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Every time Ferrari presents a 12-cylinder it turns into a truly magic moment. From 1947 until today the Prancing Horse has always built cars, who put their mark on an era. This was also the case with the new F12berlinetta, the new 12-cylinder with mid-front engine and spearhead of a new generation of V12s.
A real revolution!
Discover it here:
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Just look at those lines.  It nose looks like some sort of sea monster.  Wickedly cool.  
this is probably the sexiest car I think i've ever layed my eyes on.
Jc King
Now thats what i call a car
This is so... so... sooooo beautiful..... this is a real Ferrari.... Speed, the looks, emotions.... everything.....
Why front-centre engine? Te rear-centre is supposed to be a better solution...
That can't be a real Ferrari, it's not on fire.
If only everybody could afford one.
Rob Go
Jizzworthy. Well done, masters.
Like we can afford it !! Another wast of money to me , I be scared to drive it on street and insurance mama mama that scary to even get quote lol NO THANKS I AM HAPPY WITH MY CHEAP CAR GET ME FROM WORK TO HOME !! 
Price must be $350,000,00 fuck that 
So nice!
Looks like a nicer Mazda RX-8.
Only rich fucker can afford it !! 
Sure wouldn't mine having this new Ferrari, it would impress my neighbours!
It is a piece of art.... well it is art by it self
i wish i could get the ferrari 458 spyder
It is easy to say Ferrari sucks when you never had or driven one in 
other words try it before disliking it G out
Cool but 1 thing the ENZO And 458 Italia look better
Guess I need to build an addition to the garage
HEY if you are reading this and you are a Hedge Fund manager buy me one of these you and I will feel better.
Holy cows is it me or did i found the one
Now when you tell others Ferrari makes 12 c.and has made it before too ,it is not B.S.,one more for Turino ......Milano....... Express way. Salute tutto.
NICE...!!! Kinda looks like a corvette!!!
Really truly beautiful. Seems, from this angle at least, to borrow a bit from the Aston Martin DBS.
Looks suspiciously like a screenshot from Forza or GranTurismo... Lovely, though 
Nice but reminds me of a Mazda RX 8 kind of similar body style. 
Like the idea of a triple-spark ignition. Styling cues taken from the 1985 American Ford EXP, I see. Whatever. I'd much rather have a brand new 2 liter V-12 166 Inter but I really can't have either.
Can it compete with Lambo Sesto Elemento? mmmm i wonder!
i <3 that car...... DAMN AWSOME CAR
Can I have one please? I'll be extra good this year! I promise!
Boy do I need to drive one of those!
This makes a Mustang look like a seahorse.
Its like a manly Ferrari California!
If Apple made the Corvette they'd be in trouble . Very sexy machine for sure. 
This is what Mazda wanted to build when they thought up the RX-8
Nice but I like the 458 italia better!!!
Judging by that picture, I need to find a way to radically improve my income.
I dont know why I prefer Lamborghini to Ferarri. Still prefer the Aventador and Reventon to this car but Ferrarri makes some pretty insane cars! Can I have one plz?
Down with gas n oil companies and their world controling and owning ways.  They'll ruin us all.  MEEP MEEP! farrrt
I would love on the car myself .
Why not a better mid-engine?
So compared to my 2001 Sentra this car would be....
Awsome like a classy woman.
Nice car n easy moving
Fasted challenge 
Yes, that'd work, too.  Quite sinister.  
eat that Magnum PI!!!!
Tune it up right and u got something real
Epic car design wish I could afford one of these babies
I'll trade my 2012 V.W. Golf for that one !
the front doesn't look like it matches the back end...might be the way its looks in the picture?
oh shut it everyone hear none of u would ever get that car
Question is,What would that car get you?
Awesome car but it looks to much like an Aston Martin
Gorgeous but I agree it does look too much like an Aston Martin. 
V12'S are BOSS awesome I really Want one
Simply the best !!
Oh how I'd love to have this car soon as I win the lottery.
I wonder what the gas mileage is. I bet it isn't as bad as my van...until you realize how much fun it is to take it around a corner. Then again, you might just have to do 120 mph to make it corner hard. Good cars are like that.
Ah, I do like the RX-7/280Z style.
My next car.  Just in time for my early mid life crisis
Such beauty in art combined with sophisticated engineering.
Hey that was on facebook!
If they could attach an audio file of the engine with this picture, that would be magical.
That kinda looks like an fr setup. I hope not
looks an awful lot like a Corvet
Wow. Hopefully gas price dont go up... oh wait it doesnt matter if u own one of these...
front looks like a face of a dinasour 
Totally nice,would love to drive!
Ah, I see we have found another Secretly We Are Gay member, come brother there are many manly males here to meet you!
Now I remember why I want to be a one-percenter!
That is a sweet ride.. Ferrari's are always amazing to me
Twelve cylinders? What is that, about three and half miles to the gallon?

Am I the only one that can't load the link in Firefox (14.0.1)? Starts to load then blanks with: "function () { return _0; }"
+Yossi Itzinger , merge you should get this one instead. If only I knew before I signed the papers....
looks like Maserati. :) I love it
My friend gave me an automatic
Looks like a starter Ferrari
never want anything. Put the jot on an idea and put that on paper. And await the day you actually get the tea and best believe there will be a key
wow nice i would like to drive tht 1 day
Walter white should drive this into the sunset...end of series. if he lives ;-)...the foreshadowing for season 5...Walt goes Rambo..on cartel assess
Amzing lines, but whats with the smiley face grille
ray hab
awesome car!!!!!!!!!!!!
can i have one??????? PLEASE:D
please sendme one by playa del carmen mexico
Can't wait to see something faster.
Cruising in this car is my greatest esteem. Does it run remote control?
i would get it in blue
Me gusto el color Bien chido ....
Heck out my channel witch has concept sports and super cars
Si vous voulais acroitre vos performance etudier mon piston ou moteur 9 cylindre et12 vctoriel tenpotisateur a piston central a contre poid ,la prise d aire et egalement a etudier .
My last name is ferrari
My great great grandfather invented it
Тачка Хорошая,Но Я Взял Бы 70-80 Годов !!!!
Ja Mexico teed on jusd
katsetuseks loodud .
Tervitusi Teile siit põhjamaisesd
Eestist .
Ferarri on tõesti luksuslik auto .
Aga paljudel ei ole endale sellisd
masinat lubada . See auto on tehtud hoole ja armastusega .
Ja Feraari on väga hea auto .
Ja ka tipptasemel turva varustusega . See auto on LUX .
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