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Hey everyone! If you are into Xamarin, check my new blog post about it :)

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My tips to junior developers

Every now and again, I get contacted by junior developers looking for tips on how they can become the awesome hackers they want to be.

My advice is usually this:

Code. The only way to take your technical skills to the next level is to code a lot, all the time. There's no way around it. Practice, practice, practice.

Read code. As a developer, you'll be reading code most of the time. Find efficient strategies to understand code written by other developers.

Write. The ability to clearly express and debate technical ideas is a hugely important skill in our craft. Again, practice is key. Write about your work.

Never settle. Join teams in which you'll be constantly pushing yourself to be a better developer.

And I think the best way to do these things is to contribute to open source projects :-)

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Hi everyone! I just publish a blog post about my experience with @Udacity's UX for Mobile Developers course.
Check it if you are interested :)

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Checkout some tips on #Android UI Anti-Patterns. What you should and should not do! :)
Android UI Anti-Patterns
Android UI Anti-Patterns

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