So, how are you liking what you have seen of the 23rd Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships in Lake Buena Vista (USA) so far? We are currently witnessing the second day of qualifications and are thrilled by the amazing performances these acrobats are displaying here at the HP Field House in the Walt Disney World Resort!

Acrobatic Gymnastics is new to you? Here’s a short description of this fascinating discipline:

Acro combines the beauty of dance with the strength and agility of acrobatics. Routines are choreographed to music and consist of dance, tumbling, and partner skills. At the elite level, each pair or group performs a balance, dynamic and combined routine. Pyramids and partner holds characterize the balance routine, while synchronized tumbling and intricate flight elements define the dynamic exercise. An Acrobatic Gymnastics pair consists of a base and a top. A women's group is comprised of a base, middle and top partner, while a men's group has a base, two middle partners and one top partner.

Complicated balances, release moves, interesting shapes and synchronicity, guys with really strong necks and artistry are five things to look out for in this discipline

If Acro has caught your interest, find out ways to follow the 2012 World Championships, including live broadcast on ESPN3 of Wednesday’s finals as well as video clips and delayed live coverage of the qualifications on the Gymnastics YouTube channel at

Stay tuned!
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