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F12berlinetta - Configurator
The F12berlinetta's interior: formal language, avant-gardistic, essential, sophisticated and sporty. Colour and style of the seats, to further improve the on-board comfort, can be personalised.
Here are the seats in Sabbia and Bordeaux, for those who like classic style and soft colours. For those, who like it sportier there's leather in Blu Scuro and Crema for the Daytona style seats - the perfect solution.

And how would you personalise your F12berlinetta?
Click here and download the wallpaper of your creation:
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I wish I could afford cars like this...

When I used to be a valet in Philadelphia, I drove a lot of Ferrari's, Porsches, Vipers, one Lamborghini (Diablo), Spykers, and some other cars. I miss having so much power on tap. My current car is a four-cylinder, FF car. :(
i have no idea about ferreri,,,its amazing
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