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Are you into Ingress story line?
Than Zagreb is a place to be!
Retrace Devra's steps by completing "Escape from epiphany night" mission.

Register here, find out what makes Zagreb so special and help us win another anomaly! (site will redirect you to for Abaddon Zagreb and you will be prompted for your g+ login)
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bumo vidli kaj bu za mjesec i pol :)
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Filip Bipe

General  - 
Recursion - Primary site
Darsana - Connected Cell
Shonin - Artifact spawn location
Shonin - Connected cell
Abaddon - Satellite site
There is one thing in common for all of above: ZAGREB

Register here, find out what makes Zagreb so special and help us win another anomaly! (site will redirect you to for Abaddon Zagreb and you will be prompted for your g+ login)
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did someone said he want's to hunt Pokémon in real world? +Drago Tomašić 
We at Niantic, Inc. are excited to announce Pokémon GO, a new project built in collaboration with The Pokémon Company and Nintendo Co, which will be coming to players everywhere in 2016.  This ground breaking game sets Pokémon loose in the real world for the first time. 
In Pokémon GO, players will be able to catch, trade, and battle in the real world by utilizing location information. Pokémon GO’s gameplay experience goes beyond what appears on screen as players explore their neighborhoods, communities and the world they live in to discover Pokémon alongside friends and other players. 

Pokémon GO will be available for download at no charge on the App Store and Google Play in 2016. See the trailer here:

#Niantic  #PokemonGO
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cool :)
bumo vidli kaj bu od toga :)
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I'm looking for people involved with refugee assistance in Europe, to offer assistance in media coverage.

Who can connect me with people who can appreciate this offer?
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navigate to the next portal... #RoTC
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+NIA Ops​ now both of them have been softbanned, please fix, they have under 2 hours left
Filip Bipe originally shared:
I have 2 agents aiming on taking new record in number of hacks within 24 hours and one of them (KorejacCro) got softban (can't recycle nor drop items).

Can you please remove softban for KorejacCro and keep him and DiscoDave from getting one?

they started hackaton last night around 20:30 CET (18:30 UTC) and they are at about 3700 hacks now.

thank you

cc +John Hanke+Joe Philley​
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+Nicholass Droogendijk Fair enough.
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Are you into Ingress story line?
Than Zagreb is a place to be!
Retrace Devra's steps by completing "Escape from epiphany night" mission.

Register here, find out what makes Zagreb so special and help us win another anomaly! (site will redirect you to for Abaddon Zagreb and you will be prompted for your g+ login)
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She can vouch for me :-)
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feel like that might help... 
You ever wonder who is actually on the other end of the help line when you call in to ask about your used data? This might clarify the situation. 
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After Action Report for “ITALIA AZZURRA”

(Versione Italiana and Ελληνική έκδοση at the bottom)

Venice and Crete have got not only a direct connection by the Adriatic sea, but also long standing historical relations as Venetian Republic and Kingdom of Candia. For Ingress fielding operations the Adriatic invites to use it as a corridor. When agent @DENCHA from Sardinia visited Vienna last February he was picked up by agent @grandegae and brought to the RES regular table at Highlander. And here we agreed to use Sardinia as the third anchor and the first keys were exchanged.

Soon a planning group was established and the operation date was tentatively set for end of August. Only after ‘Ferragosto’ the final date and time could be settled with Thursday 27th August CP 21:00 hours CEST as a compromise due to the full holiday season with many agents vacationing. The operation was fully leaked and known to ENL most likely due to faction change of an agent who belonged to the initial planning group. ENL agents in Italy and Greece were informed and prepared very effective counter measures which were set in motion two days after the action was finished.

RES in Italy set up a very professional preparation, cleaning and linking operation, which guaranteed smooth action at link time. Serious problems presented the Peloponnese and some adjacent islands like Lefkada, Ithaca, Zakynthos and Cephalonia as there are no local agents but a lot of tourists, mainly ENL. Finally on the day of the op RES agents from Greece could clean all blockers on Peloponnese and a blocker between Lefkada and Cephalonia was taken down at the beginning of linking after traveling over a couple of hundred kilometers.

At link time there was some oppostion by a well informed ENL agent at the Crete anchor, but the attacks were easily fended off by one part of the linking team while the fielding was continued at another portal.

The only real problems happened through cars as the take down of a blocking link from Bizerte/Tunisia to the island of Capraia was delayed by 20 minutes due to brake down of two cars in a row as well as by an accident in Crete shaking up the link team, while another car failed after the op.

