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Jacques Villeneuve takes his father's legend back on the track
Gilles Villeneuve: his courage, his driving style, his relationship with the spectators and the fans turned him into a legend, dearly remembered by millions of fans.
Here is a video of the commemoration day with Jacques behind the wheel of his father’s 312 T4 on the Fiorano track.
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sí, el original hecho en Ferrari
people quit writing in that language i cnt read it idk if u being fnny or not
bellissima auto, nonostante in molti dicano sia bruttina. Comunque il palmares racconta altro. Bel video, ma la prossima volta meno musica e più motore :D
driving that car needs skills, and big big nuts to drive it fast. those were the best times in F1 Racing, without all that silly electronics, and where the cars were pure mechanic jewelery. Thank you Gilles for all the emotion you gave us all, and thank you Jaques for driving that car again and listen to that symphony again.

funny part: the envying face of Fernando Alonso when Jaques was driving... :-D
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