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An engine with extremely low inertia to increase rpm in the shortest possible time, just like engines planned for Formula1.
That’s why this V12 is the most extreme and best performing Ferrari ever built.

Go to the web special:
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That is just beautiful. It is art.
how beautiful this baby flies like the light ...
notice the flattened exhaust tubes. Looks like they slammed them with a crossbar till the engine fit into the body.
It is nice. It screams engineering and improvement. Compare the size of this v-12 to the original Jaguar used and they where light years ahead back then. Kudos Ferrari!
340 kmph .. .. Sweeeeeeet !!!
Reckon that will fit into an old Ford Anglia..
For sheer power, that is one heck of a design. I'm curious how they get the cycle inertia down; sounds like a very clever trick indeed.
My but aren't you a sexy looking thang!
I can't help but think of the slogan: "Porsche, there is no substitute." Yeah, right. :)
Unfortunately, it looks like a cheap fiat from the back.
Ja - Porsche - das wäre mal was für die Formel 1
Great piece of art. Sound of this engine is like a symphony for me.
damn hot ;)
othrs gonna lick his tyers dust ;)
Uhhh....i like it very much!!!!!!!!
Brilliant commentary by Luca di Montezemolo for the f12 berlinetta. You can have a good website, but you need a great communicator to complement the car. Mine in Blu Tour de France please..
Heart and soul....bellissimo!
Beautiful but my favourite is Porsche. Forever!!!
Nice. It looks like it could be a jet pack also, lol.
I have a Ferrari 458italia and it ain't that good yo might think it is but it's not
the probolem is it has a bad turning circle and it annoys the neighbours
Das ist keine löschen pumpe sondern ein Ferrari Motor

Sory, meinte Lösch pumpe :-)
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