Key facts:  total of 181.5 million Mind Units in 11 layers, longest link 1460 km

+Ingress +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +John Hanke +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller  +Lamia Alonso  +Matilde Tusberti +Joe Philley +Susanna Moyer +Resistance Global News Network #RGNN +Julia Vivienne Loverdose

Idea and coordination
Core organization and Coordinators:
@75mark75, @Affabulator, @Arual991, @DENCHA, @EasyTrigger, @eviesnebek, @grandegae, @Hazzard17, @ilMorgi, @Nilde, @Orsomessico, @Slyeurochild(Greece),@tapion, @Th0rndike, @traumakom

Link teams:
Crete:@FlyingArrow, @Kaminoas, @Ledadi, @Sauger2000, @ugouhu
Venice:@Ghiltras, @Nick1907, @Ticchio
Sardinia:@DENCHA, @elonati, @Messner, @SimoMagi

Cleaning Italia:
@1ron4venger, @3ff3g1, @alexein74, @AmDuff, @anakino, @Artamiro, @Arual991, @blackswarm, @C3NTAURUS, @DevaStation, @Dodkalm77, @dPedro, @fabione, @Fadesnor, @FayeKusanagi, @Flash90, @Frizzy87, @ITASpotter,@Jaffieddu, @Jc0, @Kiraminol, @Kline21, @LO88, @Lebesh, @legslesslegolas, @lucasaz, @luiserduros, @Lukemoder, @MarcoDuff, @McGregorll, @MentalityBrave, @mobdoctor, @MoroITA, @Ork12, @Polverone72, @Qlol, @Redagony, @RichardRahlCT, @RizarD, @Ronta, @RotellePazze, @Sch1zz0, @Sdeep, @Silver1, @Skizzo24, @SoloOcchi, @SuperEly007, @T4zio11, @Teddy221B, @theTiger, @tonyficante, @Varano, @WarriorS, @whiterabbit70

Cleaning Greece:
@Autarky, @FlyingArrow, @Kaminoas, @Ledadi, @loumba, @makinos, @nymarya, @panvagil, @PlutoNick, @trakaman

Cleaning Tunisia
@Lamaine, @Sbiritou

Cleaning Croatia

Contributing agents
@aivlis8, @Arewyn, @argaar, @Bipe, @brungab, @GiggiFort, @Kcolived, @Lupacchio, @Marol, @MikaMohawk, @panelope, @Pasan5269, @Proinseas, @sabryrez, @shardanu, @TyfonShouna, @WalkinDead, @zelder80

Versione italiana:
Venezia e Creta sono sempre state legate non solo dal mare Adriatico ma dalle strette relazioni storiche tra la Repubblica Marinara di Venezia e il Regno di Candia. Per quanto riguarda Ingress, l'Adriatico si presentava come corridoio naturale per i nostri Link.

Quando a febbraio scorso l'agente sardo @DENCHA ha visitato Vienna, è stato subito agganciato dall'agente @grandegae e portato alla tavola rotonda resistente presso il Pub Highlander. Qui fu deciso di usare la Sardegna come terza ancora e furono scambiate le prime chiavi.

Subito dopo fu istituito un gruppo di pianificazione e decisa la data per la fine di Agosto. Solo dopo Ferragosto è stata stabilita la data di Giovedì 27 Agosto, Checkpoint delle 21.00, per venire incontro ai molti agenti che ancora erano in ferie. Gli ENL erano a conoscenza di tutti i dettagli della OP a causa di un faction change di un agente che apparteneva al primo gruppo di pianificazione. Gli agenti ENL in Italia e Grecia erano informati da tempo del progetto ed hanno preparato efficaci contromisure, tirate su giusto giusto due giorni dopo l'effettiva OP.

La Resistenza Italiana ha pianificato nei dettagli le operazioni di pulizia e di linking, cosicché tutto è filato liscio come l'olio quando si è arrivati al momento di linkare. Alcuni seri problemi si sono invece presentati nel Peloponneso e in altre isole come Lefkada, Itaca, Zacinto e Cefalonia, sulle quali non c'erano agenti locali ma un sacco di turisti ENL. Alla fine, il giorno dell'op, gli agenti RES greci hanno potuto pulire tutti i bloccanti del Peloponneso e un Link di blocco tra Lefkada e Cefalonia è stato tirato giù giusto prima di cominciare a linkare, dopo un viaggio di alcune centinaia di km.

