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Hot summer for the Museo Ferrari with a record attendance of 35,000 visitors in July! This might also be because of the new-entry 250 GTO, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.
Or maybe because of the "Tribute to Gilles" exhibition, dedicated to the great Gilles Villeneuve for his 30th anniversary of his death?
The Museo Ferrari always has new and spectacular offers for the enthusiast of the Prancing Horse to discover the history of the legend. Discover it yourself live!

Check in with Foursquare and receive a 2-Euro discount on the entry ticket:
See you there!
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I wish I could see a 250 gto.
Let me take it for a curve spin.I'll handle it
سلام شاید داشتن یک فراری برای بعضی رویایی دست یافتنی باشد اما قطعا برای من نایافتنی است در هر صورت دیدن عکس ان برای من جذاب وغرور انگیز است
Get that thing running! :-)
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