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Ferg Hyde

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Social networking in "real life" instead! ;-)
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Ferg Hyde

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When you live somewhere for a while, it becomes just another place and you forget the beauty for the drudgery of paying bills, working, life. When you stop and think, though, we often live where other people go to spend their holidays because of the beauty that abounds.
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Absolutely! We certainly need to stop once in a while (actually as often as possible) and appreciate the beauty around us. We are very lucky.
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Ferg Hyde

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If you sit still for long enough at mine, some fool with a D3100, that has a 50mm prime hanging off the front of it, will push it into your face and start clicking away without so much as a 'if you please'. The first photo is of my eldest progeny, +David Hyde, 'studying' hard for the HSC (read: pushing mid with his mates on DOTA 2), the second is of my brother in law, married to my eldest sister, trying to work out what type of fridge I 'need' in my 4WD.
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Ferg Hyde

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This young bloke is part of my group of mates. He has never been camping before so he came along last weekend. I think his face does an ample job of expressing how he felt about the experience. 
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Indeed +Emma White​, and the young man's soul does need soothing. 
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Ferg Hyde

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it's funny how inaccessible percentages are, but how this feels so much more intuitive.
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Ferg Hyde

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Wishing my work week away, taken from where I'd rather be.
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Thank you +Chris Hamilton.
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Ferg Hyde

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Camels On The Coast

Disclaimer : not my photo

A mate of mine from work lives just up the road at Anna Bay. He took this photo on the beach with his point and shoot but was unhappy with the result and asked me to have a lash at editing it for him. I think he took a great photo. I gave it a bit of a crop and played with some other settings, mostly via apps on my phone (Snapseed, how I love thee) and this is the end result.
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Hey! Long time no see👍🏻 You on Instagram?
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Ferg Hyde

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I really like the original. This  typically laid back Chet Faker cover isn't too shabby at all.
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Ferg Hyde

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Jono, my youngest son, absolutely captivated as I explain the intricacies of taking a Brenizer Panorama. 
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Thank you kindly +Chris Hamilton​.
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Ferg Hyde

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Lighthouse at Seal Rocks, taken from the appropriately named Lighthouse Beach.
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All that and more +The Marble Man.
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Ferg Hyde

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Urbex :- Roll underneath a fence or two; clamber through thorny bushes; swear; stumble through rubble; take photos from the edge of a precipice.. At least, in my one experience.
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Thank you +Chris Hamilton. I'm going to go again but do some vegetation clearing so I can get more of the base of the wharf in the shot.
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Ferg Hyde

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As a rule I do not promote other people's work. As I rule I can hardly be bothered promoting mine! Having said that, have a go at this incredible piece of work created by our very own (adopted) +Matthew Vandeputte. An award winning time lapse photographer based in the old Steak & Kidney. Go on, make sure you play it in HD and enjoy the next 97 seconds immensely.
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Thanks +Ferg Hyde and +Matthew Vandeputte​ for putting a smile on my dial during a stressful time. That was just wonderfull. 
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Doer of stuff.
Suffer from foot in mouth more than most.
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Newcastle, Australia
Blayney, NSW - Wingham, NSW - Wellington, NZ - Berridale, NSW - Sydney, NSW - Canberra, ACT - Stanwell Tops, NSW - Pyramul, NSW
I don't do Hangouts.
I bought a Nikon D3100 in November 2012 and discovered a new love. Previous to that I had never owned a camera (beyond disposable film cameras), only borrowed the occasional camera from friends or used the camera on my phone.

I am either full on or full off, there is nothing in between. It has lost me love and friends but those that are still here are the best anyone could ask for.

A shocking introvert, I sometimes even have trouble interacting with those that go to the trouble of commenting on my photos but for doing so you have my most sincere and humble thanks.

I have many, many thousands of people in my circles and have trouble +1ing most of them, and am grateful if you have circled me.

Feel free to add me to the following circles :-

*Dr Who (best show on TV)

*Brown Coats (Serenity is the best movie, Firefly is the best show that _should_be on TV)

*Science (I'm not particularly smart, but I do like to try and learn new things, as long as you keep your science related posts simple)

*Photography (Just bought my first DSLR. Hell, it's my first ever camera! I have so much to learn and I love being inspired by photographers I follow)

*Zombie Circles. Love Walking Dead, Shaun Of The Dead et all.

*Tattoos. Huge fan. I plan to get more myself. Love tattooed girls. Bit of a weakness of mine actually.

*Calvin And Hobbes. Definitely love their take on the world.

*Series Land Rovers and Classic Range Rovers. I'm too embarrassed to say how many thousands of dollars I have spend buying and fixing these things up.

*The Phantom. I have a Phantom Good Mark tattoo and collect comics, trading cards, busts, etc. Pretty well anything The Ghost Who Walks related.

*Aaaand there's probably a lot more that escapes me for the moment that I will add as I remember them :/
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Single dad. Two boys.
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