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There are many benefits to choosing precast concrete building. Learn about these advantages here.
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* Advantages of Pre-Cast Concrete Construction*

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, long-lasting building method that’s durable and built to last, pre-cast concrete construction is for you. The advantages of choosing prefabricated concrete are endless, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top five advantages. Read on to find out more.

1.    Fast construction time
The beauty of pre-fabricated concrete is that most of the work is done in a factory. Pieces of a building are created beforehand and then delivered to the construction site. Then it’s simply a matter of putting all the pieces together. Not only does this mean that projects like school buildings are done in a fraction of the time, but it also means that you save money on things like labor costs. It’s a win-win situation.
2.    Durable and hard-wearing
Concrete can stand the test of time and can withstand some of the worst weather situations, from fiery hot summers to snowy winters. That’s why it is the best choice for constructions such as housing for telecommunications equipment and power conversion plants.
3.    Consistent quality of build
Unlike brick or wooden constructions that require building with a variety of small materials and takes a lot of workmanship to get right, pre-cast concrete buildings are made with identical parts in a factory. That way you are getting the same level of quality with every single part of the building process. That is quality you can rely on.
4.    Sound proof
Concrete works fantastically at keeping out noise, which is perfect for schools. Students can concentrate on the lesson rather than any noise outside. This also works for office buildings.
5.    Concrete buildings are comfortable
The great thing about buildings made from concrete is that the occupants enjoy a more consistent temperature. Because of something called “thermal inertia”, concrete buildings remain at consistent temperature through both summer and winter.

Are you convinced on the power of pre-cast concrete? If you’re looking for an expert pre-fabricated concrete construction company, Fibrebond is for you. Contact us today!

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Fibrebond Corporation

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Check Out The Photos From The Fibrebond Expansion Announcement!

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The reasons behind pre-cast concrete construction's perpetual popularity

In the construction industry, pre-cast concrete construction is used to describe concrete construction products which are made in molds under controlled conditions. These concrete products are then shipped to construction sites where it is then installed. This popular technique has been around for many years and is still a popular and affordable construction method.

Using pre-cast concrete construction creates concrete products that offer far better uniformity and quality than other types of standard concrete components that are poured and cured onsite. Since different types of pre-fabricated concrete products are manufactured in a managed environment, it is possible to exercise far greater control over the workmanship and quality of the products. This isn’t always the case with outdoor concrete construction sites.

By making the decision to produce and manufacture these products in pre-cast plants, the concrete will also have the chance to cure to precise specifications, with the molds then being easily reusable in future.

There are many benefits to making use of pre-cast concrete construction products in your construction project. Some of the many benefits associated with this type of construction include:

·       Safety and ease of installation
·       Chemical resistance
·       Fire resistance
·       Durability and Strength
·       Aesthetics
·       Low maintenance

Pre-cast concrete construction specialists are able to produce various shapes, colors, sizes and finishes that are not possible to achieve with onsite concrete construction processes. Since the molds, which are used to create precast products, can be reused time and time again, there is also a reduction in the overall construction costs, which also helps to keep the overheads to a minimum.

Why partner with Fibrebond for your pre-cast concrete construction requirements?

For many years Fibrebond has been at the head of the pre-cast concrete construction industry. Our state of the art and affordable construction products continue to help our clients achieve the very best value for their money and the best quality concrete construction products available on the market.

Our team of seasoned technicians work around the clock to ensure that each project we undertake is handled with the professionalism and expertise that it deserves. Fibrebond’s expert professionals will provide you with all of the information you will need to make a fully informed decision regarding your concrete construction requirements. To learn more about our affordable and cutting edge pre-cast concrete construction services, contact Fibrebond today.

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Cost-Effective and Durable School Construction

Schools face a lot of costs to keep their buildings maintained properly. With the growing population, more and more schools are needed to keep up with the demand, and this can get very expensive. Pre-cast concrete is the answer to this. Read on to find out why pre-fabricated concrete is perfect for school construction.

1.    Pre-cast concrete provides a quiet learning environment
Concrete has a wonderful way of keeping noise out. It is not 100% soundproof, but it is very effective, which makes it the perfect material for school construction. Children can concentrate on lessons without the interruption of other classrooms or loud traffic.
2.    Concrete is extremely durable
When schools are built, they are built with the intention of being around for a very long time. Concrete withstands extreme weather conditions and isn’t prone to damage. And because each piece of the building is made in a factory, there is little risk of construction errors or mishaps.
3.    Pre-cast concrete construction is fast-tracked
Since each module is assembled in a controlled environment and then delivered to site, interruptions to existing campus operations are minimized and the impact of weather delays are eliminated.
4.    Pre-cast concrete is cost-effective
Schools already have a lot of expenses: teachers; equipment; facilities and books, to name a few. Not only is pre-cast concrete durable and hard-wearing, but it is also consistent with the costs of standard construction methods.

If you work in the education field, find out more about Fibrebond and our amazing work with K-12 Education school construction. Fibrebond specializes in pre-fabricated concrete, building telecom shelters and housing for power facilities. Contact us today!

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Why You Should Use Pre-Fabricated Concrete for Telecom Shelters

Telecom shelters are used to house equipment that is worth sometimes millions of dollars. This is why these shelters need to made of sturdy materials that won’t need constant repairs. Pre-fabricated concrete is the perfect solution for a number of reasons. Read on to find out why you should use pre-fabricated concrete for your telecom shelters.

Pre-fabricated concrete is strong

Let’s face it: concrete a tough substance, so it makes sense that a shelter made entirely out of this material is built to last. Besides that, each piece is made in a factory under strict quality-control, so you know the final product is of the best possible quality without much risk of “on the job” mishaps and mistakes.

Construction is fast

When you have that kind of expensive equipment out in the opening, it’s important make sure the shelter is up and ready in as quick a time as possible. Pre-fabricated concrete makes this easy. As mentioned before, each piece is made in a factory, so it’s simply a matter of fitting the pieces together on the construction site.

It will save you money

Built to last, and quick to build, you would think pre-fabricated concrete constructions would be costly. But in fact, using a pre-cast concrete shelter will in fact save you money. Not only are you saving on maintenance costs, but the man-hours used to build it will be low too. Not to mention the money you will save not having to repair expensive equipment that usually would be vulnerable to bad weather conditions and theft.

If you’re convinced on the benefits of pre-cast concrete for your telecom shelter, contact Fibrebond today. Pre-fabricated concrete is our specialty and we pride ourselves on our workmanship. We also offer solutions for power stations, schools as well as repair and correction services. Get in touch today!

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Fibrebond Corporation

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Gov. Jindal and Fibrebond CEO Todd Walker Announce Louisiana Manufacturing Expansion to Create 460 New Direct and Indirect Jobs

Yesterday in Minden, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Fibrebond Corp. President and CEO Todd Walker announced Monday the company will create 225 new direct jobs after acquiring a dormant container mill adjacent to Fibrebond’s existing manufacturing site. Fibrebond is making $6.0 million capital investment to purchase and renovate a 180,000 square foot forest products mill once operated by International Paper and Temple Inland.

To read more, see our Press Release
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Fibrebond is a sophisticated, cutting-edge manufacturer of concrete structures for the telecommunications, education and corrections markets.

We specialize in precast concrete shelters, prefabricated concrete telecom shelters, prefabricated school construction, and precast concrete corrections buildings.

Fibrebond has been a better way to build since 1982.
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