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To connect values of superior driving comfort to the same level of handling the FF is fitted with new rear suspension with a multilink layout of the latest generation, for high transversal and vertical rigidity and at the same time higher flexibility.
The 4x4 Ferrari offers the driver a sporty yet safe driving experience.

Come and discover the details of the 12-cylinder 4-seater from Ferrari:
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es superior e indiscutible, solo comparado con el Mustang en los caballos de fuerza.
The moment I saw, I said, "Oh! Suuweeet"
I want to like this....but that overly complicated AWD system just doesn't work...and it shuts off.
a bueh!!!!! tentadores!!!!
Wow! Ferrari always fascinating !
ngumpulin dana dulu,,cma buat beli olinya doank
Wow! Ferrari è Ferrari, sempre!
bella ...bellissima .un sogno ...e solo questo ci resta ...xd xd
oh my gosh its jst awesum.........woooowwwwwwwwwwww......<3
I want to replace it with a radioactivity . from Japan.
peccato per il colore, per il resto è perfettaaaaaaaaa xD
woooooow! magari averne una in garage :3
I have two of this
in my dream of corse
Oh WOW! Who Ever Caime up with this new Idea 4 seated Ferrari toy Reall Car is Briliant! That's all I have to say! Good Job.
i saw one of these at a ferrari dealer (not there to buy) and it was awesome!!!
Oh realy Gabriella,T. That must of ben realy funn & exciting.
yeah they are even better in person and they are waaaaay better when you can hear the noise they produce. its amazing.i have seen other ferraris on the street but never this one and judging by the size of the engine, it would produce a pretty epic noise.
Yea! Awsome I can just imgine the Prrrrrr of the sweet engine sound of it.wen was that show that you've went & seen it? Gabriella,T
i didn't see it at a show, they had one at a ferrari dealer that i went too, you went allowed to buy it yet but it was in january i think. i wish i had the money to buy one. its pretty practical since its a 4x4 but i wouldn't try it in the snow cuz i might crash it then i would be like so sad
Oh at a dealer Cool! & its a 4x4 awd it is still awsome & im stuned by how they made it a two door,that must of ben a perty sight wen you've seen it hu! & yea that would be not a good thing crashing a beautyfull car like that lol
ikr!! i was like to the dealer guy 'can i sit in it?' and he was like no!!! the leather is tailor made and no one is allowed in the car unless they are going to buy it! that just goes to show how much care goes into the making of this machine. it was really shiny and it was in the ferrari red!!!!! it was hands down the most beautiful 4 seated car i have seen ever! it would be much less pretty with a huge dent in it!
Yea wow! I can just imagien how striked they are with them because thair so expensive & gorgeouse & brand New.
I hope they have one on the scottsdale & mcdowell dealer so I can atleast see it,it would be Awsome to see one in live up front like you did.ill probly tell temm I'm goin to buy it so I can sit in it,but sure'lly they might call the Cop's on me for lieying! Lol
haha after you did a test drive they would be like can we have our money now and you be like umm about that... its crazy how amazingly beautiful these ferraris are, they are like art work. the guy at the dealer must have been crazy cuz he said that he would take a maserati over any ferrari and in my i head i was like what the heck is wrong with u??? granted maseratis are nice cars but nothing can top a ferrari
wow love that car. i willing to die to get one like that :D
+markpeter tuano Really you would be willing to give your life for a car? How are you going to drive it if your dead!
That's great................
class a part ferrari , i want to drive this car
That's cooooooooooool
hope one day i can be the owner of this type of car
brian price, a bugatti veyron is an amazing car aswell but for me, a ferrari is prettier.
I will drive any vehicle these guys produce!!! a A thing of beauty!
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