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No really, I'm writing.
No really, I'm writing.

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Last Day to Vote in the Ennie Awards!

It's my birthday, so you know what that means! It means it's the last day for voting in the 2017 Ennie Awards, which are revealed as they always are on the Friday evening of Gen Con.

This year Unknown Armies is up for two awards in two highly contested categories. They are:

Best Production Values
Thanks to the amazing art direction of +Aaron Acevedo, the endless editing of +Colleen Riley and the lovely layouts & gorgeous graphic design of +Thomas Deeny the new edition is a really high-class set of books, and I'm very happy with them.

Best Writing
Helmed by the surly and prolific master of the disturbing +Greg Stolze, this edition also features the talents of our mighty cabal of writers: +Tim Dedopulos, +Shoshana Kessock, +Sophie Lagace, +Chris Lites, +WJ MacGuffin, +Ryan Macklin, +John Scott Tynes, +Chad Underkoffler, +Monica Valentinelli, and +Filamena Young. All of these creative folks knocked their works out of the park and I feel honored to have been among them.

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She was a mother and a relic of the Last War. A hard-wire robot pilot using a hard jack system to access her giant bipedal war machine. After the Final Crisis, she found a lost population of migrants and fell in with them doing the only thing she had ever been any good at.

Io and her suit, the Areol ended up the migrant's first and last line of defense against the dangers in a universe in chaos.

Her story starts when a dangerous new kind of Jack, an uncontrollable enemy, drives the migrant fleet to crash on an abandoned terraforming experiment. A new life? New hope? There was no way to know, and no turning back.

Also check out the landing page for the novel. Yay!

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You want a sample of my novel....? A pretty healthy sample? Like.. almost twenty pages of pulse pounding, in your face, metal on metal, hardcore....

Giant robots and feelings? I may be overselling the hardcore. But. There are def. feelings. And giant robots. And reflections on child birth. But mostly metal on metal robot combat action! Less that then the feelings though.

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Do it anyway. This is good. This is for you. 
This is dedicated with love to a bunch of my friends and colleagues who are struggling right now.

I love you.

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Who wants to look at the cover I'm fighting with and telling me it looks stupid?

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...halp... i need to write the most amazing thing I have ever written like... omg... you don't understand ...

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i made a thing

It’s not final polish ready but it’s a thing

Hey +Dymphna C. or other cool work out people... Any of you know anything about Diastasis Recti and exercise?

It seems like the reason I'm having hernia problems is because I have a really absurd hole in my muscles from my big giant babies? It's really hard for me to understand the doctors here as to what they're going to be able to treat as far as that goes. (I think they can help with the hernia. I don't know if they'll do anything about the muscle issues.)

I'm trying to help myself. I was doing a great job of losing weight and getting super active. Then mom died and this hernia thing happened and basically I hate myself right now. I need some feeling of control over this situation or it's going to spiral in bad ways. No pressure. If this is a thing you don't know about I'll dig deeper. But I figured I'd start with cool people I know before I start begging strangers for help. 
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