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Fernando “fehr19” Alas
Works at Home Theater FX
Attends Lone Star College
Lives in Houston, TX


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Just got this... Pretty good deal for $10!
Pay what you want and support Save the Children!
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Updating to Windows 10
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+Protocol was joking btw. i got the notification on my desktop, i'm still reading reviews people's experience about the os just to make sure i'm good to go.

and network trafficing
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If you're thinking about a Fury X, save yourself $150 and buy this instead.
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Wait, what? wow!
Commodore, the leader in personal computers back in the 1980s,will be releasing an Android smartphone in Europe later this week. The Commodore PET will be the company's first smartphone, it will run a custom variant of Android 5.0 and will come preloaded with two emulators for some retro-style gaming. As for the specs, the PET will feature a 5.5-inch IPS display, along with a 1.7 GHz...
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Did anyone else get in...
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They said Battlefront wouldnt use Battlelog, which is a good start. We'll have to wait and see if they will put out a disaster...
I hate Battlelog!!!
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Happy birthday +Anavilma Alasmolina

Hope you have a good one!
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Muchas gracias hermano Dios te bendiga a ti a tu hogar un abrazo fuertisimo 😚😚😚😚
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Got a sweet deal on this! I added it to Nikolai's existing kinetic sand...
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Hey Magic: The Gathering fans! We are doing a giveaway just for our Google+ fans!

Head to and leave a comment in the comment section for your chance to win! 
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Worst fortune cookie ever... So I guess i won't have great news coming to me in the near future...
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Fernando “fehr19” Alas

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Al I can say, it's keep it up, it's a process. Check out this guy's story, some people just need some support...
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  • Lone Star College
  • Ganesha High
  • Marshall Middle
  • Philadelphia Elemantary
  • Roosevelt Elementary
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Home Theater Programmer
  • Home Theater FX
    President of Operations, 2015 - present
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    Home Theater, 2013 - 2015
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Houston, TX
Pomona, CA - Okinawa, Japan - Los Angeles, CA
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Humble BANDAI NAMCO Bundle

Pay what you want and support Save the Children!

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