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good night my followers... 
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Ana Max
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and every portal is recharged... 
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S toliko kocki, ne vidim problema :D
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Filip Bipe

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BanWars ep. V: The bots strikes back
How to put a dick on Niantic ? Easily!

Our BOTs organized themselves and decided to perform some action near Niantic’s office as a reaction to last news about mass-ban of agents all over the world caused by using 3rd party game client (especially Broot-mod). 

Main goal of the demarche was to show that new +NIA Ops  autobanana system has no influence on spoofers and bots population. They did existed, they do exist and are real. And the most important thing is that they will exist! 

And real players who spent a lot of time and money but unfortunately used 3rd party Broot-mod (which greatly enchances usability NIA don’t want or can’t implement in official client) were given  a good blowjob. Moreover it is sad, that they will continue suck Niantic’s DICK in future.

Our BOTs decided to write some sad but true words about Niantic using game items and to attach a big DICK. So that Ingress creators could understand who they are in reality and what they do with people playing their Game. Look at the screens carefully. 

Shortly items began to dissapear. It looked like they were collected very quickly. Maybe it was +Brandon Badger   himself since this message was addressed to him personally as to product manager. 

Ohh but it seems they used fake GPS or internal mechanics while collecting. WOW! Why didn’t they pick them up as usual? So they showed us their real faces...

You would ban us but our resonators and mods will stay in portals. Our items are sold all over the world. You can’t stop us! All your bugs are belong to us! Muhahaha!

We did existed, we do exist and we will exist unless all bugs in stock app will be fixed.
Boten Sieg Heil! Viva la BOTs!

Special thnx to +Kay Tame  and global ENL community for providing us Niantic’s office location.

WAABOUTUIAB - we are against bans of players that use iitc and broot

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brian Rose 
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Filip Bipe

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what's next? gold mind controller, destroyer or perhaps explorer?
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Ali što će... Žule i Joža bez pojačanja? :-D

(Žule i Joža?! Zvuče kao partizani iz nekog vica, LOL) 
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Filip Bipe

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400 unique this week... just love #IngressRoadTrip
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Artifact floating above "Trg Kralja Tomislava" was visible to naked eye last nigh,15.978649&z=17&pll=45.80565,15.978711

+Ingress  +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger 

#Ingress    #Recursion    #RecursionZagreb  
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good one!
With #Interitus  upon us, agents need to be safer than ever.

This public service announcement was brought to you by the letters X, M and P.  

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this is "extra safe", common is ultra thin ;-) 
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they do exist!
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Yet so it had been decreed and so shall it be: "None shall hack!"
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+Ingress go home, you are drunk... can't link from portal due to ghost links :/
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Dio polja se zapetljao, dio digao ruke od svega... to je to xD
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pizza is great and price is decent, didn't try anything else... Good thing is that they have their own parking also
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solidna hrana pristojne cijene, pogotovo ako se uzme lokacija u obzir, jedino konobar zna biti pomalo naporan s istim ofucanim šalama
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