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A baby snail showed up at our coffee table, I just had to play with it.

See more photos at

Also check out my new workshops at
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Filip Bunkens

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TFTF sitrep:

Thanks for the Fries operation. 

It will be a short one, not because the field did not realise completely as planned, but because I'm having a real hard time finding time besides working and taking care of my newborn.


We wanted:

- 5x8 layers over belgium all coming from the geographical centre of Belgium
- 12 corridors
- 80 links
- 40 fields
- a blue belgium

We got:

- 3x 2x3 layers over the south of belgium
- about 16 Million MU
- 10 out of 12 corridors clean
- 130 res agents active in Belgium and abroad
- 3 black illuminator medals
- 130 agents had loads of fun

To state 2 things:

The field did not fail because of a leak the night before, we had both remaining links cleared with 1 link to go, before Enl. started blocking in the morning, we were 1 minute to late with the cleaning. There were 2 enl. agents blocking during the night and they got handled at link time, with two teams following each of them. 

The organisation (as in me) takes all responsibility for the miscommunication concerning the not cleaned corridors. I should have communicated better about the last 2 blockers to be taken down and not head out to the center point before everything was clear.

For all ENL. claiming they can block all our BAF's.

We will do this exact plan again and you have it, so you know all the details. 

All agents involved a big thank you, you will be named later in this post, but I wanted to get this sitrep out there.
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+Filip Bunkens​ what you did you covered res dominated territory and failed On the other half.
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Filip Bunkens

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Shooting my pregnant girlfriend against the sunset.
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+das haku thx I try my best.
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Filip Bunkens

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The best show in years +SovietSupremVEVO playing at +Incrockfestival with a +Mobile Vikings helmet

That band is hilarious and they are unforgettable live. 
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Filip Bunkens

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Sitrep FridayField:

Total MU count: 520 842 mu
Agents involved: 5
Time from idea to last layer: 14h30

Last week I moved from the Dendermonde area to the region around Louvain-La-Neuve. An area known as a resistance stronghold in Belgium. A large 33 portal P8 farm with rare MH and surrounding areas most of the time blue.

This is awesome if you want keep everything blue, it bit less awesome if you want to make big field and not use a lot of viruses. 

Yesterday some local frogs decided to do a multilayer over my new home area. Their largest field was 7K. with the open lines they created, I knew I could do better.

So this morning I set out drawing a bit. Yes this was all possible thx to  #madewithiitc  and  #ReswueIsAwesome  I came up with a plan to build 13 layers from Heverlee - Gembloux - Heron

I asked around for some people that wanted to do a bit of fielding/cleaning on a friday night. I quickly had 5 people joining me. 

Sadly enough 1 could make it due to technical difficulties

Plans were checked, tasks distributed, a set of keys farmed and at 20h30 we met up at 1 of the anchors where we needed to farm 13 keys. Luckily it was a portal that was used in a previous op and had a Rare HS and Rare MH on it. 

While we were keyfarming and chatting. One our agents got called away by his girlfriend. So we were 4 remaining.

Just before each leaving where we needed to go, we checked a last time intel and low and behold 1 jarvis (which was not even needed anymore) turned into 4 jarvis. A bit later this would be 6 jarvis. Because of 2 blue agents linking on the south part of the links.

at 21h15 we each left to do our part of the job. Mine was to drive to Heverlee and on the way take out some green portals with blocking links on it.

Crupuk and Sayuri went back to their home turf, to clean and link there and Arnaud was on his way to Jodoigne to take out one last link right before link time. 

Although we prepared as well as possible with alerts for every task, we needed to have somebody in operator mode. As Arnaud had not much to do, he took the task upon himself. A task he did very well and together with good preparation (how much can you prep in 1 day) it all worked out as it should.

I got the 13 layers up and on my way home I saw 2 frogs arrive to take out the portal supporting 8 layers in Heverlee. They left the fields up for 48 minutes, but 7 min after the last field went up, the first anchor was attacked. Another 20 minutes later the last anchor was taken down in Heverlee. 

This also makes that we don't have a screenshot of all 13 layers. 

We had a fun evening. there was no real goal to this field, no personal Mu, no cp, just because we can.

[edit] That was till the next checkpoint and we realised that the frogs were setting up fields over Brussels and Leuven, that missed the checkpoint by 2 minutes because of our field. That is a win.[/edit]

In the end, I got about 400K mu because I closed 9 layers myself and I got my platinum illuminator badge for it.

Agents involved:

+Sébastien Andreatta (crupuk)
+Aurélie Laviolette (Sayuri)
+Manu Navarro (MazuX)
+Arnaud - Gustaf Valentine (Gustaf Valentine)
+Filip Bunkens (PitsLamp)
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Smurf! I kept Opwijk blue for more than a year and started out in the center of Brussels when the whole thing was just getting started, De Grote Markt all the way up to Gare Central was my farm when I worked at Ogilvy. 
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Filip Bunkens

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Sunday night, In a moment set up a polaroid photo booth at the oscar ceremony viewing party in Ghent.

Here you can find some impressions of the night:
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Have him in circles
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Filip Bunkens

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Announcement #3 for +PitsLamp Photography 
I'm back with workshops:
19/09: Intro to photography
03/10: Portrait photography
24/10: Flash photography
Check out more at
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Filip Bunkens

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Today I'll be making a lot of announcements about my +PitsLamp Photography business. Here is the first.

As of today all my beloved Resistance friends get a 25% discount on any booking.

Read more about at

+Ingress +Matilde Tusberti +Ingress - Resistance Belgium  +Annabelle s +Anne Buettenmüller
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Filip Bunkens

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We are proud to present you Aïko Bunkens-De Geyter, born on 26 july 2015 at 18h37. She measures 49,5cm and weighs 3,71kg. Mother, daughter and father are all very well.
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Proficiat! Geniet van elkaar!
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Filip Bunkens

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Waiting in the sun for the foundations of my darkroom #photography #darkroom
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Filip Bunkens

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My afternoon. Barber, coffee with a colleague and stopping on the road for a great view. #photographerslife
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Filip Bunkens

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My personal testimony.
A personal testimony that failing is hard and tiresome.
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I'm a freelance photographer specialising in concept, portrait and event photography. Check out my portfolio and website at
I'm a freelance photographer specialising in concept, portrait and event photography.

You can find me on the web at

I'm also the driving force behind the website for all your film photography questions.
Portrait, event and advertising photographer
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