. Rose, and Jayati Sinha. This study fell into the genre of ‘social priming‘, specifically ‘money priming’. The …
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I don't think being skeptical can ever go too far as long as it's honest skepticism. If the article is accurate, some of that data does seem improbable. 
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Filippo Salustri

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The fascinating history of the phrase "beside oneself."
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+Roger Parkinson From a pragmatic point of view that's still resolution.
It's like Landrew carrying out the prime directive. ;)
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Filippo Salustri

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Chemical castration; that's what Roosh V deserves.
That's a bare minimum. 
The pro-rape 'pick up artist' organising gatherings around the world should be met with a plethora of protests.
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+Al Hunt If he's now basically trolling people, then I refer one to recent research that suggests rather strongly that trolls are in fact psychopathic. Either way, that bag of skin deserves it, IMHO.
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Crappy part of town; incompetent staff. Got there 10 minutes early for a scheduled appointment. Only 2 people ahead of me. It took 45 minutes just to get called in. I have nothing against immigrants; indeed, I'm fully in favour of immigration. But when a receptionist at a _medical labpratory_ lacks the language skills to say "disrobe from the waist up," then there's serious problems. Then the technician - a gaunt and pale man who appeared to be suffering from some wasting disease - tore the receptionist a new one in full view of 3 patients (including me) for not telling us to fully disrobe. Then I was told it would be at least 20-30 minutes before my test. To hell with the lot of 'em.
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Heaven for pen "enthusiasts." The staff have outstanding knowledge about all kinds of pens. They're very careful to ensure that you try every pen before buying it, even letting you choose the ink into which they'll dip the fountain pens. They also gave me a 'free' Pelikan ballpoint (with their logo) and a book about the most interesting historical shops of Milan (they're mentioned in it). They let me take a picture of their "pen vault" - literally a vault for pens.
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Very modestly priced Pho. We started with a serving of chicken spring rolls, which were quite good; just the right amount of flavour. I had the chicken Pad Thai, which was a bit bland and greasy. Good portion size. My wife had a beef Pho. Too much gristle & tendon for our Italian sensibilities, but lots of fresh veggies and a nice broth. The service was fast and attentive without being sycophantic. The place itself was clean and well-lit. We were lucky to get a booth because they had these rather odd chairs that I'm not sure would be that comfortable.
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Great food. But the service is so atrocious you'll barely be able to keep the food down. Example: We had a reservation for 13 at 4pm. It was my father-in-law's birthday. We were on time. We brought our own cake. They didn't take our order till 4:30 - not even the drinks! We then waited 40 minutes for the food, even though the place was only 1/2 full. It took them 10 minutes to just bring the food to the table. We were ravenous by then and were all finished in 10 minutes. We had to wait another 30 minutes for them to bring the cake and coffee. They didn't bring plates or cutlery for the cake, and we had to tell them that they had to cut and serve the cake. Another 15 minutes pass. And they look at you like it's your fault! The people who work at Desserts Plus are useless bags of skin. They are navel lint. They are pustules on the buttocks of the universe. I can imagine a masochist might enjoy Desserts Plus, but no one else will.
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Teeny weeny restaurant; maybe a dozen tables. Often full up; make sure you make a reservation. The food is very good, but the menu was, I thought, limited and invariant. The service is a bit too posh for my liking, but all the staff (including the owner) is discreet, attentive, and professional.
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My wife and I have had season's tickets for two years now. We've yet to be disappointed by the Tarragon.
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Simple, inexpensive setting rather like a family restaurant but with a touch of creative chic. Like Queen St W used to be in the 80s. Great food; again simple at heart but everything has a special subtle twist. Very reasonable prices. Genuine, helpful, attentive staff. Perhaps a bit too attentive, but better too much than too little. Will definitely go back there.
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