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458 Spider - Tradition
The history of the Prancing Horse has always been directed towards innovation, but every year the manufacturer also follows its glorious tradition of drop top cars: the convertibles, the Barchettas and the Spiders. One of the most recent wonders is the 458 Spider: technique, design and beauty with a mid-rear engine and a retractable hardtop. Sitting behind the wheel of such a car delivers unforgettable emotions, enhanced by the spectacular engine sound.
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It is a dream 4 me to be driver of that excellence:(
Beautiful..i would marry that
Overrated... I invite this Ferarri to race my dream car:

1998 Toyota Supra 16th Anniversary Silva Edition.

Anyone curious about what this Ferarri would look like in a rear view mirror?
may it be yours one day upon I hope:)
went out in one of these the other day a wow puts you in the seat when it takes off from the lights...
J Hoff
so awesome
have good watching this car, ladies and gentlemen. bye:)
woooooooooooooooooooooow this is my choies
they usually can go like in the 200ds or what ever
fun for me i like good drive that can drive fast with me in the car
Nah. The windshield looks disjointed, and the back is just weird.
i know i want one but i dont have my lisen
haha i get to drive one of those that my uncle has when i get my lisens
wish i had mind but i dont how your day brandon
Old fashioned gas guzzler, polluting our world, a Chevy Volt is real innovation.
nise ass ride let me take that horse to the rodeo
this is my car when i drive guys
+Luca Tamburelli Lighten up man. These things get driven only a few thousand miles. Over their lifetime I bet they pollute less than a Prius. Plus they don't contain all of those really toxic materials they make the batteries from.
IT looks to be kool but it can't handle uganden roads
That car look sooo hot and amazing
These cars are great. If they made Ferrari in the future would be even better brand than it is now (if at all possible, as the Ferrari one of the best brands of cars). I see them as racing cars for the 2020th year. If a Ferrari go in this direction, would seriously benefited. The future would be great if some brands have gone in the direction as Fereari. Keep it up. All praise for creativity.
If you own a's probably because you can't afford a Lamborghini!
I should make a line graph showing the decrease in people's ability to speak in proper english as their interest in an image increases =P
i now i love that car to wish a had a boyfriend that had that car
eeemm..!!! it seem smart to me,if i could have one in my garrage.
No....Red stands for something
I'm going to Modena this weekend... hopefully I can spot one of these beauties!
menudo ferrari mas chulo!!! XDXDXD
not as cool as the bmw i8 search it up!!!!!!
does this red car has cloud connection? :)))))) If it does I may consider to buy :)))))))))))))))))
..... di sicuro meglio della mia !!! hihi
give it give it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me gusta y soy gran seguidor de ferrari, me agradaría mucho si también podrian escribir en castellano gracias
Faster than the speed of sound
(they tried) Quickest fast car around
ya they are fast and crap.... but they are a pos
and my other car is a ford
nice car .
but it would look better in blue and gold
or blue and green or blue and sliver
hiiiiii frnds plzzzz add meeeee
i love it........tooooooo............. <3
Sweet car wish I had the money to buy one 
ai kannra nb te car aio shshshs e bia au car ker shshshshhshs
dude, in english, not Japanese, but i am partly japanesse....
Ferrari are the best car manufacturer in the world!!
I love the 458 Spider, but my favorite will always be the Enzo. I actually saw one last year, and it looked even more impressive on the road.
bagus banget mobilnya di jakarta udh ad blm ya,,,,????
is the most beautiful car of 2012 apart from the f12 berlinetta
NEED.......THAT.......CAAAARRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!
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