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Does +Inbox by Gmail work in Google Chrome for Linux..? [/just wondering...]
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Nice to know, thanks... 👍 
So yeah, this morning I got that "Thank the FCC" email from Google. Since I'm pretty much in agreement with Google on this Net Neutrality thing, I'm going to share this on my G+ too. 

I'm not a US citizen so the municipal broadband thing doesn't really affect me, but Net Neutrality is good, and US policies affects Internet users worldwide.

Bonus link:
Thanks to the FCC and Tom Wheeler for supporting local choice and broadband competition.

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Interesting idea....

[I imagine it will never be available for non-Apple OS-es & gadgets though I'd reckon....]
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I googled "use android tablet as wacom" and found quite a bit of hits; Android apps, etc. Yes it is very feasible it turns out. Quite interesting to explore these options, though I personally only have a dual-core phablet instead of a bigger tablet.

+Robert N. Lee Any specific tips you'd like to share in this department? Interested to hear.

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The scream-activated selfie machine. Yes, you read that right: scream-activated.
The Scream-Activated-Selfie-Machine In 2013 I designed and built the ‘Scream-Activated-Selfie-Machine’. It was part of a series of interactives I created for a Bay Area science center. At the initial stage of concepting, I generated a list of basic human primal experiences. After completing the list I looked it over and circled ‘screaming’. For each element of the series I wanted a hook, a simple gateway for learning science. I applied the act of...
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"Meet the tweet-deleters: people who are making their Twitter histories self-destruct" -- at Fusion eZine [via @warrenellis on Twitter]

They use homebrew scripts to automatically delete everything, every tweet, older than one week... Interesting approach I'd guess... No, I'm not going to try this. But I do admit it's tempting...
Advertisement Like most media workers, Matthew Lazin-Ryder, a Vancouver-based producer with CBC Radio, spends a fair amount of time on Twitter.
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"Code and Happiness" | Ironically I saw this 1st at Ello:
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Rumors and speculations Sony will shutter its Xperia brand this year, exiting the smartphone business… 

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To echo +Chris Messina's sentiments over at Medium (which I would say I pretty much agree with): "Spiritually I'm in agreement with +Dan Gillmor; but practically, it's a tough sell."

/hat-tip +Edward Morbius  
In my new piece at Medium's Backchannel tech site, I explain my journey toward tech liberty -- which ultimately may include ditching all things Google (but not yet).
I’m done sending my money and data to corporations I don’t trust
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+Edward Morbius​​​ it's a "fave-recommendation" comment actually, attached directly on Dan Gillmor's Medium article; just that one sentence... 

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Raht Racer velomobile may let riders pedal "as fast as a car"
With their sleek shells providing both protection from the elements and an aerodynamic advantage over bicycles, human-powered velomobiles do offer an intriguing alternative to cars. Unfortunately, though, they can't go as fast as automobiles, meaning that they often still have to be ridden along the side of the road. Minneapolis-based inventor Rich Kronfield wants to change that, with his Raht Racer. It's an electric-assist velomobile that amplifies the rider's pedaling power, reportedly allowing them to move as fast as the cars around them.
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A sense of scale: Wilt Chamberlain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Andre the Giant hanging out on the set of Conan the Destroyer. The three were good friends, and apparently both Chamberlain and Andre the Giant enjoyed picking Schwarzenegger up and moving him around, because if you can do that, it's probably kind of fun.

(Here's a video of the Governator telling some of those stories --

h/t +Saladin Ahmed.
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Ever heard of the "Cluetrain Manifesto"? Well, Doc Searls and David Weinberger just published a new set of clues....

/tap +David Weinberger +Doc Searls 
It has been sixteen years since our previous communication. In that time the People of the Internet — you and me and all our friends of friends of friends, unto the last Kevin Bacon — have made the Internet an awesome place, filled with wonders and portents. From the serious to the lolworthy to ...

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‘World of Tomorrow’, An Upcoming Mind-Bending Animated Sci-Fi Short by Artist Don Hertzfeldt
Don Hertzfeldt (previously) has released a teaser trailer for “World of Tomorrow,” a forthcoming animated sci-fi short that has already garnered the groundbreaking “Rejected” animator a number of g...
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Freelance commercial writer and computer-based illustrator
Copy-editing, copywriting, amateur-level 2D static computer graphics, amateur classical guitar, amateur western-tradition classical flute, online marketing (still learning on this last one)
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Internet adventurer extraordinaire! :P
(I seriously need to trim this intro. :PP Anyways...)

I'm just this guy living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I've been on the Internet from 1996, longer than some Digital Natives have been alive, but I'd be hard-pressed to call myself a Digital Native. I sometimes post in Indonesian. 

