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The new era of extreme V12 cars starts now.
Go to the web special:
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beautiful looking car .... should have just left it as rear wheel drive .. tut tut tut ferrari ... be what you are .. the maker of wonderful sports cars
That car is hot! Love the design. 740 horsepower isn't bad either.
Every new Ferrari makes me think... "its not possible to make something prettier than this". Then, there comes out a new Ferrari that proves me wrong... I'm just astonished how much beauty can be packaged in such perfectly shaped and engineered creature... this is just... absolutely brilliant!!
A 67 mustang looks like a turd next to this!
Quick! Pass me a drool bib!
Ons is 0-100 in 3,1 seconden, de snelste
Mama mia!! This is one fine looking car!!
il sogni di chi se lo puo permetterselo... :(
It is a beautiful car, and maybe its just me but I see some Corvette and Aston Martin lines. I would love to see more angles than what is offered on the link.
Te deus sentir el rei de la carretera
Really awesome. I want it too. Can you give me one?
Put my name in the hat for the giveaway. I can't imagine having that much power between my legs. What a beautiful automobile!
Nice i like that kind of car and the color. Hot
Wow Nce FerrArI Car...."';'"...!!!
looks like a mazda lol
+wizz khalifa I hate that damn song with a fiery burning passion that burns of a million suns. :D Just so you know... To damn repetitive. If you are the real thing, dont quit your day job bro.

Now onto topic:
I love Ferrari but after they stopped making stick shifters they kinda lost their luster. They made it so that anyone could drive them. Man part of the cool part about Ferrari was that you could not just get in and drive. The car would actually "Talk" to you and tell you what was up with it. The reason I know this is because my father used to own a 308gtsi. He had to sell it due to money issues. That car used to almost steer itself.

This is not to say Ferrari sucks, by no means do I mean that. I just feel they should make two models one for the people who don't know how to communicate with a car and another one for people that drive because they like to get to know the car. Its ins and outs and learn its language.
It looks great but if they shorten the cab down by an 1/2 inch or some small fraction of an inch or maybe make the cab a tad bit narrower
Uh, yeah, don't Chevy make one of those? It looks a lot like the Corvette. :)
If anything it looks like a Lotus Elise.
stunning!!! Ferrari, you've done it again!!!
Should start a hang out xD get the most out of google :D
I'll take one... I just watched the video, hot damn.
so beautiful....nobody better than "Ferrari"!!!!!!
Looks good, although I'm not sure about the "smiling" grill. I think the 458 has a better front with a more sinister grin. Other than that all looks well.
This defiantly beats the new lambo aventador in looks....probably not speed though.
I need to PIN this one (only) in Black vs. Red
how do i post a pic cuz i cant figure it out my phone is at android 1.0 and wont let me on the full internet only on the mobile web if anyone can help me please and thanks
This car agent 007 would definitely want...
Guidare questa macchina non é per qualche persona
Elephant has two set of teeth-one to show off and the other to chew with
Jó kis kocsi,nekem Malagutiba van ilyen.(F12)
Ed H
Looks like a Vette & no stick shift? I'll take a skyline before I pay this much to be behind the Skyline @ 0-60
sweet this fricking rarri is f-in awwsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
This is what I will call "a real beauty" :-)
The older 599 looks much better.
At least on pictures...
yeah ferrariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
i drive this car at DRAGRACING game hehehehe
Very nice! I'll dream of this tonight... ;)
im geting one bye bye Italia helo new farrari
Is it electrical? Or is Ferrari not yet watching the market trends?
Whats the Speedometer?Isnt it a 420 kph? Nice .
9 out of 10 people probably couldn't even drive this car. You would die 500 feet from the start line.
+Sean Malloy I think the right number is 999 of 1000 people probably couldn't even drive this car.
That is one beast car man and this year will go wild with that car
CG renders are retarded. I spent 5 minutes on that website and haven't seen a single real-life photo of the car, eventually left. Not into marketing hype or fake renders, show me the car.
Kat Xai
A ferrari is my dream car, a red one.
Rob M
Great! Very beautiful design of exterior!
Sathi R
Wow my dream car!!!
My neighbour is going to buy me one for Christmas but I don't know why he said that he'll pay it all for me only if I choose it blue :P
I doubt if it could get out of my driveway in winter, and if it did the poor beautiful thing would be destroyed on the roads where I live. Really great looking car, but I need some ground clearence where I live.
Over rated, outrageously Priced , and for men with small peckers.
That is what happens when Britney Spears been Googling herself too much~~!
ikr. those cars cost thousands or even millions, they're practically worthless. a small car 4 such a high price. all u do is drive. it serves no purpose.
nice ride u are so cool if u could drive it and pay for it i am so rich that i can by that in a heart beat
i love this car yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
who doesnt care about this red wonder.the price throws me off though..
Can't wait for it to show up in Need For Speed World on sale for 20.000 Speed Boosts! #eh
I sooo want one of these..
this car is awesooome...........,this not a car, this a caaaaar
Take this beauty on the road
i want to take test drive ,yet, it's awesome
would like to drive it one'S in my life !
k buena nave ♥ ferrari
Saludos Latam
Mr.bharat kumar
This is beautiful & naces car

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