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Fernando Cejas
Developers Advocate @IBM. @SoundCloud Alumni. Passionate Software Engineer. Curious learner. Geek. Android
Developers Advocate @IBM. @SoundCloud Alumni. Passionate Software Engineer. Curious learner. Geek. Android


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Today I'm joining IBM Deutschland as a Developers Advocate for Cognitive Computing focused on Mobile Development.

I want to say thanks to all the people who supported and wanted to work with me.

Time for new challenges!

I wrote an article about it:

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Today is my last official day at SoundCloud

There are no words to describe this feeling.

It has been 3 YEARS, 450 checkins at the office, ++216,865 --278,923 lines of code contributed to the android codebase.

I'm so GRATEFUL for such amazing people I had the opportunity to get to know and work with. All the knowledge acquired is also priceless.

But the MOST IMPORTANT: Thanks for trusting and giving me the opportunity to grow as both a person and a professional.

Now is time to make a pause and visit the family.

I will definitely stick around Berlin. Stay in touch :).


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Just wrote a NEW Blog Post:
Smoothing your migration to #kotlin. How to perform a gradual transition from #java on #android

#dev #engineering #development

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WIP of #cleanArchitecture for #androiddev in #kotlin. Lessons learned and article soon. FEEDBACK welcome! #github:
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I had a really nice and LOOOONG interview by Thomas Riedel at SoundCloud. It was very nice and we chatted about so many things. Really proud of the results and pictures. Any feedback is more than welcome as usual.

Really grateful for this opportunity 😃

#thankful #grateful #dev #androiddev #soundcloud #android #programming #developer #softwareengineering

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My talk last weekend in St Petersburg at Mobius 2017
Super nice atmosphere and excellent organization.

#androidev #android #mobiusconf #dev #programming

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A pleasure to be part of the jury in the finals of "Europe IT Challenges" competition in May in Krakow. #krakow #poland #itchallenges

Un placer ser parte del jurado de las finales de "Europe IT Challenges" en Crackovia en Mayo.

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Created a #kotlin #android scaffolding project on github ….
A very WIP so any feedback is very welcome!

#androiddev #android
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