Al momento di linkare siamo stati ostacolati da un agente ENL ben informato, sull'ancora di Creta, ma gli attacchi sono stati respinti da una parte del team dei linkers, mentre gli altri continuavano a linkare dagli altri portali.

Gli unici veri problemi li abbiamo avuti con le macchine, visto che l'abbattimento di un Link Bizerte (Tunisia) con l'isola di Capraia è stato ritardato di 20 min per colpa di ben due macchine in panne, mentre a Creta un incidente ha messo in agitazione tutto il team dei linker e poi, come se non bastasse, una seconda auto li ha abbandonati poco dopo l'op.

Ελληνική έκδοση:
Η Βενετία και η Κρήτη δεν συνδέονται μόνο γεωγραφικά λόγω της Αδριατικής, αλλά και με μακροχρόνιες ιστορικές περιόδους (Ενετική Δημοκρατία, Βασίλειο της Κρήτης). Για  τη δημιουργία μεγάλων πεδίων στο Ingress η Αδριατική προσφέρεται να χρησιμοποιηθεί ως εξαιρετική δίοδος. Όταν ο agent «DENCHA» από τη Σαρδηνία επισκέφθηκε τη Βιέννη τον περασμένο Φεβρουάριο, επιλέχθηκε από τον agent «grandegae» για να συμμετάσχει στην καθιερωμένη συνάντηση της Αντίστασης στο Highlander. Εκεί συμφωνήσαμε να χρησιμοποιηθεί η Σαρδηνία ως τρίτο άκρο και έγινε η ανταλλαγή των πρώτων κλειδιών.
Σύντομα μια ομάδα σχεδιασμού συσταθηκε και η ημερομηνία της επιχείρησης ορίστηκε για το τέλος του Αυγούστου. Μετά τον ιταλικό 15Αυγουστο (Ferragosto) ορίστηκε ως τελική ημερομηνία και ώρα, η Πέμπτη 27 Αυγούστου, για το check point των 21:00 CEST - απόφαση συμβιβασμού λόγω του ότι οι περισσότεροι agents ήταν σε διακοπές. Η επιχείρηση είχε διαρρεύσει πλήρως και είχε γίνει γνωστή στους Enlightened πιθανότατα λόγω μια αλλαγής ομάδας ενός agent που συμμετείχε στον αρχικό σχεδιασμό. Enlightened agents σε Ιταλία και Ελλάδα είχαν πληροφορηθεί και ήταν προετοιμασμένοι για πλήρως αποτελεσματικά αντίμετρα που έλαβαν μέρος δύο μέρες μετά την ολοκλήρωση της επιχείρησης.
Οι Resistance agents της Ιταλίας είχαν μια πολύ επαγγελματική προετοιμασία με εκκαθαρισεις links που ενοχλουσαν και δημιουργώντας προστατευτικούς διαδρόμους, εξασφαλίζοντας την ομαλή διεκπεραίωση των τελικών links. Σοβαρά προβλήματα παρουσιάστηκαν στην Πελοπόννησο και σε μερικά δυσπρόσιτα νησιά όπως Λευκάδα, Ζάκυνθο, Κεφαλονιά καθώς δεν υπάρχουν τοπικοί agents παρά μόνο τουρίστες, κυρίως Enlightened. Τελικά την μέρα της επιχείρησης Έλληνες Resistance Agents κατάφεραν να καθαρίσουν τα blocking links της Πελοποννήσου και το blocking link μεταξύ Λευκάδας και Κεφαλονιάς έπεσε κοντά στην αρχή της διαδικασίας των links μετά από ταξίδι αρκετών ωρών και πολλών χιλιομέτρων.
Κατά τη διάρκεια των links υπήρχε κάποια αντίσταση απο καλά πληροφορημένους Enlightened agents στα κρητικά portals αλλά οι επιθέσεις αντιμετωπίστηκαν εύκολα από μία ομάδα των linkers καθώς η δημιουργία πεδίων συνεχιζόταν σε άλλο portal.
Τα μόνα πραγματικά προβλήματα παρουσιάστηκαν στις μετακινήσεις με τα αμάξια καθώς η καταστροφή του link μεταξύ Τυνησίας και Capraia καθυστέρησε 20 λεπτά διότι δύο αμάξια στην σειρά παρουσίασαν πρόβλημα ενώ ένα ατύχημα στην Κρήτη αποδιοργάνωσε την  linking ομάδα και ένα ακόμα αμάξι παρουσίασε πρόβλημα μετά το τέλος της επιχείρησης.
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Resistance  - 
Inspired by +Kenneth Linzey crazy hackaton record two of Croatian Resistance agents, +Igor Korajac (@korejacCro) and +Zlatko Stracenski (DiscoDave), got an idea to break his hacks-in-a-day record.

