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Facebook - Ferrari is a leader on social networks
The passion for the Prancing Horse has reached great heights: we are now over 8 millions on Facebook!
To thank each and every one of you, the 458 Italia is now the protagonist of a special video.
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458 is always the protagonist because the protagonist always wins! =)
Praising Facebook achievements here in Google+ is a bit like going to Fiorano to watch a race of Toyotas.
so why post something here in g+ about facebook? huh?!?!
That car is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that car is problembly like $750,000
Whoohoo! Now the trick is to persuade them to buy a new Ferrari as their new ride, eh?
Poor social media taste to highlight Fb here on G+. As the social media person, you should know better. Still a cool video.
Its a nice car that every leader whether on social networks or else where would wish to have, congrats Ferrari
This is worse than people attending the anti Kony rally in Australia, Forget buying it how many of them 8 million people are actually even gonna sit in this car? #Socialmediafarce
But why did they keep the front license plate? It's really in the way!
what a car ferrari is I really like it!!
As a Ferrari myself, I'm still waiting for my free car (or free jacket, or baseball cap, or whatever). In the meantime, I did get to drive a Ferrari once. It was pretty special.
che bella!!!se costa meno di 100000000000 di euro me la compro!!!
Matt N
cool but i think that the dodge challenger is better
As far as dream cars go, nothing trumps the Mclaren F1. Though, I'd take the Mclaren MP4-C12 in a heartbeat, also.
hey how'd they get a picture of my car!!!???
1 in those 8 million could actually afford to drive one
utter gash...gimme a Bugatti Veyron or Aston Martin anyday.
Is that what man like, oh god i am so glad you didn't make me a man.
Adam Po
Cool car !!!!!!!
honor thy lord thy god with all your soul mind heart and second is this love your faimly becuse the are your best freind i am only nine and i an a beliver
A time comsuming endeavor that could have been better spent making your cars more reliable.
To congratulate your fans you should give them all a new 458 Italia as a gift
cool video.................................
it's not my real picture i'm oldere now i was very yung then
that is a fricking
nice car
yea that is a freeking nice car what do you expect somthing less no never from farrari
I really, really want that car. Does it come with hand controls? I have M.S.! That is a really hot car & red makes it even better!!
DAS AUTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that ferrari looks awesome
I wonder if my friend steve Eggmen likes that on facebook
my bro would go gaga over that car
he would say facts that we all know he made up
I love the ferrari 458 Italia big fan!!! My dream car since they made a hot wheel about it
One just parked up outside my house! it was white with black alloys! :D :P
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