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The new F12berlinetta ’s design features carved surfaces thanks to aerodynamic studies and her exceptional proportions. With a low Coupé silhouette and carved sides, the convex and concave surfaces lead to a light and forceful style. Perfect for modern and sporty personalisation such as the Nero Daytona livery with sporty 20'' Matt Grigio Corsa rims.
How do you like her?

Visit the special on and create your personal and unique F12berlinetta!
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New car! it's very beautiful, wahoooooooooooooo! I like it
A "Sith" Ferrari...I want one in the worst way!!
sexy man nothing but perfection im in love !! ...
How beautiful it is this new car! how much can you sell it PLZ.? like this ride........
It needs more options! I want to pick the stitching :D
Does this car look like a modern-day version of the bat mobile or is it just me?
+Brad Stephens Corvettes don't have that much aggressive styling and scalloping (I don't know if that's the right word). It's a Corvette, if you could charge multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars on it.
This Car Is Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to get my hands on this babie
The car is very hot, just drop it at my house!
Na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!
"....Italian trash... besides, I only steal Porsches. ..."
Great smile on the car wouldn't you say so? :D
That looks like the Batmobile without all the add-on costume crap.
It looks like a corvette...
she is a beauty,i think its body was designed to surpot the wheels to grip well ...
+John Corry : in the sense that they are both two door coupes, and both have 4 wheels? It looks like a hunkered down 599. The ZR1 is full if straight lines.
Bo w
I think this Car is a "FEATHER CAR" I know you want to know what that means, Well here it goes....I wish I had that car and you had a Feather up your Ass and we'd both be tickled "Shitless"...that's what a FEATHER CAR is....ha ha Hope you have a great sence of Humor :)
i could do better
why isnt it red
it better be american made
Yeah, Idk why everyone's so impressed... It looks just like a corvette z06. although a very sexy corvette.
Its cool and Eric, you couldnt. Ferrari builders are way better
Love the look with front engine.very nice style
sexy. love ferraris. i personally would like it better with chromey-silver accents. but the california is still my favorite.
Quite nice, even though it is a foreign car.
It kind of looks like Batmans grocery getter and it kind of looks like a Vette.
thats the best car evaa!!!!!
Black is Fine • add a coat of Fire Engine RED is Better
Looks close to the new Infiniti-Emerg-E..check out the Geneva Motor show wheels
I think I just jizzed a little bit for this car.
Totally awesome! Beautiful web design as well. Ferrari owns.
A Corvette with a Ferrari logo?
0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, the question is, how quickly can it stop?
i dont mind paying off for this for the rest of my life
Lamborgini Avantor is faster...........
Love that we call AMAZING cars like this one "she"!
Santa Baby......
that looks like the batmobile from the tim burton's batman movies. SWEET!
Some beautiful lines in that there car!!!
Yeah my '97 Kia Sephia could take that...
she looks great, better then the last model.
Am I the only one that at first glance thought "New Batmobile"?
Yea but its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where do i get one?!
Been an a Ferrari a couple times, great car, go super fast at some point very scary and excited (lol)
Love It! Absolutely beautiful lines!
Available in any colour as long as it's red ;)
Looks like a Corvette at a first glance... matter of fact I thought what kind of a kit is that prior to looking closer at the photo.
Ray Ray
beta testing?
it is me or at a quick glance it looks like a bat mobile?
GORGEOUS!! this is my new dream car!! 
nice car yo that car is ballin yeaaaa
It looks kind of a like a coupe version of the Fisker Karma (or maybe Fisker copied the Ferrari design).
Haaa am flarbbergasted this is beautiful
Interesting, my knee-jerk reaction was, "the Corvette looks nice in black!!"
Beautiful and out of my wallet :(
I'm in love....with F12. There isn't other car beautiful as this and the 458 italia, pagani Huyara, Lambo Aventadro and ASton Martin V12 Zagato
The sound of the engine is pure joy. I can only imagine the feel of the engine on the road.
Looks very similar to a Dodge Viper. 
Wow. I have no other words. 
Looks like it would make a great Batmobile with only a couple minor additions.
is that the new viper???? lol....
This is one cool lookong ride!! Can i get a test drive???
Wow i like it, how much is it cost me to buying it?
If you can jus get that ready, I will be by to pick that up from ya! Thanks! ^^^^
hmmm, looks like Mitsubishi's 3000GT
Niiiiiice!...with an emphasis on the niiiiice part.
When does Top Gear get to take it for a spin?
Looks like something more out of Chevy's book if you ask me...
This is where you say +1 and share and circle your account to win a free one right?! Well, still a beautiful machine. One day maybe I could afford it outright.
Its more than a work of art is a piece of heaven falling down to earth, with a top speed of like 210mph!
TERRIBLE website design. That movie is too long and there is no clear way to skip it.
looks a little too much like the One77 to which I'm partial :)
that is nasty looking i want it
Nice looking, to be sure, but the 458 packs more "wow" factor for me.
sheeeeeeeeeeeeee izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.looking sexier than ever
Black on black is the only way to go :)
Damn! Wish I could afford to own one! 
do you want to know the origin of NASCAR?
hott car but i have seen better and i am only 11 but that is hot
I'm trading in my Siena for this.
About time we had some new modern styling from car makers. This is certainly the best I have seen - Geneva Motor Show here I come!
wow what a car yar. I like this.

I am Batman, and this is my car...
This fucking site wont let you turn off the sound. And it's still playing sound after the long ass video finished. That's it, I'm not buy a Ferrari :-p
Rob Go
Batman could drive this - but what about Sentinelman?
OH MY GOODDD Ahh Ahh Ahhhh! How do you say, in Italian "Need clean under-pants".
Batman will surely like it!
I like it! I love how sleek it looks. I want one. I like ALL ferrari cars. I kind of like german cars better though. Both are awesome.
Let's hope it doesn't catch fire while you are driving it out of the car lot.
To me it looks like the Aston Martin DB9
Wow looks like a corvette lol corvettes cheaper and faster
+Eden Young Nice remark. The F150, a celebration model (there was a conflict between Ford and Ferrari, due to the name "F150" - and people possibly mixing up the two cars...) anyway, point is, the Ferrari F150 was called the red Goddess
Where's the Bat logo?
Looks a lot like a corvette?
that is an awesome car
now that is a really cool car and i wish i had that car!!!
So hot... Want to touch the hinne.
Well Done Ferrari, the design is stunning inside and out!
Meh, talk to me when you build the Batmobile from the Tim Burton movies.
Maybe im sick in the head or just confused but this car is much more sexier than Adriana Lima
I would love to get behind this monster of a car:)
Reminds me of the Batmobile. That makes it even cooler.
Only so much any of the designers can do and eventually they all look similar - is this an homage to Corvette?
btw IT IS NOT A CORVETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its like a black horse ,,,,,,,,,,,, horse power
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