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Google Docs: Introducing Action Items, smarter Forms, new voice commands and Slack integration

Today, Google are introducing five new time-saving features designed to speed up and simplify the way you work.
The new tools and features are designed to speed up and simplify the way you work, so you can focus on bringing your ideas to life and reaching your goals.
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Calling all data devotees - have you gotten the new Statistics add-on in Sheets? #TuesdayTip
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Also don't miss the options to adjust color and opacity
Crop your images into many different shapes in Docs & Slides. #TuesdayTip 
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I've seen many requests in the Docs Help Forum for the ability to create custom paragraph styles. As it was one of my personal top feature requests, I took some time and built a Docs add-on that (in my opinion) makes easier to manage paragraph styles, as well as create new ones (up to six, right now)

If you ever wanted something like this, give the add-on a shot :)

#googledocs   #addon   #ParagraphStyle   #googledrive   #formatting  
Manage the formatting of Doc's six default Headings and create your own extra Custom Styles
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Hi Filipe!
First of all, thanks for a great extension. 
I would like to request a small update for the app. In my google docs I have additional fonts installed/available. 
However, when I try to create a style in "Paragraph Styles+ panel" only the basic fonts are available to choose.

Would it be possible to populate the font drop down to hold all user available fonts, instead of only the basic ones?

Thanks a lot!
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No matter how much we love green energy, we have to admit that wind turbines completely destroy the picturesque landscape  #sarcasm  
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That funny!
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Spending the weekend to create a solar-powered garden :)

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Click Format > Columns in Docs to split your document into two or three sections #TuesdayTip
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A long requested feature: outline
Now remains the Feature Request to allow rearranging Headings using the sidebar
Quickly find what you're looking for in your document - scroll and see for yourself #GoogleDocs #WednesdayWisdom 
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Headings also have their own URL, in case you want to link directly to a specific section of your Doc!
Want to link to a specific section of a document? Insert a bookmark then copy and share the URL. #TuesdayTip
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Teach me master! Haha 👌
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Feliz ano novo!!
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Yesterday I presented my paper to complete my graduation in Engineering. We discussed the possibility of constructing a solar plant on a closed landfill.

We were approved and called to present it in a workshop about clean energy next semester, which is being organized by our State Environment Agency.

In my research I could see many success cases about this, and prove the economic feasibility and show the many advantages of using a 'dead' space for economic and strategic purposes. This, combined with collection of biogas form the landfill to produce energy is a winner!

#renewableenergy   #energiasalternativas   #graduate  
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sounds very interesting, best of luck +Filipe Gazzinelli L. F. Werneck !
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Manage the formatting of Doc's six default Headings and create your own extra Custom Styles


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Comida muito boa com bons preços. Ambiente aconchegante e romântico, música suave e boa
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
24 reviews
Quarto bastante bom, mas os travesseiros podiam ser melhores. Café da manhã bem servido e variado. Funcionários simpáticos. O quarteirão é de acesso um pouco complicado. Oferece estacionamento grátis.
Public - 4 months ago
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Localização boa, quarto grande, confortável, serviço bom e café da manhã muito gostoso
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago