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We teamed up with SP-Gadgets, Crumpler and MyActionCam to give you $2800 worth of camera gear featuring a DJI Phantom 3 drone, a GoProHero4 and many more..
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Blue Destiny - an intel operator's diary

When an operation involves some hundred of millions of MUs and 230 people like Blue Destiny did, it's impossible to write down everything that happened in a single sitrep. There are tales that need to be told and this is what happened to 53 people in the eastern area of the battlefield...

Once upon a time, ten days or so before the op, I've been asked by Whiterabbit70 to serve as intel operator for the area marked as "f" in the IAGO plan. This area included Friuli Venezia Giulia, a bit of Veneto (both on the northeast of Italy), Slovenia and Croatia. Three countries, two operative languages (italian and english), three different ways of playing. Quite the challenge but an exciting one, no doubt about it!

Where to start? From the recruiting, of course. As for Italy, we asked among the most trusted, experienced and enthusiast agents for who'd have liked to join the ground team. The task in the italian "f" area was not easy: tons of blue crosslinks and some very active frogs, plus some possible links from agents who we decided not to share infos with for trust reasons.

In Slovenia I wrote a line to Spacephere, who I hadn't chatted with for ages, to look for his help for both intel and recruitment. He told me he wasn't much active in the game anymore but he gladly joined the team. In as much as few hours, a new Hangout with slovenian ground agents was created and some of them were promised to close some of the big layers. 23 millions of MUs for each one of them is quite motivating, isn't it? It's close to six times the illuminator onyx badge!

In Croatia I needed support from the Rijeka area, which was directly involved in the path's cleaning, so I called Anasurimbor in. He kindly accepted to help with the local intel and brought in the agents from both Rijeka and Pula.
While the slovenian area was mostly clear due to a bit of recent disaffection from the players - thus needing mostly defensive links - the Premantura/Krk area showed a lot of green activity for the control of the Adriatic Sea.

Different strategies for different areas.

In Italy we decided to play as we do every day and to hope for some frog to take care of the crosslinks by hanging some bait here and there. We've stressed them already with two local ops in the last ten days so we were confident they would took the bait. They partially did it, doing some of the job we needed while we were laughing hard on the operative telegram channel. However, we needed them to take down some selected portals without linking too far from the path we were managing. It was time for Secret226 to shine! A fresh agent in need of unique hacks'n'captures would not stand out for doing so in a pretty wide area of little strategical prominence, so I asked him to drive following the path to the north and linking the few portals in a seeming random way, to look like he was simply using the keys hacked along the way. He would have crosslinked at the end of his mission, with the task to use a Jarvis there during the op. Flawless.

I then found myself in need of asking an agent who started playing just some days ago to not link across an area I described in a vague way. Maybe I've been far too vague, since he crosslinked so much that we needed to call in agents from 80 kilometers away to take care of that matter!

In Slovenia I was afraid that a bit much of activity would have been suspicious. The agents there said there was no problem and managed a perfect protective link. I was still worried, so I thought some diversive action in another area of the nation could have drawn the attention far from where we needed to play. The conversation went along these lines:
Gadjet: "Jean, there's a nasty multilayer north of Ljubljana, what about bringing it down like we want to make a field over the city itself?"
Spacephere: "Why not? And why not making a multilayer over Ljubljana for real?"
Everyone gladly agreed and the plan went smoothly, as you can see on the pictures below. Five layers over an european capital to hide we were working towards 17 layers over another entire nation: talk about strategy! :)

A special mention goes to Velebit, who walked for two hours and a half in the middle of the mountains to take down a green crosslink and sheltered the battlefield by conquering quite all the southwest of Slovenia by himself. That's dedication to the cause!

In Postojna, home of the north-east corner of Blue Destiny, a new Resistance agent started playing on the night before the op, closing the path so much we would have needed SEVEN Jarvis viruses to clear it. Lucky us, a frog cleaned it all in the following afternoon.

In Croatia there were a lot of things to do, from managing a nest of blue crosslinks to cleaning the bad green links without showing the path we needed to protect. Anasurimbor started working immediately and marked all the portals we needed not to recharge (intel screenshots and paint: old school or no school at all, right Dario? :D ). Obviously, two days before the op we found one of the decaying portals upgraded and full of xm. Two never heard before agents were roaming around the area, linking in a way that would then have been very harmful for the whole operation, as we discovered one minute too late...
Anyway, the croatian agents contacted the two wild wolves in five minutes or so and reported: "They're an english/croatian couple living in Sweden, they're leaving tomorrow. We asked them to stop linking there, they agreed and told us to just leave their links and portals as they are now."
My answer: "Well... no." :P

The day before the operation, we had a couple of setbacks: Balthazarski got sick, so we needed to switch his target from the frog's couch portal in Krk to the other end of the green blocking link, which was closer to his home. No problem there, the agents had done a defensive link some days before to reduce the threath Krk posed. Then it started raining in Pula. That was quite a major issue since the road to Cape Kamenjak is dark and muddy, forcing us to move the scheduled Jarvis from T-3' to... who knows?

