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Fernando Pereira

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TL; DR  Never underestimate the ability of politicians to do the wrong thing. I will try to remember next time. Sharp rundown of EU and Greek political malpractice.
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Taken in isolation, decisions by the Troika seem inaccurate. But what off follow-on effects in other debtor nations or nations that have emerged from a painful restructuring? And what off voters from creditor nations who might also anger with the European Union?
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Fernando Pereira

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The best explanation I've seen of the Greek dilemma.
Eurozone membership has either been great or a disaster, depending on how you look at it.
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Fernando, I'm not arguing that the 'European Union Elites' have the correct view here - rather that the article isn't showing the full picture, and with such high Greek government debt it's wrong to argue that the current situation is reasonable based on pre-Euro trends.
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Fernando Pereira

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Summary quote: Do they think that the EU’s ever-declining hold on the loyalty of Europe’s youth can be reversed by creating a martyr state on the Left? Do they not realize that this is their own Guatemala, the radical experiment of Jacobo Arbenz that was extinguished by the CIA in 1954, only to set off the Cuban revolution and thirty years of guerrilla warfare across Latin America? Don’t these lawyers – and yes they are almost all lawyers - ever look beyond their noses?
Guardians of financial stability are deliberately provoking a bank run and endangering Europe's system in their zeal to force Greece to its knees
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Fernando Pereira

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Whoever might have still been deluded about the overreaching, undemocratic character of EU institutions just got another cold shower of reality. Of course (C) maximalists will just point out the "reasonable" arrangements in Canada and other countries where devices or media that enable copying (just about anything digital, that is) is subject to a levy (aka tax) to "compensate" (C) holders. Those of us who mostly buy (pricey) digital downloads already will be just collateral damage.
Today the High Court of the United Kingdom handed down an excellent decision—excellent because the result is so unreasonable, so out of touch with reality, and so divorced from the needs and expectations of ordinary users, that it provides a textbook illustration of the need for urgent reform of the outdated and unbalanced European Copyright Directive.
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The article is right, "This decision is so bad, that it isn't even wrong."

Where are we getting our High Court judges from, the fossil collections of the Natural History Museum?
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Fernando Pereira

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The perfect jazz story to read while listening to Joshua Redman with his James Farm ensemble in City Folk. They'll be at the Stanford Jazz Festival on Aug 5!
In honor of Father's Day, Christian McBride, host of NPR's Jazz Night In America, stops by for a conversation about jazz families — starting with saxophonist Joshua Redman and his father, Dewey.
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Fernando Pereira

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Tenure is not just an abstraction. Under reasonable assumptions, it has a very substantial net present value. With that gone, it's hard to see why a PhD with options would choose a University of Wisconsin faculty position over industry or tenure-friendly universities. And those options are more likely in engineering, applied science, and medicine, exactly the areas that a supposedly industry-friendly state government would want to promote. Ideology-addled fools.
As he readies to run for president and grabs whatever low hanging fruit on the conservative agenda tree he can find, Scott Walker is now planning to strip tenure from professors in the University of Wisconsin higher education system. This will undoubtedly be portrayed and fought over as a matter of academic freedom. Tenure is among other things in place to protect scholars from the patronage and political demands of the moment and incentivize i...
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Sad news for the University of Wisconsin. It's such a shot in the foot, for the state of Wisconsin.
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Fernando Pereira

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Possible as in p > 0, barely. Good rundown of the decision tree, pretty grim odds at all leaves, just some not quite as grim as the others.
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Fernando Pereira

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Pour encourager les autres.
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Is it politics or a failure to learn? If you read the chapter on the 1930's in Bernstein's The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession, and substitute "Euro" for "Gold", the speeches of the bankers and politicians seem remarkably similar.
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Fernando Pereira

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TL;DR: That (Euro)geld seemed so shiny back then, but now the (Euro)devil is calling his due. Greek (and other) Southern Europe governments who signed away their national currencies would have done well in brushing up on the ancient German folktale of Faust. But that shiny seduction was so so tempting.
It's in Europe's interest to make things as hard as possible for Greece
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Ed Chi
+Peter Ludemann Thanks for sharing that.  Blyth explained it very well indeed.  Class politics is killing the EU, and the leading politicians seems blissfully unaware.
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Fernando Pereira

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Key quote: The Confederate flag should not come down because it is offensive to African Americans.  The Confederate flag should come down because it is embarrassing to all Americans.
The meaning of the Confederate flag is best discerned in the words of those who bore it.
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Fernando Pereira

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Back in early 2000, someone in a powerful corporate position asked me how could anybody make money from search. I answered that I didn't know for sure, but that search had become as essential as DNS: if free {search|DNS} were to disappear, we'd find a way to pay for it. Fifteen years later, this point still eludes some economists.
The Web's value may elude traditional measures.
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Fernando Pereira

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Listening now to Three Times Three, loving the speed, creative motion, percussive dance of all instruments around each other. If the reviewer is right, I'll need to take a day's vacation when I get Meridian Suite. CAMJAZZ sells lossless FLAC directly: will be instant gratification when Meridian Suite goes on sale. And he's coming to SFJAZZ Aug 22-23!
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