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A Well Executed Joke

The pun in our headline aside, can we just take a moment to share in our collective hatred of #clickbait  style articles that seemed to get shared incessantly on social media?

We don't know about you, but if we see anything that has something along the lines of:

"You won't BELIEVE what happens next!"


"Check out this ONE SIMPLE TRICK to..."

we won't click on it out of principle. This gem via +Twitter at least makes us laugh at the whole concept of clickbait. What's not a laughing matter is our great colo packages:

#funny   #socialmedia   #joke   #lol   #colocation

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Visit Us on Your Next Trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World

Our Las Vegas based #datacenter  is top of the line and many businesses, both here in the U.S. and abroad, are choosing us for their data colocation needs. That's because we proudly feature:

- A 14,000 square foot facility with 7,000 square feet of conditioned datacenter space

- 2N parallel power systems utilizing MGE and Mitsubishi UPS systems with Cummins diesel generators

- N+1 redundant cooling systems with hot / cold aisle layout for best performance and efficiency

- Multiple diverse fiber providers in the facility, building is located just 200 yards from a major fiber route

- 24×7 on-site access to equipment, or utilize our 24×7 remote hands services

- And lots more!

Click the link above to learn of our current promotions, as well as to drop us a line to get more information or set up a tour!

#lasvegas   #nevada   #colocation   #networking  

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Friday at Quittin' Time

We, much like anyone else that works a 40 hour, M-F job, absolutely loves #friday  - so it's nothing new for us to be a bit happier than normal around this day and time of the week.

But this week has been exceptionally hectic - we're not sure about you, but this weekend can't be here soon enough. This great gif from BFF sums our feelings up perfectly.

Have a great weekend everyone!

#gif   #tgif   #work   #lol   #weekend  
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How Many See Security Warning Pop Ups

We're not going to sit here and say we read every #windows  dialogue pops up completely and thoroughly, but we don't think this one would have slipped by us unnoticed.

And what's funny is that the people who actually do always just "click OK to get on with things" tend to be the ones who most often need their computers fixed.

Coincidence? We think not.

#funny   #tech   #error   #lol   #IT  

image via +reddit user prest0n

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Oldie but Goodie

Everyone here in #IT  probably has at least one (if not several) employees they wish they could do this to. You know the ones - either they have a blatant disregard for office laptops and computers and are constantly breaking them or loading them full of all kinds of bugs and viruses, or they are so tragically inept that they can't understand even the most basic functions of how to operate these machines.

Or sometimes, both. Yikes. This old Dilbert comic all the way back from 1995 still applies today. 

#funny   #office   #computer   #lol   #tech  

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Our Server Rooms are COLD -

...not quite full of snow like in this gif, but cold. Those of you affected by the recent #winterstormjonas  on the East Coast have probably seen enough snowy, cold weather until at least 2017. But here in Las Vegas where Fiberhub is based, it looks positively refreshing.

But even here in the scorching hot Nevada dessert, we're proud to say that our server rooms stay nice and frosty. That's because we use N+1 redundant cooling systems with hot / cold aisle layout for the absolute best performance and efficiency.

Check it out at the link above!

#datacenter   #server   #snow   #gif   #winter  
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USB Flash Drive Storage Indicator -

There are a lot of new #tech gizmos coming out all the time, so you've got to pick your choices based on your budget. Well, after seeing these amazing flash drives, we would probably do whatever it took to pay for as many of these as possible!

Such a simple yet great idea...the micro display has an indicator showing how much capacity is used on the flash stick, and how much is left.

Amazing. These are from Lexar by Micron and can be browsed at the link above.

#technology #usb #flashdrive #cool

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Return of the MAC

This is a post that has the perfect level of geeky #tech  humor, and just enough to annoy the person on the other end of the text exchange without totally infuriating them.

While most of you probably get this, some of you may not...we've even heard people say online that "I don't have a Mac address, I use a PC."

No joke...what's also no joke is our colocation packages:

#funny   #geek   #internet   #lol   #joke   #technology  

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Wall Mounted Setup - Yay or Nay?

Being big time #tech  and computer enthusiasts here at Fiberhub, we've been seeing more and more of these lately.

There's no denying there's a certain cool factor of having all your PC components displayed neatly for all to see...but it's obviously not for everyone. You may not have the wall space, or you may simply just not care for the idea.

So we though we'd put it up as a poll question:

Would you consider this kind of setup for your home PC?

Let us know!

#pc   #pcmasterrace   #technology   #computer

image via +Imgur user MrKoo1aidman
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What Exactly is IP Transit and Transport?

We've talked about our #colocation  services here before, as well as our state-of-the-art Las Vegas datacenter. But we haven't shared as much about one of our other main services, which is IP transit and transport.

For the unaware, let's let Dan Ryburn with Streaming Media Blog explain:

In its simplest definition, transit is a “network that passes traffic between networks in addition to carrying traffic for its own hosts”. The Internet is made up of a collection of networks, and in order to get traffic from one end user to another, all service providers, hosting providers and ISP networks need to have an interconnection mechanism. These interconnections, which allow the sharing of traffic, can be either direct between two networks or indirect via one or more other networks that agree to take the traffic. Many of these network connections are indirect as most providers don’t have a global network footprint and as a result, the traffic will be sent through several different interconnections to reach the end user.

Here at Fiberhub, our blended network features upstream transit and peering connections to multiple Tier-1 and Tier-2 networks to achieve excellent performance and reliability at an affordable cost.

Click the link above to learn more and see some of the major clients that have entrusted Fiberhub with their IP transit/transport needs.

#internet   #network   #data   #business   #hosting   #datacenter  
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