My new kitchen PC, NanoPi-M3 connected to a 7" affordable touchscreen running Android (my other option was Debian, looking foward to Boot Crazy so I can dual boot off one SD). Main use will be recipe lookup and sending media to larger screens, so Android fit the bill better than Linux. Attached with double adhesive Velcro, so it's not permanent. Onboard WIFI is no more stable than RPi 3, hence the wired Ethernet (WIFI only works reliably if you mount the board on top of your router). The multiboot image made for the larger form factor NanoPC apparently only works on the built in EEMC chip. The fan on the heat sink was in a word "oppressive", so I'm trying it unplugged. I'll start playing with NanoPC tomorrow, tune in to this Friday's for full details. Most FriendlyArm products with HDMI (including NanoPC) interface with the same touchscreen, so if I can print or fashion a case (out of Legos?), I may swap in the NanoPC.

Yes, I know I could have done the same thing with a cheap FireTablet, but where is the fun in that? This is way more hacker.
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