Closing in

The day finally arrived. Blue Destiny was set for the 1AM checkpoint but our schedule started before 8PM (the checkpoint before) with the field over Ljubljana. It's been a great moment of happiness, worth a celebration and the agents DID celebrate.
Spacephere: "The Postojna's resident frog is at home, we will need as more agents not tasked with fielding as possible to counterattack as soon as the dance starts!"
Gadjet: "Damn right! How many agents can we count on for defensive duty?"
Spacephere: "Not so many... They got drunk celebrating the field over Ljubljana!"
Well, this was funny in its own way. :)

In Croatia I knew about the Kamenjak schedule change... but I had no idea of when Riki1808 and his team would have gone there!
Riki1808: "Now it's not raining, we'll go as late as we can, it depends on the weather in the next hours."
Gadjet: "Ok, just ping me when you're about to go so I can tell it to the other operators."
And then there was silence. Yeah, it's time for a Blind Guardian quote.
Some time passed.
Riki1808: "Link down, portal blue!"
Gadjet: "What? When?"
A quick look at the intel and a good to go to the italian team who made a protective link across the sea.

The Pula agents went to Cape Kamenjak on foot, in the dark, under the rain that started again soon after their message and that's remarkable! They too did an astounding job in showing how the Resistance knows no limits!
Midnight. The fields were set to start at 00:35. I checked the position of the italian cleaners... Four of the teams were just leaving a restaurant, far from their targets. I was a bit worried, and by "a bit" I mean I was shitting bricks!
TeamSpeak conversation.
Nilde (intel leader): "Operators, are all of your teams in position?"
Everyone: "Yes."
Gadjet: "Ehm... quite... let's say they are... or at least they're gonna be there at the right time..."
I trusted every single one of the ground agents but, you know, if there's a good moment to be worried that was exactly the one. They didn't let me down, they were right on target when they needed to.
Pistomitro punctually finished taking out the mold from Monfalcone and went on standby waiting to counterattack in the case of the local frogs showing up.
Punto93 was tasked with a very strange and difficult mission: he babysitted a fellow agent in a pub. Why so? Because that agent still thinks that he can win the game by conquering as much portals as possible and keeping them for himself, thus playing against both Resistance and Enlightened agents despite our efforts to explain him how fucking wrong he is!

Following the suggestion of Fireblue, Ricky1011 and Chrissj2, we moved TheBigBamboo and the Furly team to shoot some jolly protective links. I talked about this possibility with one of the two operators of the neighbouring "g" area but when I needed to confirm the links he was busy on Zello so I asked the other one on the TeamSpeak channel.
Gadjet: "Please confirm jolly defensive link at 00:25, in five minutes."
Gadjet: "Please confirm jolly defensive link at 00:25, in three minutes."
Gadjet: "Please confirm jolly defensive link at 00:25, in ONE MINUTE."
Operator: "I have absolutely no idea what link you're talking about!"
This was funny in its own way, too. :)
The issue was solved in about ten seconds and the link went up, like a boss.
The Croatian agents cleared the path, Slovenia was nice and tidy, it was finally time to start dancing: italian teams simultaneous activation scheduled for 00:32, T-3'.

Then the magic happened.

Words cannot even start to describe what an intel operator sees on his monitors when so many agents who were stealth-sitting on their target portals fire at the exact same time.
Three... Two... One... GO!
Everyone in a split second went online and hundreds of kilometers of link paths were free. It was so exciting it almost brought a tear to my eyes, it really gave me goosebumps!
The first layer went up, then the second, the third one...
Balthazarski on Zello: "Everything's blue, but I want more blue!"
Gadjet: "We're on it, have faith!"
Five minutes before the checkpoint, twelve layers up.
TeamSpeak: "Something's wrong, the linkers cannot see their target portals!"
I heard there was some trouble on the west but I wanted to check again my area. Holy shit, a microscopic crosslink was still up near Rijeka, preventing the linkers to close the fourth from last and the third from last layer. One less than 50 meters link blocking two more than 700 kilometers ones.
Gadjet: "We have still shit to clear there!"
Digestive78: "Should I go and do it?"
Gadjet: "As fast as you can!"
Digestive78: "It will take me three minutes to get there!"
He made it in two minutes but the checkpoint was gone. We closed the remaining layers at T+2' but yeah, we fucking did it!
The blame's on me, I didn't noticed that microshit that was nested among a dozen of parallel links, so close to one of them to become invisible if not for the maximum zoom level... while the browser crashed because of all the jumps I was making on the intel page!
Anyway, all of the seventeen layers went up, with 23 millions of MUs each one: it was a striking success!
Some minutes passed and a spoofer appeared, trying to take down the Blue Destiny field. With all of the anchors immunized, the operators commented all in the same way: SUCK IT, LOSER!
Two frogs jumped in a car in Trieste and run to Postojna to bring the whole thing down but when they arrived we were already drinking the second round of beers to celebrate the success of the operation.

It's been a pleasure and a honor for me to work with such good agents and I want to share their names once again, aside from the official sitrep. I won't divide the list for each country they live in because we've all been part of a single, big, amazing team!