Aim was to collect over 6k hacks within 24 hours, which might look a lot, but considering our farm location with 130+ portals in under 15 minute circle drive all that was needed were 130 RMH and CMH to make it infinite farm that never burns out.

Hackaton started Thursday night at 20:30 local time, after few hours of hacking, agents took a break and got some good night sleep, about 8 hours later hackaton continued and with it first problems: softban.

During softban period which lasted for about an hour they couldn't fire, drop, deploy or recycle any items, forcing them to take a break.

at that point they were at about 3700 hacks each.

second softban occurred about two hours before deadline and with it the hackaton was finished.

end result was:

@DiscoDave 5615 hacks
@KorejacCro*5819 hacks*

Unfortunately, 6k goal wasn't reached but new record was set.

making that hack every 14.8 seconds.

+Kenneth Linzey we are awaiting new challenge ;) 

many thanks to agents that contributed this hackaton by donating their RMH mods:


+Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Julia Vivienne Loverdose 
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It's possible but not within Indiana from what I can tell. Very close though. All of the farm density possibilities here wouldn't be open long enough. 
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Filip Bipe

Shared publicly  - 
+Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Lamia Alonso 
Can we please make this happen? Community organized everything, such events shouldn't be ignored by Niantic imho
Luka Puntar originally shared:
Dear +Ingress !

We are a group of agents from Slovenia who wanted to promote Ingress by creating a public Ingress Mission Day in conjunction with local festival Kamfest – .

We did all we could, investing our time, resources and money in to this event. 
And we got a knife in the back – missions rejected!

We contacted +Matilde Tusberti and she gave us sound advice regarding legal issues for the use of Kamfest graphic – we obtained a signed approval to use the graphic. She hinted that missions should be named with the micro location in mind and still keep the numbering to make sure they are connected – so we updated all mission names to fit in this criteria and added nice descriptions of things you see when doing the missions.
I even submitted the Ingress Mission Day form –  – only to get nothing back from it… 
We had all the graphics made for the event including a custom logo, event cards and goodie bags. See event for details 
On the day of the event we’ve planned to be on site to help people, to recruit and to promote INGRESS and our medieval town Kamnik, Slovenia.
On the above even you will be able to see that we have people from abroad coming to town just for this event – an event that you have made impossible to conduct by rejecting the said missions.

We submitted the missions on August 2nd hoping to get the approved in time for the event on August 15th. We received no word (even when we asked for help) until today August 13th when one of three agents received four REJECTIONS and another agent got one mission APPROVED while mine are still in approval status.

I can provide links to the correspondence with +Matilde Tusberti  and posts for several of leading figures from +Ingress  that had no response but I’d rather not because in my opinion what was made in private it should stay in private.

We know you've been busy with getting independent from Google, but please take just five minutes of your time and confirm all 18 missions - is that too much to ask after all the effort we’ve put into this?

Below are the missions in question:

Kotlovnica Kamnik KF 1/18
Old Bath House Kamnik KF 2/18
Keršmančev park Kamnik KF 3/18
Medvedova street Kamnik KF 4/18
Žale cemetary Kamnik KF 5/18
Down towards the center KF 6/18
Monastery and Municipality KF 7/18
Main square KF 8/18
Onwards to Freedom square KF 9/18
Path to health KF 10/18
Through the underpass KF 11/18
Šutna KF 12/18
Zaprice castle KF 13/18
The schools KF 14/18
Hotspots KF 15/18
Guard Tower KF 16/18
Main square road KF 17/18
Turist information center KF 18/18

PS: The rejected missions have been sent to review again

+Ingress +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Joe Philley  +Linda Besh +November Lima +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti 

#Kamfest   #Ingress   #MissionDay   #approveKF18  
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Aw c'mon +Niantic Project​, find some love for Slovenia? Please? :-)
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pizza is great and price is decent, didn't try anything else... Good thing is that they have their own parking also
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solidna hrana pristojne cijene, pogotovo ako se uzme lokacija u obzir, jedino konobar zna biti pomalo naporan s istim ofucanim šalama
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