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Time for a Fertility Game Changer - Discover how fertile you really are!
Time for a Fertility Game Changer - Discover how fertile you really are!

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"They said my best chances of having a successful pregnancy was through egg donation. They also told me that although it would be very hard for me to conceive with my own eggs they would be willing to try an IVF.

We waited a few months. I thought I’ll delve into it after the semester is over. The IVF failed. The whole experience felt wrong to me and I wasn’t ready to do it again.
I started staying up late and reading and exploring. That’s when I found Fertile Heart..."

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I'm so excited to be welcoming new friends from the UK, Oman, Germany, Canada, and of course every corner of the US in the upcoming workshop.

We just started a waiting list for this Sunday, but you can always check for last minute cancellations or sign up early for the next one.

If you're not quite ready to hop on a plane, check our events page for the next 3 Week Intro Teleconference series,

See you soon!
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This blog was inspired by a newly pregnant #Mom in our community,

Her story reminded me that not all juices are created equal and some combos might not be that great for Moms prepping for pregnancy, or expectant Moms or the babies in the bellies.

Got a favorite juice recipe to share with us?
#fertilityfoods #fertileheart #pregnancy   #nutrition #healthy  

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I"m really looking forward to connecting with old and new friends tomorrow!

Free Chat for Healthcare Practitioners: An Intro to the #FertileHeart Program Thursday 4/28 

“A most valuable resource not only for women but also for their partners. The Fertile Female is a thoughtful, passionate and loving guide to the intangibles that surely contribute to difficulty in conceiving.”

Marc Goldstein M.D., F.A.C.S. Surgeon-in-Chief M.D. F.A.C.S. Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Cornell Institute for Reproductive Medicine

“Not only did this work help me conceive at age 43, after six miscarriages, it also changed the way I live my life and practice medicine.” 
                            Susan Gunduz, M.D.

"If you have clients or want to have clients dealing with fertility issues the work of Julia Indichova will be of great value to you. Julia has been a friend and colleague for many years and I can speak for her great passion, success and integrity in the fertility field. Based on her own experience and that of hundreds of successfully conceiving couples, Julia has developed a wholistic approach that can be followed alone or in conjunction with the standard medical approaches." 

                       Heidi Washburn Craniosacral Therapist
#obgyn   #massagetherapy   #acupuncture  

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Does Low AMH Indicate Infertility? The Fertile Hear OVUM Mind Body Program and Low AMH 
#infertility  #IVF #obgyn

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The Day #Oprah Didn't Save My Life would also have worked for this post. 
#infertility   #inspiration   #obgyn    

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Low Cost IVF: A Solid Solution for the "Disease of Infertility?"

If infertility a disease or a potentially lifesaving symptom that FEELS like a life-threatening disease?

#IVF #infertility #functionalmedicine #massage #acupuncture #obgyn
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