+matteo alagna - whiterabbit70 - cleaner, ground leader
+Michael Snidaro - Gadjet - intel
+Kaeel L. - KaeelXX - cleaner
+Stefano Gervasutti - stegerva - cleaner
+Alberto Verreschi - lloyd77 - cleaner
+Alessandro Garofalo - alessandro41 - cleaner
+forza oscura - forzaoscura - cleaner
+Daniele Adragna - SuperDada - cleaner
+Sofia Galli - Zofka - cleaner
+Federico de Fabrizi - Frizzy87 - cleaner
+Denis Todone - LupinIII - cleaner
+Diego Troian - VonSpegon - cleaner
+pippo palmieri - maniglio - cleaner
+Massimo Goss - Pistomitro - cleaner
+Marco Furlan - Furly - patrol, defensive linker
+Margherita M - Mamu7 - patrol, defensive linker
+Riccardo Quintavalle - Ricky1011 - additional intel
+riccardo polat - Secret226 - cleaner, defensive linker
+Enrico - Stone90 - patrol
+Marco Feresin - MasterFere - cleaner
+Stefano Pierasco - TheBigBamboo - cleaner
+Marco Baruzzo - Elbaru - cleaner
+Christian Quintavalle - Chrissj2 - additional intel
+Anna C - fireblue3 - patrol, additional intel
+Susanna L - Susy70 - cleaner
+Simone trevisanut - Punto93 - patrol
+Boris Sel - GalaxSky - cleaner
+Jean Caffou - spacephere - intel, linker
+Domen Kastner - Planinc - linker, distraction field linker
+Dash 42 - dash42 - cleaner, distraction field: cleaner, intel
+Tuti 42 - tuti42 - defensive linker, distraction field: cleaner, keys
+Klemen Bucar - Micro7 - linker
+Tinkara Bucar - Terlej - linker
+Baics Bernard - Velebit - cleaner, defensive fielder
+Mitja Kavčič - Thorn81 - defensive linker
+Erna Kerman - Rhytmica - distraction field cleaner
+Peter Gregorc - Mungo666 - distraction field: linker, cleaner, keys
+Neža Kavka - Morrigan51 - distraction field cleaner
+Jernej Kladnik - Cvetk0 - distraction field cleaner
+Ana Ostricki - socialprincess - distraction field: linker, keys
+Kresnik ingre - Pilgrimanto - distraction field cleaner
+Ales Arnez - kosmatanoga - distraction field cleaner
+Kristina Hribar - sacredgeocode - distraction field cleaner
+Janez Johny - mychi - distraction field cleaner
+Damir Popovic - diGestive78 - cleaner
+Ana Jakopović - Matza84 - cleaner
+Gianni Bernaca - Gigi11111111 - cleaner
+Goran Stančić - Xero5000 - cleaner
+Goran Vratović - Goconi - cleaner
+Richard Kalfić - Riki1808 - cleaner
+Davor Jelenović - balthazarski - cleaner
+Dario Ban - Anasurimbor - intel
+Misstyq Dee - MisstyqDee - op keys

Special thanks to +Filip Bipe for the magic he added to our strategies! :)
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I need that key again.
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looks like this little fellow didn't get memo that winter is here... #AdventInSplit
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N5X 😎
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Ola ekipa, svi agenti koji dodu na after, sudjeluju u tombili u kojoj mogu osvojiti meizu telefon!

osim tombole, Mobis daje 15 - 20% popusta na Meizu telefone uz predocenje isprintanog kupona!

Za potrebe ostvarivanja popusta potrebno ga je samo isprintati i iskoristiti prilikom kupovine.

U slučaju kupovine putem Interneta ( potrebno je unijeti odgovarajuće kôdove:
Kôd za 20% popusta, koristit se prilikom Internet kupovine: Mobis20
Kôd za 15% popusta, koristit se prilikom Internet kupovine: Mobis15
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Hvala plavci, way cool od vas za podijelit ovo 👍👍👍
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T-shirts orders are closing today, don't say i didn't warn ya ;)
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jedino ak se po travi u njoj budes valjao
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with sugar on top...
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nice job! 
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Fuj 😅
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new pet project sandbox?
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Tuti 42
No, floor is real, tile setter was into cubism :P
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General  - 
Come and join us during Abaddon anomaly. Zagreb welcomes you!

For all interested parties, we will offer RAKIJA (18+ only), loads of fun, great giveaway with a possibility of winning Meizu phone at the after party (sponsored by Mobis). Every foreign agent will be equipped with free SIM card and Internet access, courtesy of BonBon and Resistance Croatia.

And that’s not all; every agent participating in anomaly will get a coupon for 15-20% discount on Meizu phones at Mobis, and every Resistance agent gets 15% discount at Carta Magica (valid only in Croatia).

Please register as soon as possible at!
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nice and clean, not to crowded
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pizza is great and price is decent, didn't try anything else... Good thing is that they have their own parking also
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solidna hrana pristojne cijene, pogotovo ako se uzme lokacija u obzir, jedino konobar zna biti pomalo naporan s istim ofucanim šalama
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