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Cairn Terrier for Adoption in Bend, Oregon
Meet Jax! Jax is a two year old Cairn terrier. He has a great spirit and is a happy guy! He has a ton of energy. He is very loving and needs a human who will allow him to sit on his/her lap and perhaps snuggle up in bed. He loves people! He is very smart and very trainable. He has some training and can sit, down, come and “watch me”. Learn more about handsome Jax at

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English Bull Terrier for Adoption now in Seattle, Washington
"Ruger" is a handsome young fellow who would make a great family dog. Learn more about adopting Ruger at:

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Border Collie for Adoption in Portland
"Clover" is a 2 years old, she is a smart, energetic, and generally easy going dog. She is obsessed with tennis balls and excels at playing fetch. Clover has had beginning obedience training and can follow the house rules fairly consistently, especially when her exercise needs are met. She is very fond of and has lived with other dogs and kids. She has a benign fascination with small fury animals and has lived with a cat her whole life. She has all her vaccinations up to date, and has had no health issues. She is a great pup! Learn more about Clover at:

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Rescue Dogs for Adoption in Oregon
Looking for a great new dog to call your own? At FidoLove.Com you'll find dogs of all shapes and sizes, looking for new love. The dogs pictured here are just a few looking for great homes now.

Fido Love is an online meeting place for dog lovers, designed to help people responsibly rehome their fido friend into a great new home. Privately adopt directly from the Fido's home - where you'll learn their history and background. 

You'll get advice and guidance on how to go about private adoption - to find a great Fido fit.  To start searching now for Your New Best Friend, click on over to

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oh how i wish i could have one i need a lil baby awww so precious
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Pug mix for Adoption in Bend, Oregon
Jack the Pug mix is a looney, fun little dude for Adoption now #inbend, #oregon.  Meet wacky Jacky at:

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Have them in circles
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Lab Retriever for Adoption in Bend, Oregon
Roxie is a really good companion dog. She loves the water, car rides, hikes great off leash, gets along with other dogs and has excellent house manners. Roxie is looking for a home without small kids or cats. She would do best in a home with an active 40 something and up couple. Roxie is a medium energy level dog that does not require a ton of exercise but would like to be with people who have an active lifestyle. You can learn more about Roxie at:

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Rescue Dogs for Adoption in Portland, Oregon
Looking to adopt a dog in need?  Adopt directly from the dog's current family, know their background and history.  Learn more at:

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"hi guys wanna play?"
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Bichon Frise for Adoption now in Portland, Oregon area
"Fluffy" is a one year old, lovable Bichon who's family is not able to meet his needs.  Learn more about adopting the adorable "Fluff-ster" at:

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Micha - Irish Wolfhound mix Dog for Adoption in Bend, Oregon

Micha's a 2 year old, delightful mutt.  She is Goofy, Athletic, Trainable, Independent, with Personality!  Learn more about adopting Micha at:

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New Rescue Dogs for Adoption in Portland, Oregon
We have a bunch of wonderful, fun dogs looking for new homes now - like this cute guy "Apollo". You can learn more about Apollo and others in need at this link:

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Awe so very cute 
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On a mission to keep dogs in homes and out of shelters, by empowering families to rehome responsibly.

Great Dogs for Adoption directly from their existing home. FidoLove.Com is a searchable database of adoptable dogs looking for a new home. Families in need can rehome their dog safely through Fido Love with advice, guidance and support, on finding a new home for their dog.

At FidoLove.Com we believe that when families are no longer able to meet their dog's needs, that keeping a dog in bad situation out of guilt (of a "forever home") or relinquishing one's dog to a shelter, is most often not the best option - for the dog, the family and for community resources.

Rehoming a pet through Craigslist or other casual classified sites can be a sketchy experience, and even dangerous for our beloved pets

Fido Love can help you to 
rehome your dog into one of the thousands of Fido Love families actively looking for a new best friend. We will help you to create a Fido Fabulous profile of your dog with step-by-step forms that guide you through a thoughtful description of your dog's qualities, personality and needs. Fido Love provides advice, guidance and support along the way to ease the rehoming process and to help ensure a safe, successful adoption for your Fido friend.

FidoLove.Com goes upstream of dogs ending up in shelters in the first place, reducing the volume by empowering families to rehome responsibly. Join us!

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BrightSide Animal Center is an exceptional shelter. The staff and volunteers are so very dedicated to each and every animal in their care. Rehabilitating and retraining the more fragile or fearful dogs or cats who come in as strays or surrenders from families who can no longer care for them. We've observed that with BrightSide's commitment to a 'high save' mission they've innovated programs to help animals and families in our Central Oregon community to thrive together, that too many other shelters (unfortunately) just don't get. BrightSide is a wonderful, essential asset to our area #inbend #inredmond #insisters.
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MPBH is Fun! Fun! Fun! The staff is very friendly, and helpful, and loooooove dogs. We're especially impressed by the professional groomers (Lacy's outstanding!) who are kind and attentive with each and all of the dogs in their care. And reasonable prices too!
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