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Brand safe advertising inventory for mobile/display ad campaigns and quality banner ads for publisher websites/apps.
Brand safe advertising inventory for mobile/display ad campaigns and quality banner ads for publisher websites/apps.

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How to increase eCPM? We have some tips for web publishers, monetizing traffic via banner advertising.

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Fidelity Media about network's Mobile Advertising Solutions for Web Publishers and App Developers.

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Apart from creating more content and improving SEO, there are some easy to implement interaction tools to boost blog traffic and keep it up with the trends. Web blog's publishers have been increasingly joining Fidelity Media ad network lately, we would like to apply to some useful blog managing tips. 

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Earn More with Fidelity Media's Referral Program

To participate in Fidelity Media's Referral Program, you should register as a publisher

Then you'll be able to generate your referral link or get a banner code within your personal account. Referral link and banners may be placed in your emails or forum postings as well. First clicked unique referral ID will be assigned to each new publisher-referral.

No commissions – with each active new referral you are getting additional $5 to your account! So, the more site owners signed up by your link, the more live money you get.

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We are continuously recruiting new publishers at Fidelity Media Ad Network. In February, ad network expects advertisers' display and mobile ad campaigns to continue focusing on the English-speaking countries, particulary USA, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe. You can be assured that we do our best to raise the fill rate by monetizing traffic for demanded geos.

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How to Get Started with Building Organic Traffic

It is no revelation to say that quality organic web traffic is the most desired good by every site owner, developer and publisher. And this is quite understandable – after all, high ranking results and a significant amount of website daily real visitors implicitly maintain business reputation and respectability, improves brand recognition, increases online and in-office sales and directly affects the volume of publisher eCPMs.

Every entrepreneur has its own unique business goals and objectives of web presence, and it's obvious that there could be no one-size-fits-all solution for such a complex issue as web traffic generating. But we would like to suggest you some general approaches that, we hope, will help you to set clear priorities within your web development strategy.

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Basically every mobile developer is somewhat familiar with in-app advertising as an easy and convenient way of mobile traffic monetization. Fidelity Media ad network provides you a chance to monetize mobile traffic via mobile SDK. To help beginners to understand how things work and how to get started better, we've developed step-by-step instruction. You can check it out on our news blog 

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"Publishers that take the time to understand and optimize sophisticated tools have the greatest potential to drive revenue in programmatic advertising environments. But their success hinges on greater collaboration and communication with ad agencies and clients."

By +Noreen Seebacher for +CMSWire 

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That is a question: "If a dependable standard is established then it could change the way digital advertising works. However, it has been presented that such a transition could potentially hurt publishers as they feel their ad revenues will be severely impacted since they will have fewer impressions to sell." 

By B2BNN Newsdesk

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