I believe the Internet, like many man-made technologies before it, opens up lots of opportunities for the growth of Human Potential, as well as dangers; we should be aware of its possibilities but on the other hand we shouldn't totally fear or shun it. And the genie is out of the bottle so to speak, now what do we, Humankind, ask of it?

• What I do for a living
For income purposes I am currently a freelance writer, with a focus on commercial and social media content writing and social media presence management.

And even more recently I've found myself learning to draw again and doing a tiny little bit of digital illustration (and I'd love to do more, I'm sure...)

I sometimes do some freelance translating, to and from Indonesian.  I also used to be a graphic designer / art director / copywriter / whatever for various local advertising agencies in Jakarta. Nothing famous or significant, I can assure you.

Up to the end of August 2013, I had worked for a tech company based in Jakarta, Indonesia named m-STARS, PT. Antar Mitra Prakarsa. Our website is at and we also have a semi-official m-STARS G+ page here (which I had also administered). My last working position was as a Product Development Officer, where previously I was a Digital Marketing Communications Officer, and before that a Social Media Specialist. And no I don't code or write programs. Not yet anyways. Hehe :PP

Around 2011 to 2012 I volunteered for a couple of local film festivals & other film-related things. I pretty much hardly know anything about film though, or music for that matter. I learned to play classical guitar while in junior high, continued lessons till the end of high school, and I went to college majoring in Communications, minoring in Advertising while learning the flute as an extra-curricular with the campus orchestra (Mahawaditra). I don't play professionally.

• Where I stand, what I post
Obviously my statements published on this profile are my own and do not represent the opinions of my employers and/or associates either past, present, or future. I am more than just my employment. Or so I keep telling myself....

• Some of my interests:
Indonesia, Open Internet, Early-Adopter PC/Mobile tech, Google+ Hardcore, Phandroid, Open Source/Hacker, Lulz/Digital Culture/SubCulture, Int'l Politics, Indonesia, Twitter, Webcomics, Music, Film, Art.

• My Religious/Spiritual Beliefs
I am a theist. I feel I need to state this because it seems that some have mistaken me for a secular agnostic or an atheist based on my posts. If you feel you have been fooled I do sincerely apologize. I think I've been mistaken for a Muslim, too; so I think I should confirm I'm not a Muslim either ^^"

I'd been taught by my Dad (who died more than a decade ago in the mid-'90s) that if I'm not comfortable enough with my religion to admit it in public, I might as well not have it.

I'm a non-specific almost 'plain-vanilla' Protestant Christian (definitely not hardline-militant, fundamentalistic Evangelical, Pentecostal, or Methodist, but it'd be hard to peg my current belief set as specifically Calvinist or Lutheran or even Liberal Protestant), but I don't like pushing my religion down your throat. I would kindly ask you also not to shove your militant antitheism down mine either, thank you.

It's not that I hate militant antitheist for not believing in God, it's that I have had militant antitheism shoved down my own throat so much to the point it has become at least slightly annoying. At the very least I have Ignored people, or placed people in a muted Circle. Mostly I just Mute Posts. In some cases I have un-Circled. And as a last resort I have Blocked. 

I am a big believer in freedom of religion, and this includes freedom to not adhere to any religion, if you should choose to. You could say that this has somewhat been influenced by my life-long experience of living as a minority Christian in a Muslim-majority nation--though I must also say that Protestant and Catholic Christians have it good in Indonesia compared to communities adhering to other faiths and/or belief systems. Google the terms 'Ahmadiyah' and 'Sampang', for example. I am somewhat saddened by the interfaith situation in Indonesia lately, when I recall my childhood days when Indonesia had on occasions been highlighted by the International community as a benchmark for interreligious tolerance, somewhat... (And don't get me started on how even that past may possibly be nothing more than a myth...)

I have been teased about being a Christian Humanist, that it is a philosophically sloppy ideological/ethical position, but nonetheless it is mine. I kindly request that you let me explore my own spiritual-rational path at my own pace; not everyone is as 'spiritually/rationally enlightened' as you at this moment ;)

And really, haven't we got other much more important and/or constructive things to debate about, other than personal beliefs?

• I Circle Back! But:
will circle you back if you communicate with me. +1 a post, comment on them, or re-Share them. I prefer to place new Circled's in a topic circle so I know what topics you are interested in. In the past most of my shares were posted to limited Circles, but lately I've been experimenting with posting mostly to public. I have eclectic interests and am interested in learning new stuffs; especially new stuffs that interest me.

• That's it!
Nice to meet you, and thanks for reading all the way! ^_^Y
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Jakarta, Indonesia (born & raised)
Manila, Phillipines (three years) - New Haven, Connecticut (for about 15 months)