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Hello Field Trippers,

We are always on the lookout to find new and interesting ways for people to engage with the physical world around them and foster the discovery of unique stories and experiences wherever they go. Field Trip launched a little over a year ago for Android and iOS and in August 2013, we brought it to +Google Glass

Today, the Glass app just got a little smarter.

With the update today, by simply saying “Okay Glass, Explore Nearby,” Explorers will be able to instantly activate Field Trip, allowing them to learn more about the area around them. Field Trip recommendation cards will continue to pop up on Glass based on each user’s preferences and location, but now the voice command adds a new way to instantly ask for Field Trip recommendations. 

Users can tailor their request to supported categories in Field Trip including History, Art, Architecture, Food, and Cool Stuff.

Glass Explorers can activate Field Trip today using MyGlass. Toggle Field Trip off and then on again to take advantage of the new voice support feature feature. 

We hope you enjoy and that you will let us know what you think!

Niantic Labs

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Thank you! I don't see this feature yet (I tried turning the Glassware on-off also), so assume it's still rolling out. Looking forward to this!
unable to use this.. ;( always saying toggle off and on.. did this numerous times.. :(
+Field Trip  Thanks for your reply.. As a detail to the issue.. I am able to receive notifications from Feild Trip but i am unable to use "Explore nearby".. Everytime i try it asks me to off and on app in myglass
+Abhinava Srivastava Do you mind trying again?  We had a bug yesterday and submitted a fix.  It should work now. Keep us posted though. 
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